Car Starting Problems and Solutions

Car starting problems are painful when you’re prepared to go outside or your office. There are so many reasons why your car won’t start. Also, it may occur anytime, anywhere. If you have enough knowledge about the automotive functions, your problem will be always minor. But, if you’re a beginner, you need to learn how to avoid car starter problems.

Car Starting Problems
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Don’t worry here we will discuss the details regarding this issue of car starting problems.

Well, first you should know when and in what kind of situation your car will not start? In these following situations, your car won’t get started:

  • In the morning
  • When the engine is frozen and cold
  • When parked and the engine is stopped for a long time
  • While running, the engine gets overheat, and the head gasket has blown. Suddenly it’ll shut down and won’t start

It’s so embarrassing when you’re prepared to go to your work, but your car isn’t starting. There are so many reasons for yar being unable to start or needs long cranking. From the first, you should notice your dashboard to check the signal lights are on or off. In many of the cases, the lights are off or less glowing! And sometimes, everything seems ok but the car isn’t starting. Let’s discuss what Causes your car won’t get started.

6 Reasons why your car won’t start

  1. The trouble of vehicle main fuse. If the fuse is cut off, you need to replace it. Also, you have to take your car to your reliable repair shop for checking electrical lines. Sometimes engine main fuse cuts off due to faulty of electrical lines.
  2. Battery producing less power due to terminals lose, check that thing. Also, you can clean the rust on the battery terminal.
  3. If the weather is very cold you should take extra care of your battery. In the winter, battery Electrolyte doesn’t function easily as a warm battery. We always recommend using a dry cell battery or maintenance free battery. Maintenance free battery becoming more popular because of hassle-free and long life. Click here to find out the best battery for your car which will produce perfect current at any weather.
  4. Sometime your car won’t start for the defection of ECU (Electronic Control Unite), PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Fuel Pump, and crank Sensor.
  5. In the rare case of diesel run vehicle, fuel line could be frozen. Also, many of diesel Engine will not start ithe f the glow plug stops working or become weak.
  6. Sometimes Fuel gauge does not work and you cannot understand how much fuel is existing in your fuel tank.

How to Start the Car

  • In the beginning, you must check the main fuse of your car. If you are a beginner driver or you don’t know how to check it, please watch this video for better understanding. If you have an extra fuse, you can replace it if you know how to replace the car fuse. If you don’t know the replacing process, call your mechanic. It’s much expensive to call mechanics at your home or off road places. If you study a little you can do it yourself very easily and save both time and money.

  • If the Fuse is ok, after tighten all the battery terminals, you must take the next step. you must turn off all the lights of your car and try cranking for start. If you cannot start, don’t try again and again, your car batteries will be dead. It’s better to arrange extra battery or buster for help. After 10 to 15 minutes you must recheck your battery.
  • Just reset the ignition key and start again. If you can start by one crank of your car, the battery is okay. If you fetch the same problem again, you must check the alternator. If the alternator is performing well, you should replace the battery.
  • When the weather is very cold, you have to take extra care of your car. When you’re starting in the morning, always use the good quality of coolant and engine oil as per recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Check the gear shifting. You must keep the gear at neutral. If your car has a digital key, you can also press the brake paddle and push the start button. Besides, you must check the digital key battery if your car doesn’t start after maintaining the process. Sometimes car users cannot understand when their car digital key is discharged.
  • If your vehicle has enough fuel, everything seems okay but the car is not starting and you can’t identify what is the problem. Then you must call your mechanic. In most of the cases, starter motor fails due to cranking again and again. Also, sensors of your car like crank position sensor or cam sensors can be failed. We hope by replacing which one is failed your problems will be eliminated.
  • Try to keep Best Lithium Ion Jump Starter with your car it will make your problems very easy click here for details


Well, we hope this article will help you to find out the car starting problems and solutions. You know, sometime it’s good to have car starting problem. Because, a few days ago an employee got a car as a gift from the CEO for his dedication. He walked to office, nearly 20 miles. Don’t you think it’s interesting? Read that article here.

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If you have any questions and queries just write to us.

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