Correct Driving Seat Position: An Ultimate Guide

Whenever you get the responsibility of driving however professionally or normally, you must be very attentive on giving your 100% effort as a slight carelessness can create a big occurrence. Usually, when we talk about safe driving, we focus on how carefully we drive and how excellently the car performs. But there is another thing everyone must be very concerned about before they drive a car.

Correct Driving Seat Position

And it’s the Correct Driving Seat Position of the driver. But very few people are concern about this issue. They prefer seating randomly and in the long run, they have to suffer a lot just because of the wrong sitting posture.

So, we have decided to increase the caution among people about this coming up with a full article covering this topic. Whether you are a newbie in driving or someone very skilled, this article will help you level up your driving skill in a healthy way.

So, let’s get started.

Get Yourself Ready

Before you get into the car, you must get yourself mentally prepared and ready for a safe ride. Most of the time male drivers take their seat without emptying their back pocket of the pant which is really uncomfortable. Though it sounds silly, it’s an important point that you must make yourself comfortable when you sit. Remove your wallet, smartphone and whatever you put in your back pocket to sit properly.

After that, you must check if you can easily look down through your window and it gives you a full view of your circumstance. If not set your seat a litter upper to catch the outer view in a proper way. If your car does not allow you to adjust your seat height, use a cushion to change the height.

Seat Adjustments

Now, when you are done with the height adjustment of your sitting, it’s time to adjust the position of your seat. Let’s know the fact in detail.

Sitting Position: Many of us have a habit of dragging their driving seat too backwards and making a big gap between the seat and the steering. This is the worst thing that creates trouble to drive well. You must set your seat with a perfect distance that allows you to keep your hands over the steering and rotate it flexibly whenever you need.

Leg Position: Don’t set your seat in such a position that makes your legs straightly kept on the paddle. Maintain a slight curve when you put your legs on the paddles. If your legs hit the paddles straightly it is the reason for the pain in your knees. Besides, with straight leg position, it’s often uncomfortable to push the paddles especially when it’s the rush times.

Hand Position: Set the seat in such condition that allows you to keep your hands on the steering comfortably. Especially when you rotate it you must be able to do it flexibly without any obstacle. If you seat a bit far then you have to hold the steering straight and it will take time to hold it back once you remove your hand of it. Don’t let this happen. A seat like you can hold the steering in a second and keep your hand on it normally.

Head and Hip Position: With a wrong sitting style you can be a sufferer of the spinal problems soon. Not just that you can also get affected by the serious back pain. To avoid these problems you must keep your head a bit away from the headrest. Don’t set the headrest in a straight position keep it a little backward and check it allows your back to be perfectly straight.

Adjust the Lumbar Support: Lumbar support is a great thing for keeping your waistline in a completely comfortable position. Nowadays most cars have this feature to make the driver sit comfortably. However, if your car doesn’t have the lumbar support you can use a cushion instead of it or purchase foam to use it as the lumbar support.

Setting the Distance

Just the way it’s important to set your positions accurately it’s important to set every single distance properly as well. Now, let’s know the perfect distance that you should maintain while driving.

Seat Distance: When you will seat there must a small gap that won’t make your legs fully straight. Maintain such a distance that gives your legs a bent position and helps you to seat with a natural knee curve.

Steering Distance: Set the distance between you and the steering that gives you the 100% flexibility to turn the steering in any side whenever it’s needed. Don’t hold the lower or the top area of the steering. Select the area that is a bit upper from the middle portion of your steering. Make sure your hands are slightly bent and comfortable to hold it.

Paddle Distance: Don’t keep your leg on the paddle all the time. Keep it on rest when it’s not in use. It makes the way comfortable. Be close enough to press the paddle with your leg anytime without delay. And to so your seat must not be in a too distance position.

Visual Adjustments

The visual adjustment talks about both the side looking glass and the one you have inside the middle front of your car. The fact mirror is very much relatable to the fact correct seat position and so this topic has been included here. Let’s know about the fact from below.

The Front Mirror: When you will take your seat at the very beginning you must check the position of your front mirror. Make very sure you don’t have to move a lot to see the reflection through the front glass. When you have fixed your seating adjustments set the glass according to your comfort as well.

The Side Mirrors: Set the side mirrors in its perfect position too. Set it in a way that lets you see the condition behind your car easily. Side-looking glasses play a vital role when you drive and so it’s very important to set them accurately.

So, these are the correct driving seat position every one must follow before they start driving. And after setting the position and distance don’t forget to put on the safety seat belt because it helps you to seat straight and hold your position the same always, so keep it clean as regularly. 

Proper Seat Position in a Car


Sitting in a wrong position for a long time can make you the back and neck pain sufferer. You must not know the correct driving seat position just get rid of the body pain, you must know it because it can increase the safety level in double.

A perfect seat position can help you to drive well and maintain a good health condition as well. So, avoid wrong ways and start the correct sitting style from today and have a safe journey always.

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