How to Drive Safely In Fog? 5 Trips and Tricks

Whether you’re an inept or a skilled driver, driving your car in the fog is a tough task to do and you literally don’t know how to drive safely in the fog. It makes you unable to see what vehicles are coming towards you and decrease your visibility.

Most likely, if the Vehicle driving just ahead of you suddenly push the brake, you’re unable to stop all on a sudden and crash on it. It would be best if you avoid driving in the fog, and expect the weather to be cleared. Take your Vehicle only when it’s absolutely necessary.  But in the case, if it’s too important and urgent for you to drive in the fog, you can read this for how to drive safely in fog.

1. Switch on the lights of your vehicle

While you’re running in the fog, always keep your headlight switched on. During the daytime, the lights are not enough to make you seen by others. Many of the people wish to turn off their headlights because they think that the headlights are making them blind by reflecting off the fog. However, turning off light actually makes you invisible. Your headlights won’t help enough you to see better in the fog, but they will make you visible and other vehicles will be able to notice you. If you have fog lights installed in your vehicle you should use them too. It’s vital to make yourself clearly visible on the road while driving under foggy conditions, and this could be easily done if you switch on your headlights.

2. Keep calm and reduce the speed

While you’re driving in the fog, your subconscious mind always tends to increase the speed. Due to an optical phenomenon of our brain, we feel that we feel like our speed is too slow. Almost every people are driving in the fog get nervous and forget to check their speed. As a result, while moving forward, they gradually think that everything is okay and find. It won’t be harmful if they start speeding up. This is maybe the most dangerous thing you may do while you are driving in the fog. Be aware and keep watching your speed indicator as you may feel like the speed is much slower, but in reality, the speed of your vehicle might be high.

3. Always try to stay in the driving lines

It’s necessary to stay on one driving line which is indicated by the authority if you are driving in fog. This is the most effective way to make sure that you are out of any risk and driving safe. Most people drive close to the light. For this reason, road accidents occur in these areas. So, it’s better to stay alert about your own driving lines.

4. Don’t stick with the vehicle ahead of you

While you’re driving in a lane, don’t get much closer to the Vehicle running ahead of you. If the driver within the Vehicle ahead presses the brake for any occurrence, you won’t have enough time to look at and react.

5. Stay conscious all the time

Using the mobile phone and listening radio is prohibited while you’re driving in the fog. Keep the window of your car a little open so that you’ll be able to hear the environment. Somebody on the roadside may be shouting to get your attention and to warn, that you just might not hear if you’re driving with all of your windows closed. Driving at a low speed won’t occur any problem to hear anything.

Last words

In this article, we’ve tried to share a few tips on how to drive safely in the fog. If sometimes you need to drive in the fog, just follow these processes and tips. Also, you can read winter driving tips by clicking this link. Click Here

Happy driving.

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