Best Welding Schools and Colleges in the USA

Best Welding Schools in USAYou’re picking up your gears, getting tools connected, keeping metals in front of you, holding the welder and boom! You’re a pro level welder!

Hold on! Give yourself a break. Welding is not a task that you’ll catch up very easily. This thing is risky as it deals with heat and metal. It is risky because welders play with electricity and sparks. Welding requires safety precautions like putting up welding pants, helmets, respirators, and shirts etc. But, in spite of all these risks, welding is fun!

Many of the wise welders say, welding is a different kind of art and those who can make it happen are the real creator. You may be thinking now “whoah! Let’s become a welder, let’s become an artist of giant metallic arts”. But the fact is you can’t just go like this. Welding requires training, practice, and certification. And where you can get these?

Leave that responsibility on us! We’re here to help you find the best welding school in the USA. In this article, we’ll share the top 26 welding schools of America from different states. By the by, we’ll try to provide their website and contact information to make it easier for you.

So, let’s get started!

01. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

According to all kind of facilities like training, exams, certification, the first name pops up in everyone’s mind is the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (HIWT). If your dream is to learn to weld at the best institute, this one is the best welding school in the USA. Besides, it is one of the well-profiled welding schools in Ohio.

Offering two programs such as cheaper and shorter structural welding and combination structural pipe welding, they are the best of their category. They provide a lot of individual courses to teach advanced techniques, welding ability, and concepts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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02. Lincoln Electric Welding School

Lincoln welding school is one of the most popular welding schools in America. People may know the name as they make various types of welding related tools. But the surprising fact is they have a school program entirely dedicated to teaching various types of welding procedures.

16 different courses are available in this welding school. They teach very basics to pro level welding. Their teaching standard is quite high and requires appreciation. This one is also situated at Ohio. So this school at our 2nd ranking could be the first priority of you if you’re a welding enthusiast.

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03. Tulsa Welding School

Because of having some cool advantages and facilities, the Tulsa Welding School (TWS) took its place at the 3rd position of our best welding schools ranking.

Well, having straight programs for train up is their specialty. Some say the Tulsa welding school is just a mill which is only after tuition fees and this is what makes them think about Tulsa Welding School cost. But if you walk through their facilities, teaching techniques, practical workout facilities, this school is grade one class!

04. Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC)

The Louisiana technical college comes up with 7 different campuses. And they’re able to teach at every location carefully. However, if your career choice is related to welding or you want to be a welder professionally, this is the right place you came!

Being one of the most popular welding schools in the USA, the central Louisiana technical community college is something fantastic because they offer eleven different certificates to choose from and all of them are focused on welding.

05. Knight School of Welding

The knight school of welding is situated at southern Kentucky, United States. Their mission is to educate learners and help them to get a pure technical training to get a better job placement.

Most probably this one is the only pipe welding school in Kentucky. They teach professional arc welding from various positions like MIG, TIG, FCAW, and SWAG. Besides, they teach the basics of plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting. If you’re planning to study here, you’ll get to know the welding from scratch.

06. University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA)

The University of Alaska Anchorage ranking in our list is 6th. However, this is the one and only master level institution in this area to provide higher education. The most interesting fact about the University of Alaska Anchorage is it has all the benefits of a large university combined with every facility of countryside living.

However, this is one of the biggest university which can fulfill your all demands and needs while providing the best quality standard teaching. This institute is one of the few institutes of the country which provides welding training with nondestructive testing technology.

07. Albany Technical College

This Albany Technical College is considered as one of the best pipe welding schools in the United States of America. There are a variety of diplomas and degrees offered. The main campus is situated at Albany, Georgia.

They teach advanced welding techniques and procedures including pipe welding, shielded metal arc welding and much more.

However, if you want to get admitted at Albany technical college, you have to sit for an entrance exam. Which will be taken on math, reading, and writing. Your marks will assure that you’re able to study here or not and you have a minimum, basic level of skills. You can get more info from the Albany Technical College phone number provided here.

08. Arizona Automotive Institute

Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI) is situated at Glendale, Arizona. Because of having a great study standard and a huge appreciation from guardians, this institution is considered as one of the best welding schools in the USA.

Choosing the AAI is a great idea because receiving a certificate on welding from an institution which is best for industrial and technical practices is something that appeals really to employers.

Basically, their course is 40 weeks long and though it isn’t a short time you have the assurances that you will learn each and everything about welding professionally. Here’s the Arizona Automotive Institute phone number and other information.

09. Southwestern Illinois College

The Southwestern Illinois College is in Belleville and it is at the 9th position of our top 26 welding schools in USA list.

The welding program of Southwestern Illinois College SIC comes up with one degree and four different professional certificates. This feature made the school best of its category.

The syllabus is assembled for everyone like if you’re a beginner welder or you have skills, you can join the school. The interesting fact about this college is it accepts an application from all ages candidates. It doesn’t matter if you’re only 18 or 55. If you have a passion, you are most welcome! Here are southwestern Illinois college address and phone number to help you out.

10. South Georgia Technical College

The South Georgia Technical College is one of the best welding colleges for underwater welding learning in America. This one is situated at Americus, Georgia.

One of the broadest spectrums is offered by the South Georgia Technical College, SGTC. You can choose whatever is perfect for you. They offer courses like welding and joining technology which includes underwater welding, welding blueprint reading, and basic shielded metal arc welding (SMAW).

Besides, you can take a different course which touches upon welding as welding is in the syllabus. Ornamental Iron Fabricator and Motorsports Chasis Technician, these two courses are under such category here available for students. The South Georgia Technical College application process is a bit tricky for inept.

11. Ashland Community and Technical College

The Ashland Community and Technical College are at the 11th position of our best welding schools in USA list. Ashland Community and Technical College tuition are one of the finest tuitions.

This college comes up with a 2 years long course and provides 11 different certificates. One thing every student willing to study here need to bear in mind that, the Ashland Community College does not provide any kind of accommodation facilities. Everyone who studies here attends classes from self-accommodation.

12. Apex Technical School

The Apex Technical School has some advanced facilities and advantages as it is situated at the heart of the United States, New York. However, we ranked it in the 12th position of our list. Let’s take a look at the inner review.

Point to be noted that the course they provide is 30 weeks long and designed to teach welding from basic level to the professional level. The fact is like other established universities and colleges, this Apex Technical School doesn’t have hostel facilities and meal facilities.

This may raise up your cost but if you study here, you have the assurance that you’ll get the perfect training and certifications for your money. Though the Apex technical school requirements are a bit high.

13. Andrews University

The Andrews University is situated at the Berrien Springs, Michigan. This top quality welding school is capable of giving you the best training in welding. The Andrews University ranking is 13th at our list.

The Andrews University (AU) is basically a Christian school and this is considered as one of the most multicultural universities in the United States of America.

The teaching standard is extremely high here. They train students with well-profiled teachers. If you get certified from here, you don’t need to worry about your job. The job placement is quite guaranteed.

14. Boise State University

At number 14 comes Boise State University. Welding training within an artistic context is offered here. This university is situated in Idaho, Boise State and the Boise State University admissions require a hard study.

This welding school will be an ideal choice for those who are willing to take welding as a creative career instead of an industrial career. The course teaches welding in a different way. You can learn to weld surely but besides welding, you will be able to design welded parts after the course. The course basically teaches how to assemble different types of materials keeping a little focus on welding.

15. Ferris State University

This is another welding school situated at the State of Michigan. Being at the Big Rapids, this institution provides some great advantages that every student want and that’s the reason why this is at our top 26 welding school in USA list.

However, Ferris State University offers the biggest and largest welding technology course in the United States. Ferris state university majors are designed to teach complex theories and skills impressively. There are two courses available. Such as B.S. in welding engineering technology and A.A.S. in welding engineering technology. Both of the two courses have high standards of teaching.

16. Idaho State University

The mighty Idaho State University is at the 16th position of our welding school ranking. It is situated at Pocatello, Idaho and is one of the greatest of its kind. The Idaho State University electrical engineering faculty is popular all over the country.

The Idaho State University ISU offers a lot of welding courses starting from the basic theory of welding to metal layout and mechanical drawing. Besides, welding practice options are offered here too.

In order to become a certified and professional welder, you can just combine your desired courses and get the exact training you need to start your career.

17. Siena Heights University

The Siena Heights University is based in Michigan too. It is located at Adrian, Michigan. Taking the 17th place, this welding university is able to provide you with the exact training that you need to be a welder and the Siena Heights University tuition is the best of its kind.

The surprising fact is they give only 12 students to one tutor. That one tutor takes the responsibility of these 12. It means you can get the training like a personal guide is teaching you. Their classes are small.

Besides, they have an online class facility. It means you don’t have to live in Michigan to attend classes. You can learn to weld and take advantages of their Syllabus from wherever you want.

18. Vincennes University

Vincennes University is at the states of Indiana. It is the one and only well-profiled welding learning institution in Indiana. The Vincennes University transcripts provide a great value for students.

This Vincennes University has a connection to the Lincoln Electric. This is because they just want to create a versatile welding technology learning program that contains each and every latest equipment and technology to provide smooth top-level skills teaching.

There are two types of courses, one year long and two years long. The one-year long course doesn’t have the basic in its Syllabus. So if you want to learn from the beginning, the two years course will be a smart choice for you.

19. West Virginia University

It’ll be hard for you to believe that at West Virginia University, you can learn how to weld at the school of dance and theater. How?

Well, West Virginia University WVU is located at Parkersburg, West Virginia. In the school of theater, there’s a course named stagecraft. They teach stage construction techniques and welding. With the practical experience of stage making, learning the basics of welding is much easier.

But there’s another course in West Virginia University named short welding and hot works course. This will help you a lot to get started with your job.

20. South Seattle College

The South Seattle College is at the 20th position of our best welding schools in USA list. It is located at South Seattle, Washington.

South Seattle College can be the appropriate choice for you if you want to be a welder as there’s a highly versatile fabrication course. But if you’re more specific, then the south Seattle welding school has another course for you named welding intensive for maritime and manufacturing environments.

The college is connected with Vigor Industrial Shipyards to give you the practical lesson of this course. You can get hands on, and real experience of practicing. Any well-reputed classroom won’t give you this much knowledge and experience. South Seattle College contact information is given below.

21. Montana State University

Montana State University is one of the greatest universities to learn to weld from basics. Montana State University library is remarkable in the state.

However, If your dream is to get awarded with a certificate of applied science degree, the welding technology courses of Montana State University could be the key to success. As it is the biggest university in the state, you actually have assurances that you’ll learn the appropriate thing you need to learn. By the by, with the course of Montana State University, you won’t learn the procedure of welding only. Right from communication, interpret blueprints are also parts of the course.

22. Pennsylvania College of Technology

The Pennsylvania College of Technology is located at Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Because of having a lot of facilities and huge positive reviews, we ranked it at the 22nd position of our list. Pennsylvania College of Technology acceptance rate is quite high.

However, there are 3 different welding majors such as welding and fabrication, welding technology, and welding. The fact is each course teaches the basics of welding but they are designed for different fields. You have to choose which course you need.

At the very end, you can come up with a B.Sc. degree which is impressively good.

23. Modern Welding School

The 23rd school of our list is Modern Welding School. It is located at Schenectady, New York.

The interesting fact is they allow students if the student is not learning for career purpose, it doesn’t matter. You may learn from your hobby or whatever.

Though there are different courses for different fields and categories of welding. You can choose which one you need.

24. Welder Testing and Training Institute WTTI

The Welder Testing and Training Institute is located at Allentown, Pennsylvania. Just like the name, the institution has some courses which actually provide good quality training and testing.

If you are an absolute beginner, then they have a course for you of 500 hours long. But if you want something more complex like you have the basics then you can apply for intermediate course. Length of that course is twice than that beginner. They also have a course who have a professional skill.

The fact is to bear in mind that, WTTI cost is a bit high. So, if you are willing to apply for any course here, it would be better if you check the cost first.

25. Elite Welding Academy

If you are going to be a welder then it is one of the best welding school you can go for. Elite Welding Academy (EWA) is basically a pipe welding school and it is considered one of the best pipe welding schools in the USA. It is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Elite Welding Academy was founded in 2006 by united group service. United group service is Cincinnati’s one the biggest and most successful mechanical pipe contractors. It also has a programme called structural and pipe welding which starts January, March, May, July, and November – and are only six months long.

If you are getting admitted to EWA then you have to face some requirements for good. Those are

  1. You must have to be 18 years old and give proof of a high school diploma or GED to be enrolled
  2. You must be in good physical condition with good eyesight
  3. You should be able to read, write and speak English.

26. American Welding Society

Well, this one American Welding Society is the last 26th school we got here at our best welding schools in USA list.

American welding society is a welding school which was founded in 1919 by President Sir Dale Food.  If we talk about the category, it is a non-profit organization. The headquarter of the American Welding Society is located in Miami, Florida.

In its curriculum, you can find a cutting process besides welding and including brazing, soldering and thermal spraying. American Welding Society (AWS) is a worldwide organization which serves over 73000 members and there are four types of membership option. Such as

  1. Individual member
  2. Welder member
  3. Corporate member
  4. Student member.

As we say it is one of the best welding schools in AMERICA. It is quite capable of providing the best technical lesson on welding.

Thinking about getting into welding?


Becoming a professional welder might be a dream of those who want to pursue a decent career in welding related profession. But the fact is everyone does not get the proper instructions to get started.

However, in this article, we’ve shared the 26 best welding school in the USA. You’ll get a short description of every welding school along with their contact information and precise location. If you’re a welding enthusiast, grab any of these schools which are situated nearby you to get started with your profession.

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