Why Car Air conditioner Blows Cold Then Warm?

Car ac blowing warm air intermittentlyThere is nothing irritating like when you are driving a car but suddenly you have seen that your car ac blowing hot air instead of cold which will be really annoying for you on that moment. Sometimes, you may face difficulties to find out what is actually causing that sort stuff on your car A/C.

In this article, I will try to show you some facts and reasons for what your car A/C blows cold then warm more and will also try to give some solution which will may beneficial for you.

Reasons, why car air conditioner blows cold then warm, are enlisted below.

Electrical Complication

Your car is the combination of so many wires and some of them are even connected with your car air conditioning system. So, it is very natural that one of your system wires may be disconnected from the air conditioning system which is actually the reason why your car A/C blows cold then warm. There are so many relays, fuses, wires which actually surrounding your car and some of them are directly connected with the A/C output system. On the other hand, if any part of the hardware system of your A/C is failed, that may arise the same sort of issues.

Leakage on the A/C System

It’s a quite common issue to find leakage on the cooling system of your car. If there is a leakage, then the cooling system gradually started to blow the warm air as there have not enough pressure to make the cooling system work. There are many reasons for the leakage on the cooling system like when the refrigerant mix with moisture which creates burning acid that damage the hoses on your cooling system. As we know, AC connection of a car is done with the wire that is not connected straight. It contains several joints for better rigidity and performance. In that case, some joints may leak or lose while operations. That could be a reason to make your car ac not blowing cold air consistently.

Bad ac compressor on car

The compressor clutch of your cooling system is very much significant as it keeps flowing the cool air properly which actually ensures that everything is fine on your A/C output system. If your car compressor is broken, damaged, worn and abnormal heat the compressor, then there is very much possible that your compressor will not be able to produce enough cool air that it is needed. You can easily test the compressor here we describe shortly how to tell if car ac compressor is bad? Open your car hood and tell someone starts the Engine and push on the AC Switch if you see ac compressor clutch not moving. There are so many reasons can happen the symptoms, Compressor relay or fuse cut off can make this. Sometimes you can observe abnormal noise when ac on. It would be better if you go to expert mechanics and fix the issue.

Failure of Expansion Valve

If you are continuously getting hot air from your air conditioning system, then there is very much possible that the expansion valve your A/C system is failed or blocked. The valve actually helps the cooling air to evaporate in open. But if it is blocked, then it may not able to evaporate and properly function which ultimately results in the failure of A/C system.

Broken Fuse

The writing system of a car consists of many fuses which also includes the A/C system too. But if any of the fuses of the A/C system is broken or not functioning, then it will be obvious that your A/C system will not work. Even though it is a very rare issue as in some of the modern vehicles, the fuse system will be given by default precisely.

Failure of Maintenance

Sometimes we become so careless that we even forgot to take our car to the mechanic even for once in a month. If there is so much dust in your car valve and compressor, then it is very much likely that will make your car ac blowing hot air and other important function will not work or will be damaged within a very short span of time.

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How to Overcome These Problems?

The reasons which are stated above are very much likely to get but there have some solutions too. If you are the car owner, then you can take some steps to avoid that sort of issues which are given below:

  • Check out your compressor first whether there have any damages or not. In most of the cases, the failure of the air conditioning system is driven from the broken or worn compressor. So, check out the compressor regularly may the first step to fixing that problem.
  • Sometimes the AC system creates a very bad sound which actually indicates the failure of the expansion valve on the AC system. Fixing it on yearly basis will help you to get your AC system work in shorthand. So, if you think that, your AC is making disturbing sound, obviously you should check it by a mechanic as early as possible.
  • Check your air cabin filters on a regular basis. Sometimes, you have observed on a long trip that car AC blows bad smell and eject water. If something like that is happening, then you need to replace the air cabin filter on a priority basis.
  • If your A/C starts and stops, it may be for the pressure sensor or the ejection of any relays on the system. Also, it’s better to check the switches properly as they may not getting power from the fuses or relays connected to the system.
  • Take your car to the nearest mechanic and check it on a daily basis. Sometimes, a little problem can make a big issue, so it’s better to check it out if you feel that there have some issues going on. Checking every connection to the system and with proper maintenance, you can reduce the chance of getting issues.
  • Sometimes, your car gets overheated from a very long time or on a regular basis. Stop pulling the pressure on your car and try to check it on a regular basis which will ensure your car functionality with more accuracy.
  • Connect all the joints and nuts properly and carefully.


Why does my AC stop work when it’s hot?

There are many reasons why your car AC can stop working when it’s hot. But the common reason may include with the issue of broken fuse, damaged compressor and the failure of the expansion valve. Any issues on any of those parts may result in the stop of your AC system on your car. Also, if your car evaporator burns out, then it is very likely that your car AC system will stop working.

Why is my car air conditioning suddenly not cold?

If you are facing issues like the sudden stop of the flowing of cool air, then there is very much possible that your air cabin filter is clogged, or your radiator stopped working. Sometimes, the condenser which is the driver of cooling air on your AC gets broken or worn without your knowledge during the driving. So, if your car air conditioning suddenly not getting cold, you should check out the factors mentioned above.

Why does my AC stop work after a while?

It’s a common problem with the A/C system which has lower level refrigerant issues. On the other hand, if there is any leakage or problem with the wiring system like loose wearing, not connected with the AC system properly, then it may create some problem for a while. The AC system is combined with many wires and relays which are connected with the condenser and compressor. So, the failure of any of the system on those wiring can stop your AC for a while.

What to do if AC is not cooling?

If the AC system is not cooling, the first step is to find out the appropriate reason for the problem whether there is an issue with the radiator, condenser or compressor. It’s better to contact with any automobile experts who can fix this sort of issues. Initially, you need to check that is there any connection loose problem with any of the wires or relays within your AC system.

Why is AC not cooling enough?

There are many reasons why your AC is not cooling including leakage on the air cabin filter, loose wiring, broken condenser or failings of proper maintenance of the system. Especially leakage and wiring issue is very much common in nowadays. If your system is not providing or flowing cooling air enough, at the initial step you should check out your wiring and compressor issues.

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Final Words

To sum up, we can say, it is a true fact that, if you have a car, you may face problems sometimes like car air conditioner blows cold then warm. But that no means that it is irrecoverable. If you follow the steps stated above properly, then it is likely that you A/C system will be safe and protected in many of the times.

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