7 Best Radiator Fans for Cars Reviews 2020

“Are radiator fans important part of the engine? Or just an afterthought?”

Well, we’ve seen many of the automotive enthusiasts to ask this very question themselves. But what experts say on the point is very straightforward. For the overall efficiency, horsepower and health of the engine, there are no alternatives of picking the best radiator fans for cars right away.

Today’s post is, however, crafted with a solo mission to help you select the best car radiator fans for your vehicle. What we’ve done is- we’ve analyzed almost all of the available models and sorted them up based on specs, functions and expert reviews.

Finally, this is the list of best radiator fans for cars that you’d like to check. So, let’s start reading-

Our Top 7 Product Comparison

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AUTOSAVER88 12″ Radiator Fan with Mounting Kit

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Product Overview

Let’s welcome the #1 ranked pick on our list, the massively popular AutoSavers88 12″ radiator fan. Comparing both specs and efficiency, we can’t help putting the crown on top of this one.

Have a look at the technical specs of the radiator fan-

It’s an 11.73 inches diameter fan with an amazing 2.56″ thick in size. The CFM of this fan is 2150, which will be able to draw most of the heat out of the radiator.

The amp draw is 12 amp the watts it requires is 80. Most of the automotive are well suited to these requirements. And installing this fan in the vehicle is made to be easy even for a non-professional. No modification or mounting is required.

To keep your engine cool and improve the horsepower and torque, it comes with quick warm up and cooldowns. The noise is less than most of the convenient models, the gas mileage is also improved.

One of the many facts we loved about this radiator fan is, it has a handful of sizes and sets to chose from. Starting from 7 inches to 16 inches, you can choose any size. On top of that, it comes with both of 1 and 2 models. From these widespread options, you can easily choose the right fit for your automobile.


  • 2150 CFM with only 12 amp and 80W.
  • High-quality wire core.
  • Universal fittable design.
  • 2.56″ thickness with 11″ blades.
  • Simple installation with mo modification.
  • Efficient in both push and pull cooling.
  • 7” to 14” size available.


  • No 16” size is available.

Upgr8 Universal 12V Slim Radiator Fan

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Product Overview

UpRR8 had been quite a popular brand with a number of popular automotive parts and gears in the market. But one of the best jobs they’ve done with is the Universal 12V Radiator fan.

Hence, this is the second best radiator fan for cars on our list. Let’s figure out why-

The reason behind the massive popularity of UpGR8 12″ radiator fan is not it’s the cheap price of easy mounting. It’s the high efficiency that sustains even a year of use. They claim it to be a 1750CFM model with 2250RPM, which is absolutely close to what it actually gives.

It’s a great fan of stock cooling and regular turbo applications. And in case you’re not a mechanic or car mounting expert, you don’t need to worry about the installation process. It only takes a few minutes while you install it directly without any modification.

Moving forward, we found the electric requirements of the fan pretty similar to what any conventional fan would have. So, you have to face no extra hassle or undergo stressful mounting jobs.

Long story short, this turbofan from UpGR8 is something that any professional would love. Now it’s your turn to try it out.


  • Includes mount brackets and tie straps.
  • 1750 CFM and a maximum 2250 rpm.
  • 12 inches of dia with only 2.5 inches of thickness.
  • Both push and pull type airflow.
  • 5 sizes and three colors available.
  • Cheap in the price for the budget-friendly pick.


  • Not a good fit for large automobiles like SUVs.

Generic 12″ Electric Radiator Cooling Fan

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Product Overview

Presenting another universal but budget-friendly model- The Auto Dynasty 12 Inch Radiator Cooling Fan Kit that comes with every good that an automobile enthusiast may desire in a radiator cooling fan. It’s a 12″, 1750CFM model that checks every box of quality.

Let’s start with a glimpse on the technical details of this best radiator fan-

It’s a brand new 12 inches radiator fan with a thickness of 2.5 inches. So, it’s one of the slimmest kind of fans available. With 6 blades mounted in, it can draw 6.6 amp of current and product a cfm(cubic feet per meter) of 1730. For those who’ve heavy automobiles, such air flow seems to be more than perfect.

This universal radiator fan is compatible with most of the automobiles and can work both in the push and pull direction. Mounting the fan on the radiator is easy, as it comes with default hardware and mounting kits(mount brackets and tie strap kits).

Moreover, for you to find the best match with your car, there are 5 different sizes available such as- 7 inches, 0 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches. Also, you can choose from three different colors of black, red and blue.


  • 1730 CFM(Max 3000CFM).
  • Fan RPM(Rotation Per Minute) is 2250.
  • 12” in size. Also, 7”-16” are available.
  • 6 blades in the black/blue model, 10 in the red one.
  • 2.5” thick fit within car radiators.
  • Both push and pull air directions are enabled.
  • Contains tie strap kits and mounting brackets.


  • Mx RPM isn’t that much as it’s claimed.

DEMOTOR 16″ Heavy Duty Radiator Electric Fan

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Product Overview

In case you are a proud owner of a classic model like Cadillac or Ford, then you might face a hard time to pick up the right radiator fan for the car. Because the hot rods and engines of these cars demand a lot more than what other ordinary cars do.

Have a look at DEMOTOR 16″ Heavy Duty Radiator Electric Fan. It’s #4 on the list and a great fit for classic engines and hot rods like Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Ford, Mopar, etc.

This fan is a 10 blade 16 inches puller that has a tested CFM of 3000. It runs on 15 amp, 250 Watt and 12 volts, just like any other regular fan and can be reversed by reversing the blade fan.

We personally loved the high torque motor of this fan and surely, Demotion had put a great effort there. The ball bearings are sealed, so no chance of any malfunctioning.

Lastly, the noise level of the motor is also kept low, which makes them a silent companion of the engine system. We loved the whole set of features. What do you think?


  • 16 inches electric fan with 3 inches thickness.
  • High torque motor with balanced blades.
  • 8 blades with balanced weight distribution.
  • 3000 tested CFM only with 12V voltage.
  • A 4 point mounting bracket is provided.


  • No strap kits available with the box.
  • 3 inches of thickness seems to be a little wide.

Auto Dynasty 12 Inch Radiator Cooling Fan Kit

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Product Overview

Now at #5, we’ve got to present the best radiator fan that has straight fans instead of those S-shaped ones. The model is Auto Dynasty 12 Inch Radiator Cooling Fan and it’s from the brand Auto Dynasty.

The best side of Auto Dynasty 12 Inch Radiator Cooling Fan is it cools down not only the radiator of the car but also the A/C system, intercooler, transmission, and oil system. What you get through the 12″ fan.

The design is pretty slim and that allows to fit inside the little clearance of the cars. Resultantly, it brings more space for engine modification. This very feature is pretty much rare in most of the models.

The Auto Dynasty 12 Inch Radiator Cooling Fan fits most of the cars and vehicles. So, mounting tabs that come with the box will let you install it easily.

Apart from a little price rise, we loved everything else about his radiator fan. You can also choose from 6 options from 7 inches to 16 inches in diameter.

Hopefully, you’ll find this fan a right fit.


  • Racing design straight fans.
  • Cools downs not only the radiator but also nearby parts.
  • Slim and fit design to fit inside a narrow space.
  • Universal fits for most of the cars.
  • Brings on space for engine modification.
  • Comes with mounting tabs.
  • 6 different diameters available.


  • The price seems to be a little high.

Maxon Auto CorporationPush Pull Radiator Cooling Fan

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Product Overview

At this point of this best radiator cooling fan reviews for the car, we’ve got a smaller sized pick that is equally efficient. Presenting the Maxon Auto CorporationPush Pull Radiator Cooling Fan.

Within this 7 inches in diameter, there are 10 blades which are semi-curved. According to tot he size, the ampere draw is 7 amp. Also, the fan rpm is 2200 and the maximum CFM is 800. We really wonder how Max Auto Corporation had managed to put all these together in this tiny sized radiator fan.

However, if you are looking for car engine modification, you may need some more space inside. This tiny model is the right pick for the job.

In case you are looking for larger sizes, there are four more options available such as 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches. In case you are looking for some more colors, there is two more option of blue and red available to purchase.

To make it an easy-to-install one, there is a mounting kit provided with the box. So, you don’t need to call a mechanic for the job.


  • 10 semi-curved design for more air draw.
  • 7 amp draw with an output of 800 CFM.
  • 2200 RPM max per fan.
  • 5 different sizes available.
  • Three different colors are available.
  • Comes with a mounting kit.


  • Not the right fit for heavy vehicles.

A-Team Performance 180081 16″ Radiator Fan

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Product Overview

The last product we were talking about was semi-curved one, and the previous one of that was straight blades. But as the last pick of the list, we’ve got a fan that has completely S-sized blades.

The fan we’ve got now on the podium is called the A-Team Performance 180081 16″ Radiator Fan. Let’s have a look at what it has got inside-

A-Team Performance 180081 16″ Radiator Fan is a 16″ heavy duty fan that has 8 curved blades. These wide curved blades are able to create a great air flow around the radiator, which will be great to cool down its temperature.

The A-Team Performance 180081 16″ Radiator Fan comes with a thermostat kit, that will be an asset while mounting and demounting this kit with the car.

The maximum CFM of the fan is 3000, theoretically. The air direction is both front and backward. So, you can reverse the direction of airflow if you want.

The only drawback we’ve got about this fan is, it has no other size of colors to chose from. So, all you’ve got is this 7 inches fan.


  • 16” heavy duty radiator fan.
  • Ide curved 8 blades.
  • Comes with thermostat kits.
  • 3000 CFM reversible push or pull airflow.


  • No more sizes available apart from 16”.

How Does A Radiator Fan Work?

Radiators are likely to get warm right after the engine is started. To, a fan is required to be there that pulls out or push cool air through the radiator. Radiators are designed to allow coolant to shed heat in the mechanism of convection.

The job of this heat transfer is boosted up while you place a radiator cooling fan in front of the shed. Therefore, cooling fans play the role of increasing the airflow.

Best Radiator Fans for Cars: Buyer’s Guide

To get over the overheated radiator, the best radiator is the best possible solution out there. But purchasing the right fit for your car is a hard nut to crack. So, we’ve come up with a buyer’s guide for the best radiator fan. Go through the points below and hopefully, you’ll not invest in the wrong fan once again-Also Click the link, know more about head-gasket blown symptoms as well as solutions.

  • Fan Size
    The size of the fan is the first and foremost factor while anyone’s looking for a radiator fan for cooling. As we’ve reviewed the models of the market, we’ve found sizes starting from 6 inches to 16 inches. Based on the size of your radiator and car, the size is supposed to be chosen.
  • Blade Type and Number
    Blades of radiator fans are responsible for creating the airflow. So, choosing the number of blades and the types are important to analyze. Usually, the blade number lies within 6 to 10. And the types of blades are of three- Straight, Semi-curved and S-curved. Based on the case of your car, you should be picking up the right blade.
  • Installation and Mounting
    Most of the radiator fan models come with mounting kits in the box. With these kits, you can set up the fans all by yourself. But it’s always suggested to take a professional’s help.

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Bottom Line

Thanks for visiting the whole piece where we’ve reviewed the top 7 best car radiator fans and their features. Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you in picking up the right one. Very best of luck!

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