Brake noise at low speed: Reasons as well as Solutions

Whether you’re driving a car or a motorbike or a heavy vehicle, you have to be very careful about the brake. Brake failure causes loss of human life and money. That’s why most of the people are serious about it. It’s is one of the most common problems nowadays. Sometimes it occurs in an accident, and it can happen in spite of driving at low speed.

Besides brake failure, there are a lot of problems that may happen in your car, and the brake noise problem is one of them. Like you’re driving at a low speed at the traffic when you push the brake, a very annoying noise comes from it. There could be many reasons behind it. However, today’s topic is brake noise at low speed and how you can fix such issues easily.

Brake noise at low speed

Many of the drivers and car owners suffer this problem. It’s embarrassing while you push the brake and hear brake noise at low speed.

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One of the Main Reasons Is runout the Brake drums or Brake disc / Rotor. As a result brake pad or disc touch with the drum or disc and produce sound, also more reasons we give in the below :

  • Poor quality brake pad
  • A problem of brake drum or brake disc
  • Inappropriate adjustment
  • Brake caliper problems
  • Weak Brake Master Cylinder
  • A problem of Brake booster
  • Eroded Brake caliper Lock
  • Problems of Brake rotter
  • Rusty Brake disc or drum


  • Try To use Good quality Brake pads
  • Always try to have your car’s brake checked by Good Mechanics
  • Use Good quality brake fluid
  • Check The Brake Caliper and replace if it requires
  • If the brake master cylinder leaky, then replace it
  • Don’t forget to check and replace the brake booster

Clean your car brake pads and drum. You can use air pressure, water, or some rust removing oil. Don’t forget to check the disc plate. Sometimes it stays touching the brake disc or drum, and it may occur noise. This type of problem mostly happens to old vehicles.

We Always Recommend using good quality spare parts so that your car remains safe and you suffer less. Using a high-quality spare part is quite expensive, but it helps a lot and lasts longer than the cheap one. To check automotive brake related parts, click here.

Watch this Video Know Details about Brake Noise Problems 

We’ve discussed common reasons for Brake noise at low speed and how to solve them. We hope it will help you if you’re struggling with such types of problems. If you want to know more, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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