Common facts of BMW: Full Form of BMW, Owner, Foundation, subsidiaries

BMW is one of the most renowned and prominent automobile companies in the world. The German brand is considered to be one of the best car brands. It has a mesmerizing appearance and it is comfortable to drive. When it comes to producing top quality motor vehicles, BMW is one of the best. According to Wikipedia, it was the 12th largest producer of motor vehicles in the year 2015. BMW produced 2,279,503 vehicles in 2015.

We are going to talk about some common facts about BMW that you should know. You will know about the full form of BMW, the history of its foundation and many more.

Full Form of BMW

What is the full form of BMW?

What is the full form of  BMW? Well, in German, it stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. In English, it is known as Bavarian Motor Works. So the full form of BMW is different in two different languages. The headquarters of BMW is situated in Munich, Bavaria. The headquarters of Bayerische Motoren Werke is designed by an Austrian architecture professor. His name is Karl Schwanzer. You may notice the cylindrical shape of the headquarter if you search for it on Google. For your information, it resembles the four-cylinder engines of the BMW.

When was BMW founded?

This famous brand was founded by Franz Josef Popp on March 7th, 1916. Back then, it was known as Bayerische Flugzeug Werke (BFW). Initially, the company started its business by selling airplane engines. After that, they spread their business and started to produce agricultural equipment, household appliances, railway brakes and engines for buses, trucks, and pumps.

Where BMW cars are made:

As it is such a massive company, you may have already guessed that it has branches all over the world. As a result, it has factories in Germany, the United States Of America, South Africa and China.

In Germany, BMW operates in places like Munich, Dingolfing, Regensburg, and Leipzig. In the USA, it has factories in Greer, South Carolina. Plus, you will see factories of BMW in Rosslyn(South Africa) and Shenyang(China). The company produces complete automobiles in these factories

Furthermore, in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Egypt, and India (Chennai), BMW has local assembly operations.

In Berlin(Germany), BMW produces motorcycles. Here, the BMW used to produce aircraft engines.


A logo is the representation of the brand. For any brand, a logo is one of the important aspects when it comes to sales. The logo has to be simple. At the same time, it has to be designed in an attractive way that one will remember it just by looking at it. Also, it is better not to change the logo over and over again. You need a logo that stays on people’s minds forever. If you frequently change it, it won’t serve that purpose.

The logo of BMW that we see today was created back in the year of 1917. So it has been used for over 100 years.

The shape of the BMW logo is circular. The inside of the logo is white and blue. Furthermore, it is bordered in black.

BMW R32 was BMW’s first motorbike. It was introduced in 1923. It was this bike that held the logo of BMW for the first time.

Why is BMW expensive to maintain?

BMW is also called the ‘Gold Plated’ car. Because everything you need to make this car is highly expensive. The costly elements needed to build the car will leave you awestruck. You will have to maintain your BMW more than you maintain yourself. Moreover, the maintaining fee is not less.

BMW will provide you with so many technological features that you will have to take care of it by spending a little extra money.

Are cars of BMW safe to drive?

Over the years, BMW has produced a lot of cars. Although it is a big statement to say that every car they produce is safe, you can rely on the fact that more often than not they will provide safe cars. If BMW did not have a good reputation for making safe cars, then the company would not be in this position. It is one of the top brands in the automobile industry.

Most of the BMW car is designed to give you safety as it is made with advanced engineering technologies. It is more responsive to the driver’s actions. Furthermore, It has a switchgear and the display will give you exact information about the roads. It has low weight but designed to do the big weight tasks on roads. So you can rest assured that BMW cars are very safe to drive.

How to pronounce BMW properly?

BMW was named after its German inventors. So it’s not really too easy to pronounce it. Because the German language is not easy to master. If you feel that you need to pronounce it properly, you will have to forget about the letter ‘W’. Shocking, isn’t it? Most of the people say it the wrong way in their entire life. BMW is pronounced as BMV (Bayerische Motoren Werke). So now you know how to pronounce it. It’s not the easiest thing to do. But it will get easier once you get the hang of it. You don’t have to pronounce it the right way. But if you are a hardcore BMW fan, then this piece of information will be useful to you.

Who owns the BMW currently?

Most of the shares of BMW are owned by the Quandt family. Mr. Stefan Quandt now owns BMW.

BMW subsidiaries:

No matter where you look, a well-renowned company might be owned by another company. So a company may own several companies. BMW is one of those companies that owns several companies. For example, BMW owns BMW Individual‎, BMW  HYPERLINK, ParkNow‎, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

BMW History Documentary


BMW has put its name in history for having a wonderful feature and the best qualities they provide. The German company is now one of the leading automobile companies in the world. The engine quality, safe driving feature and comfortable features will always make you feel good. But you have to have a good amount of cash in your pocket to maintain this vehicle. Still, who doesn’t want their hands on it? The big fishes of the high societies are hungry to own this vehicle in their garage. BMW has branches all over the world to provide facilities to their customers. The article was about some of the common facts of BMW including the full form of BMW. Hopefully, it has been helpful to you.

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