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As a welder, a pair of welding boots should be on the top of your priority list, but actually, it isn’t for most of the cases.

And that’s maybe the reason behind some unexpected incidents in the workshop.

Anyways, we are few concerns who care about your safety as a welder and come up with an entire post regarding the best welding boots.

Now, when you are buying one boot, you definitely don’t want to buy a cheap one that needs to replace by another pair. And such hassles are a waste of both time and money. To save you from the situation, we’ve come up with a complete list of best welding boots of the market.

And this is the article where we’ve reviewed the boots in an ascending manner.

So, don’t worry. Take a couple of minutes and go through the products we bring in front of you. We’ve analyzed everything starting from the protector, design, and price.

Without any delay, let’s start exploring-

Comparison Table for Best Welding Boot

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Product Reviews

01. Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot

The best and probably the most appreciated feature that welders love about this book is its extreme durability. It has been using soles that are made to protect you from slippery surfaces. Also, the upper part and the sole had been heat-sealed and sewed together. So, there is the least amount of chance that they will be deported. At the first look, we’re sure that you’ll like this lightly milled, full-grain leather boot. To give it a comfortable touch, there are padded footbeds and cushioned fit around the foot space.

Now, come to the safety issue while you’ll be welding with these boots. Dr. Marten’s Ironbridge is extremely designed to provide safety from electrical damages as welding. Moreover, the Met guards and ASTM approved steel toes are there to protect you from any damage.

So, you can leave the worries of any kind of risk while working with a risk ful job like welding.

Moving forward, the whole working boot is water resistant and moistures are supposed to wick away and keep the boot okay for years. Also, it’s designed to keep the outer moistures away from entering into it.



  • Padded tongue, cushioned foot space.
  • Leather pull loop with an air-cushioned sole.
  • It can resist oil, petrol, chemical, and alkali.
  • The leather upper part is water-resistant.
  • Perfect protection while welding.
  • Mesh padded collar.


  • We need frequent cleaning.

02. Thorogood Men’s GEN-FLEX Composite Work Boot

Some of the welders like the boot to be super rugged. In case you’re one of them, then I’ve got the right choice for you. Presenting our #2 ranked Thorogood Men’s GEN-FLEX Composite Work Boot. Before anything else, I would like you to show you how wisely this boot is designed. First of all, it’s the supper rugged oiled uppers, that are made of full-grained leather. When you wear it around the workshop, not even any kind of loads can easily fall and damage your toes.

The rubber toe has an excellent property of abrasion-resistance and the side bumps are soaked up so that they can absorb the damage. You will find loads of cushions and flex built in this shoe. So, you as a user, face a hard time while working all around the day.

It features a soft and supportive midsole as well. The compression-molded midsole is impacted by a 300-gel that will provide support in case of an accident. So, if the welding job slips from the hand, you don’t have to worry about its bad results. 

Overall, this particular welding shoe should be at the top of every welder’s priority list and that’s what you should consider as well.



  • Absorption resistant rubber toe and side bumpers.
  • Loads of cushion inside for comfort.
  • Full-grain leather powered by supper rug.
  • Removable cushioned insole.
  • Compression-molded midsole.
  • The mesh lining is comfortable.
  • Absorbs shocks and impacts in accidental fallings.


  • Improper cleaning may lead to damage.

03. EVER BOOTS Men’s Steel Toe Industrial Work Boots

I have seen many welders and electricians have a sizing problem with whatever workboot they purchase. And until you find the right size, it’s hard to concentrate on your professional services. Keeping all these in mind, I came up with EVER BOOTS Men’s Steel Toe Industrial Work Boots o review. This particular boot model has 12 different colors and designs to choose from. No matter what size you are in the toe, it will match.

At outside, there is dual-density rubber outsole, which is another plus point of the boot. The ASTM certified steel toe will help you to protect your feet for accidental fallings or moving objects while welding.

Also, to save you from slipping on the oil or other slippery liquids on the workshop, the sole of this boot is made to be oil resistant. So, it will grip nicely on slippery surfaces and save you from the accident.

Of course, comfort is another important factor when it comes to selecting the best welding boot. The multi-layered outsole had been in our discussion already. Now let us inform you that, the sole is also injection assembled. So, while you’re welding, you won’t face any difficulty in bending or moving the feet around.



  • Leather made a black boot with a rubber sole.
  • Certified steel toe protection is embedded in.
  • Steel shank for the stability of the shoe.
  • Passes 18,000V and 60 Herts in one minute.
  • Perfect all handy and mechanic workers including welders.
  • Big fitting with ½ size bigger dimension.


  • Lace holes aren’t supposed to be imposed too much pressure.

04 Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot

Timberland is a globally reputed brand for producing boots and footwear. On the same consequence, we’re about to present the best welding boots of the market from Timberland, the Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot. It’s a complete package with all the essential features that one might look for. It is manufactured keeping functionality and safety in mind. Professionals like welders will surely get the most out of this boot, in case they do care about it.

The insole is anatomically contoured and it’s supported by the Polyurethane footbed. The steel shank is inside where it will be adjustable for the user to feel comfortable.

Many of the welders are likely to face the sewing problem, where cheap products come with low quality. But if you decide to discuss the product we’re talking about, Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot will be surely back you up.

As welding is a risky job itself, we’re sure that you might not be disappointed with this Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot.



  • Two colors to chose from.
  • Synthetic Sole which is comfortable for toes.
  • The distance of the shaft is approximately 6 inches from the arch.
  • Completely slip-resistant.
  • It contains a met guard.
  • A good price range.


  • Not so strong sewing.

05. Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boot is another product that you’ll love, and our second pick from the brand of Timberland. The booth we are talking about is almost the same as the other Timberland boot we’ve got. But there are some significant differences.

Let’s take you through the review- Firstly, The best part of this welding boot is it’s 8″ met-guard, which is really an important fact to consider. Also, Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boots is another good thing that helps a lot.

This booth is certified by ASTM and is standard from every viewpoint. It’s waterproof and it has proven anti-bacterial features. As you have to deal with oil and lubricant, this booth will provide security from that as well.

If you are are a professional welder, and looking for an eight pick within budget, it’s a good model to go.



  • ASTM certified design.
  • Flexible, lightweight and breathable.
  • Good looking style.
  • Compression resistant.
  • Waterproof and anti-microbial for professional use.
  • It can be hinged for comfortable use.


  • Need a few more colors.

06. Caterpillar Men’s Assault Work Boot

Caterpillar is another of the globally reputed brands, with enormous applause for the products they produce. Among the footwear they make, one of the significant ones is Caterpillar Men’s Assault Work Boot, which is eventually the 6th best welding boots of the list.

Having a look at the detailed look of this boot, we were pretty much okay. The whole design is ASTM certified. It’s a leather booth with full-grain leather upper and climax here lining and insole.

The outsole of the boot is one important part. And that’s maybe the reason why this product is unique from all of such other movies.

One of my pals asked me about how this product has such good market potential? Did I answer- Style? Look? Plot Twist? Anything like that?

Well, no. The answer is, it’s design and durability. The boot is designed n a way that will be liked by every mechanic or welder out there. Plus, it’s the ultra durable boot.



  • Cat metatarsal guard.
  • Protects from impacts and compression.
  • Protects from chemicals and heat.
  • Rugged leather with a metal lace.
  • Metguard and steel toe protector.
  • It provides grip and traction.


  • Excess Price for the feature it offers.

07. Michelin Men’s 6″ Sledge Metatarsal Work Boot ST

Eventually, we’ve reached the last product on the list. At number 7, we have a product from Michlin. If you ask him, I will definitely say that he will be a perfect deal maker. Just look at this boot to watch how featureful is that.

Let’s discuss the Michelin Men’s 6″ Sledge Metatarsal Work Boot ST below-

To users who want to weld and work safely, Michelin Men’s 6″ Sledge Metatarsal Work Boot ST will let you stay comfortable with a full-grained leather outline.

On top of that, the Michelin Men’s 6″ Sledge Metatarsal Work Boot ST contains a steel toe, a metatarsal guard, dual-density outsole and a shock-absorbent midsole.

Overall, I think this booth would be a good bang for the bucks.



  • Full grain leather.
  • Steel toe for accidental safety.
  • Metatarsal guard.
  • Absorbs shocks while working.
  • Dual-density outsole.
  • Perfect fir for welding.


  • The midsole isn’t as thick as it should be.

08. Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot

The Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot is one of the best work boots for welding. Not only the quality and building material but also the innovative design and outlook are also capable of blowing your mind easily.

Being made with completely 100% leather, this Red Wing Boot gives you no chance to question about feeling comfortable. Besides, this one comes up with two different colors. One is Amber Harness and another one is Black Harness. You can choose which color coding suits you as well.

This boot contains a Nitrile Cork sole to provide you with the best service. By the by, the measurement of its body is quite accurate. The shaft of Redwing boot measure from approximately 6”, the heel is 1” approximately, and the platform measure 0.50” approximately.

This shoe has a steel shank to provide you the extreme power and to help you feel comfortable. It is made with natural leather and it is quite easy for scuffs. Coming up in the market with triple stitched quality, this red wing pull-on work boot is good for heavy tasks like welding and construction.



  • Made with 100% Natural leather
  • Contains Nitrile cork sole
  • Provides perfect measurements
  • 1” heel measurement for comfort
  • Contains steel shank
  • Triple stitched quality


  • Cleaning requires more attention

09. ARIAT Workhog Waterproof Work Boot

The ARIAT Workhog Waterproof Work Boot is another masterpiece made by the famous brand ARIAT. Because of being waterproof, highly versatile, and highly durable, this boot is considered as one of the best work boots for welding. This Ariat work boot is made with 100% leather. Having the best quality, it is extremely lightweight and durable. It provides ease of use and peace of mind. It contains a pro-quality rubber sole to help you with your everyday tasks easily.

The ARIAT work boot is basically support and durability for tough tasks and long hours on your feet. With the moisture-wicking footbed, it contains, your tasks are more comfortable. For shock absorption, it has a gel-cushioned footbed and EVA midsole. Besides, this boot has Oil and slip resisting feature to give your work an extra speed.

The measurement of this work boot is quite perfect. The shaft measures from approximately 10”. The platform is approximately 0.5” and the boot opening is 12.5” around approximately. This western pattern boot basically features dual pulls at the shaft and there’s an embossed logo at the counter.



  • 100% Leather material
  • Contains rubber sole
  • Oil and slip-resistant feature
  • Perfect measurement
  • Western model boot
  • Features dual pulls


  • Available in two colors only

10. Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot

The Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot could be your first priority if you are looking for the best work boots for welding or other risky tasks. Containing a huge amount of positive user reviews and user satisfaction feedback made this Wolverine Boot one of the best boots. With its innovative design and upper-quality building material, it surely will blow your mind.

This Wolverine Welding Boot comes up with coded brown color. The shaft and other parts of the boots are designed very well. The Wolverine boot is made with 100% premium quality leather to give you comfort at work. Besides, it contains a Rubber sole to provide you with the grip and support you need to do your tasks.

The measurements of this boot are quite accurate and perfect for everyone. The shaft of Wolverine measures 5.5” approximately from the arch, the heel measures 1.25” approximately, the platform measures 0.75” approximately. Besides, it contains a full-cushion removable insole for long time support at work and all-day comfort.



  • Made with 100% natural leather
  • Import quality design and outlook
  • Comfortable rubber sole
  • Perfect measurement of shaft and heel
  • Full cushion insole
  • Removable feature


  • Available in one color only

11. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

If you are scrolling through all these work boots and finding the most suitable one for you, hold on! Here’s another one we got for you. The Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot is one of the best work boots for welding and it has apparently some cool features and advantages to make your every day works comfortably. However, this one is our last product. You can rarely get such features in such a low budget. Give this a try. It’ll surely help.

The most important fact is, this boot comes up with 5 different colors and styles. You can easily choose which color goes with your getup. The Caterpillar men’s steel toe boot is made with 100% natural leather and it contains rubber sole to give you the extraordinary grip.

This one is an imported quality work boot and it features tongue and plush collar with logo. Besides, it has grommets of hex-shaped with speed lacing. The oil-resistant feature it contains is quite able to save you from slippery surfaces.



  • 100% natural leather
  • Import quality design
  • High grip with rubber sole
  • Oil resistant feature
  • Package of 5 different colors


  • The boot isn’t 100% waterproof

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Best Welding Boots Buyer guide

While choosing the best welding boots, you have to look for some key features in the boots. If you find these features in a boot, then you can choose that boot.

best welding boots

Heat Resistant Build

While doing welding works, of course, you have to deal with heated objects. For that, your boot should have a heat resistant feature. That means the boots you are wearing must have the ability to withstand heat. Otherwise, the boots will get damaged easily. So, keep an eye out for this feature.

Shock Resistance

It’s not a surprise that you will face shocks due to electricity while doing welding works. A high volt of electricity can damage any cloth you are wearing and your boots as well. If that happens it will be a major risk for you. As important as you wear shock resistant cloth for this purpose, you should also wear shock resistant boots as well.

Laced Boots

You can pick a laced boot for work if you want a good grip. But with that, you will have a risk of getting caught on fire because of the lace. So, if you want to avoid this risk you can choose a boot without a lace. In that case, you will not have a good grip. So, it’s up to you to choose either one.

Metatarsal Guard

If you want a boot with lace, then you should also check if the boot offers a metatarsal guard or not. This will help you to resist fire on the lace. The guard will also help you to withstand any kind wear and tear.


The comfort of wearing a boot should be your major concern. If you don’t feel comfortable in your boots, then you won’t be able to work efficiently. So, before purchasing a boot, check if the boot gives you comfort or not.


You don’t want to purchase a pair of boots within a couple of months’ interval. It is better to purchase a pair that will last the longest. So, before you pick a pair, check how strong the pair is.

Importance of welding boot

A pair of welding boots can protect you a lot in many ways. You have to wear them in order to avoid any kind of work injury.

Sharp objects like nails or stones can be the cause of serious injury. If you wear a good quality welding boot, then you can avoid injuries due to sharp objects like these.

While working, there is a chance of heavy objects accidentally falling on your feet. If they do, you can get seriously hurt. But if you wear safety boots while welding, then you can be saved from such accidents.

Without a good quality welding boot pair, you can slip and fall accident while working. To avoid this from happening, welding boots are very helpful for you.

In welding works, the most dangerous thing you have to work with is electricity. If your clothes and boots cannot resist electricity, there is a high chance for you to get shocked or electrified while working.

Welding boots are usually made to be shock resistant. So, if you wear welding boots in your work, you will be safe from any kind of accident or mishap due to electricity as well.

When you should replace welding boots

You can easily identify when you have to change your welding boots. If you see the following signs in your boots you should change them.

Wear and Tear

If you notice that your boots are not resisting wear or tear then you have to replace it immediately. If you can see through your boots then you can say that it will not resist wear or tear anymore.

Dented Toe

Working in wearing the boots for a long time will make the bootless sturdy. This will cause the boots to be less protective. You can notice small dents on the toe area of the boots. In such a situation you should replace the boots.

Worn Outside

If you see your boots getting torn from outside, then you have to definitely change it.


Welding boots can stop liquid objects from getting inside if they are good in quality. But, when they stop resisting such objects, then you have to change your boots.

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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What are the best boots for welding?

Answer: There are many affordable welding boots in the market that you can get at a reasonable price. But, according to our ranking, the best welding boots are,

  1. Martens Men’s Iron bridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot
  2. Thorogood Men’s GEN-FLEX Composite Work Boot
  3. EVER BOOTS Men’s Steel Toe Industrial Work Boots
  4. Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot
  5. Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boot
  6. Caterpillar Men’s Assault Work Boot
  7. Michelin Men’s 6″ Sledge Metatarsal Work Boot ST
  8. Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot
  9. ARIAT Workhog Waterproof Work Boot
  10. Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot
  11. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

You can find the features, pros, and cons of these boots on the upper side of this article.

Question: What are the best boots for Ironworkers?

Answer: Boots ideal for welding is ideal for ironworking too! So, the best boots for ironworkers are those 11 that we described in the first question. Thorogood boots or Irish setter boots can be the first priority of an ironworker because they’re of the most important ironworker tools.

Question: What are met with Guard boots?

Answer: Ironworks or welding is a bit dangerous task to deal with. So, many things can happen when you’re working with those giant metals and you can get a metatarsal injury too! This kind of injury is lengthy. They take a lot of time to recover and give too much pain. To avoid such an accident, you need to use met guard boots.

The fact is traditional steel toe boots don’t protect the metatarsals. The guards a metatarsal guard boot use is basically a thermal plastic shield made with great and innovative quality protection technology. The shielded protection stays over metatarsals and protects those.

Question: What are the most comfortable metatarsal boots?

Answer: There are a few comfortable metatarsal guard boots in the market. Timberland metatarsal boots are the most popular among them. Here’s a top 5 list of the most comfortable metatarsal boots.

  1. Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot.
  2. Martens Men’s Iron Bridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot.
  3. Keen Utility Men’s Met Guard Boot
  4. Timberland PRO Men’s Helix Met Guard Work Boot.
  5. Rhino Men’s 6MS01 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal Leather Work Boot

Question: Are metatarsal boots the same as steel toe?

Answer: No! They are not. Steel toe boots use steel to cover your feet and toe and to protect you from any harm. On the other hand, metatarsal boots or composite boots use a combination of plastic to give the same protection. There a lot of advantages and disadvantages to steel toe boots. Nowadays, people recommend using composite met guard boots.

Steel-toed is good, but what if you need to pass by a metal detector now. What will you do? That’s why wearing composite met guard boots are the smart choice.

Question: Can steel toe boots cause foot problems?

Answer: Steel toe shoes are among the greatest shoes for protection and those are being used for a long time now. Having a positive user review, yet the answer to that question is yes! It can cause a few foot problems.

Steel toe shoes are perfect for protection as they use a thicker metal but using a thick metal in footwear makes it uncomfortable. That’s why you may feel uneasy while you’re wearing incorrectly sized steel toe shoes. Besides, you can feel chafing or soreness for a while. But there is no long term harm to the steel toe shoe.

Bottom Line

Thanks for visiting the whole article and going through the top 11 best welding boots in the market.

What we have tried to do it, we’ve gone through not only the specs, but also features and their benefits, designs, price-quality ratio, and durability, etc. Thousands of products from hundreds of brands are around there, but we think you can find your one from this list of seven.

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