10 Best Work Light for Mechanics [Professional Review] 2020

Work lights are among the most necessary tools in everyday life. From the beginning of homo civilization, a tool like this one is being a real helping hand when you need it the most. Working during the night, finding something, checking the narrowest corner is easy if you have a work light.

When the era of mechanism started, mechanics started to feel the necessity of a work light. In this sector, wherever you run into, you need a work light of course! Without it, you can’t see what you are doing properly.

Now, suppose you’re changing the spark plug or you’re dealing with a stubborn nut of your engine in the low brightness of under-hood. Can you do the task conveniently if you don’t have a proper LED light which illuminates the whole area of work? Obviously, you can’t!

To work better, faster, and more conveniently, you just need a work light. We’re going to share the 10 best work lights for mechanics in this article. We’ll review them one by one with their pros and cons. There will be a few helpful topics regarding the questions of how to buy the best work light along with how to use it, what are the advantages and disadvantages, etc.

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Comparison table of Top 10 work light for Mechanic

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Product reviews of the 10 best work light

01. Bosch 12-Volt Max LED Work Light

Best Work Light for Mechanics

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The Bosch LED Work Light is the best work light for mechanics. If you’re looking for the best handheld led work light, this is the one you can go for undoubtedly. This work light of Bosch has 10 high-quality LED lights and capable of providing unrivaled illumination. This type of illumination is the best type in its class. The maximum lumen power of this LED light is 12 Volt.

This work light has a carabiner clip, 2 strong magnets, and 200-degree articulation to get it fixed anywhere you want. Besides, there is a ¼ inch screw thread. With this, you can add a tripod to it. With this work light, you can light up your targeted area more precisely.

This FL 12 work light features two types of battery capacities. You can add both 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah to this one. The longevity depends on the battery. Basically, it can provide 6 hours of runtime with the 2.0 Ah and 12 hours of runtime with the 4.0 Ah battery. But, if you use the dim function, the runtime gets doubled.

The pros

  • Wireless LED light
  • Best class illumination
  • 10 high intense LED lights
  • Flexible user experience
  • Great 12 Hours max longevity
  • Highly durable with tough design and robust housing

The cons

  • The 12 v battery is not included

02. Ustellar 5500LM 55W LED Work Light

best led work light

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This Ustellar LED work light comes up with 2 brightness levels. This one is considered as one of the best work lights for mechanics because it is waterproof. You can get the flexibility of working with it as much you want.

This Ustellar 5500LM 55W LED Work Light is ideal for construction sites and workshops. Besides, it contains a 5 M long cord to provide you the ease of use. You can easily hang the light anywhere you want because there’s a knob to get adjusted.

You can save 85% on electricity by changing the 400 W halogen with 55 W LED. It also contains an IP65 on/ off switch which is sealed and waterproof. The fin-type heat sink it contains works like a radiator cooler. It increases the lifespan of your work light.

The pros

  • 4 FT long cord
  • Easy installation and using
  • 2 different brightness level
  • Waterproof sealed switch
  • Bill saving facility
  • Long life with the heat sink

The cons

  • Doesn’t run with battery

03. PowerSmith 10,000 Lumens LED Dual-Head Work Light with Tripod

best led work light

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This automotive LED work light is specially designed for garages and workshops. It comes up with a powerful 10,000 lumens of brightness. This mind-blowing product is made by the reputed brand PowerSmith. The brand is quite capable of providing the best-LED work light tripod and that’s exactly why this dual LED light is the first choice of customers.

With this light, you have the convenience of working because it has a 9 feet long power cord. It means you can move it according to your needs. The power cord comes up with a grounded plug. The longevity of this one is guaranteed. Besides, it has adjustable tilt: 90 degrees up and 30 degrees down. So, this one is versatile enough and you can use it in many ways. With the aluminum housing, maximum durability is guaranteed and this feature made the light one of the best work lights for mechanics.

The pros

  • 10000-lumen brightness
  • 9 feet long cord
  • 5000 k color temperature
  • Adjustable tilt 90/ 30 degree
  • Grounded plug
  • Highly durable

The cons

  • Stand construction is lightweight

04. Milwaukee M18 Trueview LED Hp Flood Light

best led work light

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If you’re looking for the best battery powered portable LED light to help you at the underhood, this can be your first choice. This extreme lightweight floodlight is made by the brand Milwaukee and the brand assures that, this work light is almost 20% brighter than any other halogen floodlight of 500W.

It comes up with three different modes for optimal brightness. The modes are low, medium, and high. You can use which one you need. Besides, it has a dual power source. One is Milwaukee M18 battery and the other one is the power cord. The head of the light rotates 240 degrees approximately with positive stops.

You can hang the light according to your needs. There are 3 integrated keyholes included for hanging the light. It’s easy for you to hang it vertically or horizontally.

The pros

  • 20% brighter than ordinary lights
  • Three light output modes
  • Dual power mode
  • Milwaukee M18 battery availability
  • Adjustable light head
  • Keyholes for hanging

The cons

  • The power cord is a bit tricky

05. Tacklife 5000LM 50W LED Work Light

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Here’s another mind-blowing LED work light specially designed for mechanics and garages. With its 100 LED bulbs it can easily manage to help you at your workshop or construction site. The long-lasting adjustable stand made it one of the best work lights for mechanics.

It comes up with 100 LED lights. As it is a floodlight, I can perform its duty with those lights easily. It can provide extreme brightness and power saving you need. It has a 5000 lumens capacity to provide you the extreme brightness. The brand assures you that it can save a lot than any other traditional 400W bulbs. This can help you reduce your electricity bill.

This one is super flexible and casts a beam of 120-degree angle. Besides, adjustable knobs are there to rotate the light 270 degrees vertically and 360-degree axis. This tack life LED light has heat reducing feature and a great configuration which makes it the best-LED light in its category.

The pros

  • 5000 Lumens 400 Watt 100 LED bulbs
  • Adjustable knobs and body
  • Heat reducing feature
  • IP65 waterproof and great durability
  • Made of aluminum

The cons

  • Adjustment requires awareness

06. Snap-on LED Work Light, 2000 lumens

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The 2000 lumens model of the brand snap-on is one of the Best underhood work lights. This snap-on underhood work light is named after its brightness capacity. The LED work light comes up with integrated LED bulbs. These bulbs are durable enough and never require replacing. It has a sealed on/ off switch for great smoothness.

The Snap-on LED work light is configured for low power consumption. It has an ergonomic carry handle and adjustable angle knobs. These knobs allow you to illuminate wherever you want. That’s why it’s one of the first choices of mechanics. The cord of this work light is grounded and its length is approximately 6 feet.

The pros

  • 2000 lumens brightness
  • Power saving feature
  • Adjustable knobs for tilting
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Long power cord

The cons

  • Has no waterproof feature

07. Caterpillar CT1000 Pocket COB Work Light

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This small portable LED light is made by the famous brand Caterpillar. They’re famous not only for making LED lights, but they also make a lot of products out of this category. Being lightweight, durable, portable, and having a lot of features made this one of the best work light for mechanics. Let’s discuss the features of this caterpillar work light.

A magnetic base and pocket clip are there to deliver you the convenience. With the magnetic base, you can work this kipping on a metal wherever you want. The 175 lumens of a lighting beam is its maximum. You can apply the mode when you need it. The magnetic base basically helps for hands-free operation. With it, you don’t have to hold it with your hand.

This one has an ABS thermoplastic body that is water-resistant and comes up with different colors. Though it is lightweight, it’s durable enough. It contains 3 standard AAA batteries with a maximum 7 hours runtime feature.

The pros

  • 175 lumens brightness
  • Pocket clip and magnetic base
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • COB technology
  • Maximum 7 hours of runtime

The cons

  • Is not rechargeable

08. Hallomall [15W 24LED] Spotlights Work Lights

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Here’s another great light that comes up with a new feature. If you’re a technology enthusiast and you want something new, this can be your choice. This outdoor camping light comes up with rechargeable lithium batteries. You can charge your USB devices like a mobile phone with this work light too. This feature made this one of the best rechargeables led work lights.

It has 24 LED 15 W for super brightness. This bright Hallomall LED light has 2 red and 2 blue flashing lights for a roadside emergency. It comes up with a premium quality lithium battery and 2 external USB ports to charge a mobile phone. This one is extremely lightweight and portable. You can use where and whenever you want. This one is pretty easy to carry and contains a 360-degree rotation feature.

The pros

  • 24 LED lights for brightness
  • Lithium batteries included
  • Mobile charging port
  • 2 Blue and 2 Red lights for emergency
  • 360-degree rotation

The cons

  • The charger is quite tricky

09. EverBrite 6-Pack Compact Work Light

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This is basically a package of 6 LED work lights with batteries. In this package, you’re gonna get one of the best work lights for mechanics with their power source: batteries. Each light contains 27 magnetic LED lights with a hanging hook to provide you with the convenience.

These LEDs offer a maximum of 60 lumens of brightness. Among the 27 LED bulbs, 24 are main bulbs and 3 bulbs are used as a flashlight. These bulbs are durable enough, can last up to 100, 000 hours. A hands-free operation can be done with the hanging hook and there’s a strong magnet too to attach the light to a surface. This light can be a good choice if you’re an engine mechanic or an electric mechanic.

The pros

  • 27 LED bulbs with 60 Lumens
  • 100, 000 durability
  • Hands-free operation
  • AAA carbon batteries
  • Cute shape design

The cons

  • Isn’t a choice for those who want too much brightness

10. Coquimbo Rechargeable Work Light

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Here’s another LED mechanic work light. If you’ve come through all those work lights described above and didn’t find any of those interesting, give this one a try. Coquimbo LED work light is one of the best work lights for mechanics too!

This one features a durable building material which is hard rubber. This rubber has an anti-slip and anti-sweat feature. The aluminum head dissipates heat effectively. It contains a foldable design to give you the convenience of using the best-led light. Another important feature is, it has 5 different light modes. You can easily apply which one you need. This car repair led lamp can be a real helping hand if you intend to work on your garage.

This mechanic light has rechargeable. The size of the battery depends on the size of the light. Besides, you can adjust the illumination 360 degrees. By the by, it has a magnet base and hanging hook to give you hands-free operation.

The pros

  • 5 lighting modes
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Hook and magnet base
  • Hard rubber and aluminum head
  • Multi-angle illumination feature

The pros

  • Has some shipping restriction

Different Types of Work Light For Mechanics

The word mechanic is a little tricky because there are a lot of mechanics. Like automobile mechanic, electric mechanic, household mechanic, etc. LED work lights to come up with its kind and type. Let’s discuss a few types of work light for mechanics.

Dual-source & single source

It means the light comes up with two different power sources like the power cord and the battery. Here in this article, Milwaukee’s work light is like that. It comes up with two different power sources. These work lights are good enough when you want to work with both electricity and battery. These lights are good for engine mechanics.

There are single-source work lights too. Either they just run with a battery or with a power cord. These types of work lights are great for studying or doing household things.

Stand or hanger

LED work lights to come with stand are ideal for garage and workshop. These types of lights are quite capable of illuminating the whole area. Hanger lights are good for an electric mechanic. They can hang it anywhere and perform a hands-free operation.

Portable mini lights

These lights are great for almost every work. We have a light of this type. The Caterpillar LED Work Light is that one. You can do whatever you want with this one. You can be an engine mechanic, you can be a television repair mechanic, this light suits. Basically, these types of lights come up with a magnet base to give you convenience.

Importance of the Best Work Light for Mechanics

The importance of the best work light is huge. Suppose you’re a mechanic and you’re working under the car, dealing with a stubborn screw or you’re dealing with the spark plug or with any other parts that are located at the deep dark. Will you be able to see that without illuminating?

Suppose, you’re an electric mechanic trying to join a cable under the board. Is it possible for you to do that without lights?

The answer to both of the questions is no! Then, what do you need? A Work light that can help in such tasks. So, if you’re going, why don’t you go for the best-LED work light for mechanics? Choose any of these according to your needs.

What happens if you don’t use the proper Work Light? – Advantages and disadvantages

Without the proper work light, you can’t work conveniently. You won’t get the exact brightness when you need it the most. Suppose you’re working in your garage and you need to illuminate the whole area, each and every corner of your workshop. What if you have a work light that can serve only a little? Will you be able to work properly?

That’s why you need the proper one. The one you need. If you’re an engine mechanic, you can choose almost every type of light to illuminate your workplace. Pocket lights suit there too. If you’re a household mechanic then you need a light that you can hang anywhere which has a hook. Choose according to your needs.

It’s pretty hard working with a light that has lower brightness. If you work with such light constantly, there will be a problem in your eyes and seeing. Besides, you can’t work for a long time with an over-bright light. Your eyes will hurt and you’ll face problems like headache or something else.

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Advantages of proper LED work lights

  • Convenience at work
  • Proper illumination
  • Peaceful work
  • Hands-free operation
  • Perfect job and tasks

Disadvantages of work light for mechanics

  • Requires charging or power cable connection
  • Requires battery changing sometimes

Features to consider when you buying work light as a Mechanic: The Ultimate Buying Guide for the best-LED work light

It’s a little confusing when you’re buying a work light among a lot of the market. This guide will help you out choosing the best you need. After finishing this guide, you’ll get to know how you can buy the brightest led work light, which lumens are good, which power option you need. So let’s start.

Lumens and brightness

This fact depends on your works. If you want to work on a workshop or garage, you need a work light of huge lumens like 5000 lm or 6000 lm. This will help you illuminate the whole garage. For this one you can go for the Ustellar LED work light.

If you want to work in a tiny place or your work area is limited, then 2000 lm is pretty enough. You can buy the snap-on led light. This light is one of the best-led work lights for trucks too!

If you’re an electric mechanic, or you need a light to illuminate a tent only or to read a book, you can buy the caterpillar. This caterpillar work light is the best in its type.

Stand or holder or hook

Work lights mainly come with these three options for hands-free operation. There’s a minor option too. That is a magnetic base.

If you want to work in the garage, go for a stand. For underhood working, handle holder led lights are the best. Magnetic base lights are too good for such a task. If you’re an electric mechanic, then a work light with a hanging hook is more suitable for you.

Power source

This fact depends on some things too. Work lights are two types, one is battery powered portable led light (some of those are rechargeable too) and the other one is electrically powered.

Now, if you want to work for a long time and you need light constantly, you have to buy an electricity-powered work light. If you need to work not more than 5 hours then a battery-powered work light is enough.

Nowadays, battery-powered work lights come up with USB ports too. You can charge your mobile phone with this. The Hallomall Work Light on this list has this feature.

Other features

  1. Check the bulbs, if they are traditional or LED. Always try to buy a work light with LED bulbs.
  1. Check the building material if it’s good quality or not.
  1. Check if there’s any heat-reducing feature. You need this if you buy a higher lumens work light.
  1. Don’t forget to check the waterproof level of these lights. IP65 is good.
  1. Check if the work light’s illumination is adjustable or not. Sometimes, you need to tilt the head.
  1. If you buy light of battery, check the battery is rechargeable or not.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the best-LED work light?

A: According to our ranking, Bosch 12-Volt Max LED Work Light is the best-LED work light. We ranked it testing all of its features. You can go to Ustellar and Caterpillar’s work light too!

Q: What are the work lights?

A: Work lights are different types of lights that help to illuminate your working area. These lights are a bit different from normal household lights and these contain a lot of features than a traditional LED light.

Q: What are the best work lights for mechanics?

A: The best work lights for mechanics are:

  • Bosch 12-Volt Max LED Work Light
  • Ustellar 5500LM 55W LED Work Light \
  • PowerSmith 10,000 Lumens LED Dual-Head Work Light with Tripod
  • Milwaukee M18 Trueview LED Hp Flood Light
  • Tacklife 5000LM 50W LED Work Light
  • Snap-on LED Work Light, 2000 lumens
  • Cat CT1000 Pocket COB Work Light
  • Hallomall [15W 24LED] Spotlights Work Lights
  • EverBrite 6-Pack Compact Work Light
  • Coquimbo Rechargeable Work Light

Q: What type of light is best for a garage?

A: A Light withstands, can provide a huge brightness, runs with electricity is the best work light for the garage. In our list, we have Ustellar work light. You can go for this one if you need it.

Final verdict

So, these are our top 10 best work lights for mechanics. You can use these for almost every kind of machinery tasks. All of these are good. Before we rank them, we’ve tested this one by one. After that, we took the opinion of other customers, what they’re saying. Then we ranked those as per features, facilities, and price.

Rely on us undoubtedly and get the best product you need. To read more useful articles, visit our website. If you want to know something or you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment here or contact us directly.

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