Top 5 Best Paint for Brake Calipers Reviews 2020

In the past, people fancied hiding the mechanical parts of their vehicles. As the days go by, the trend is changing, and we can now see the glimpses, spokes, and other components on the wheels. This exposes calipers to so much grime, moisture, road salt, and dirt, which make them dirty and rusty. The best paint for brake calipers will not only make your wheels to look better but also prevent them from discoloration and damages.

They change the appearance of your car and make it easy for you to clean the wheels. The type of paint you use will determine how well it will serve you. There are several brake clipper paints in the market, and it is, at times, tricky to know the best quality. In this guide, I will make your search easier by discussing the best brake caliper paints.

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Our Top 5 Brake Calipers Paint Reviews

01.G2 High-Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System Set RED G2160

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G2 High Temperature set brings an impressive balance between high performance and medium price. It is the most heat resistant caliper paint you will get in the market, making it ideal for individuals using performance brake pads. It is capable of withstanding 980 Fahrenheit temperatures.

G2 caliper paint is a brush-on paint that gives you control over your painting job. You are free to determine the level of thickness and the number of layers you want on the brake calipers. You will most probably get your desired color since it is available in 11 wear-resistant colors. They include yellow, mustang red fire, green, silver, red, lime green, pink, blue, purple, black, and white caliper paint.

The painting set comes with a prime and clear coat. The coat in the paint will provide your brakes with excellent chemical and physical protection. Before you apply paint on the brake caliper, ensure that you have scraped all grime and dirt from it. Using it on a clean surface makes it easy to paint and also guarantees good adherence of coating.

G2 High-Temperature kit contains 0.5 ounces of reactors and 3.5 ounces of paint. You should mix the paint and reactors in a ratio of 8:1. This mixture should be enough when used on regular brakes. You might, however, need more than a single kit if you want to paint bigger calipers and other parts like rotors.

On top of that, the kit comes with a brush, a brake cleaner and, of course, the paint. You can use the brake cleaner to remove brake fluid, oil, grease, and other contaminants. G2 High-Temperature paint is glossy, wear, and chemical resistant.

Highlighted Features

  • Withstand temperatures up to 980 degrees
  • Available in 11 different wear-resistant colors
  • Protects all types of damages
  • Easy to use the kit
  • The kit comes with a brush making it easy for application
  • It dries and cures quick
  • The curing gives the brake caliper a glossy sheen and makes it sleeker
  • Excellent in keeping away rust, grime, dirt, or external damages

02. VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint Can – 11 oz.

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This brand is one of the most versatile caliper paints in the market with high chemical resistance. VHT SP731 caliper paint is available in nine different colors. They include real orange, satin black, bright yellow, real red, gloss black, cast aluminum, gold, bright blue, and gloss clear. The paint can withstand high temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

VHT SP731 paint has a 52 +/-5 psi @ 21°C vapor pressure. It evaporates quite fast since it is heavier than air. Its upper flammable limit is 9.5% while the lower flammable limit is 0.9%. This spray paint is not only for calipers but can also be used to coat drum, rotor, brakes, and Rims.

Since this paint is in spray form, it is easy to apply and does not need any training or special tool to use. It is crucial to note that before you should clean the brake calipers with VHT SP731 caliper cleaner before you apply the paint. The caliper cleaner is purchased separately from the paint.

After removing all the grease, debris, oils, and other unwanted elements on the brake caliper apply two light coats, then a medium coat, and a final coat for you to get the best results. VHT SP731 caliper paint has a curing period of 30 minutes. This caliper paint provides remarkable wear and chemical resistance at a reasonable price. Ensure that you have followed the right application and curing process for you to enjoy the unique qualities of VHT SP731 caliper paint.

Highlighted Features
  • It withstands high temperatures of up to 900 degrees
  • Superior heat and heat resistance
  • The paint is designed for rotors, calipers, drum, and brakes
  • Has an easy application system
  • Available in 9 vibrant colors
  • Has a short curing period of 30 minutes

03.Rust-Oleum Automotive 251591 12-Ounces Caliper Paint Spray, Red

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Rust-Oleum is well known for making rust preventive coats and paints, and Rust-Oleum Automotive 251591 brake caliper spray paint is not different. This paint is designed to maintain its form irrespective of the temperature and other challenges. The paint can be used for calipers, drums, and rotors.

Rust-Oleum Automotive 251591 brake caliper is insoluble in both cold and hot water. It has an upper flammability limit of 18% and a lower flammability limit of 3%. This caliper paint is resistant to temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ensure that you have done enough prep before you apply the caliper paint. Use non-chlorinated brake cleaners to get rid of oil, grease, and other contaminants. Once you have cleaned the surface, you can decide on whether to use a primer or not. Apply two to four layers of the paint and give it enough time to dry.

Rust-Oleum Automotive 251591 brake caliper paint is available in red, blue, and black finishes. It is ideal for DIY enthusiasts since it is in spray form. These paints are highly glossy and very durable. The 12-ounce aerosol has enough amputation to use on four calipers.

You can also the Rust-Oleum 251592 Specialty Rust Preventive Caliper Spray Paint, 12 Oz Aerosol Can, 12-Ounce, Black. This paint is from the same manufacturer, and it works as well as Rust-Oleum Automotive 251591 paint spray. Both Rustoleum caliper paint also has several positive reviews from previous users.

Highlighted Features

  • It contains organic pigments
  • The high-temperature resistance and durable
  • It is available in red, black, and blue
  • Can be used to paint other brake parts like rotor and drum
  • It is in spray form for easy application
  • Brake dust and rust-resistant
  • Comfortable spray nozzle
  • Smooth finish and elegant design

04.Dupli-Color BCP100 Red Brake Caliper Aerosol – 12 oz.

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Dupli-Color BCP100 caliper spray paint has everything you need to get a sleek look from a dirty and rusty caliper. The kit comes with masking tape, caliper cleaner, an application brush, a paint stir stick, caliper paint, and an instruction sheet. This Dupli-Color paint is available in silver, matte black, blue, gloss black red, and black.

The colors of this paint are glossy, and they last for a long time. Dupli-Color BCP100 caliper paint has a vapor pressure of 760 mm Hg at 20°C and a 6.6 evaporation rate. Its lower flammable limit is 1%, while the higher flammable limit is 12.8%.  The paint protects the brake parts from chippings, chemicals, and dust.

Use Dupli-Color BCP100 caliper cleaner to get rid of any debris, dust, oil, or grease on the surface. Once you have prep the surface, apply the paint, and wait for 30 minutes for it to dry. The paint can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F.

The unique thing about Dupli-Color BCP100 caliper paint is the application method. You can get the aerosol can or the caliper paint kit based on your preference.  It has an EZ touch nozzle, which enables easy application. It also helps you to reach difficult angles when painting.

Dupli-Color also has another popular paint known as Dupli-Color EBCP40200 Black Caliper Paint. The two Dupli-Color caliper paints have the same features, and they will serve you with the same purpose. The curing time is also the same.  It offers the same colors and has a 500°F temperature resistance.

Highlighted Features

  • Have ceramic resins which resist heat up to 500°F
  • Has a fast-drying, gloss, and durable finish
  • Can be used on brake drums, rotors, and calipers
  • The paint kit comes with all the necessary accessories
  • A single coat has a curing time of 30 minutes
  • The EZ nozzle helps to reach difficult angles
  • It is resistant to chemicals, rust, and dust

05.POR-15 42806 Red Caliper Paint – 8 fl. oz.

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POR-15 42806 caliper paint has the highest performance in the POR brand. It has been made with high heat application, which makes it quite beneficial for the braking conditions. The brand offers yellow, black, blue, red, and silver brake caliper paint.

Unlike other caliper paintings, POR-15 42806 is not made with highly flammable solvents. Highly flammable solvents leave residues on the brake calipers making it difficult to get a good glossy coat.

Just like other brake paints, prepping the surface before you paint is crucial. You can use the POR brake cleaner for preps. Once you apply the first coat, stay for at least four hours for you to apply the second coat. This paint has a heat resistance of up to 500°F.

This brake paint is quite dense. It leaves an attractive glossy and ceramic-like finish to satisfy even the most demanding vehicle enthusiast. POR-15 42806 brake caliper paint will safeguard your brakes against road salts, dust, and chemicals. You can apply extra coatings for more durability.

POR also has another brand of paint called POR-15 42806 Red Caliper Paint – 8 fl. oz.. The paint also has a heat resistance of up to 500°F. If you do not get POR-15 42806, then you can consider this caliper paint from the same manufacturer. The two have the same features, and they will give the same finish.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a 500°F heat resistance
  • It is a self-leveling and smooth paint
  • The paint prevents oxidation since it works like a sealant
  • The paint is available in 5 colors
  • A canister of 8 ounces can cover four calipers
  • Long-lasting and excellent coverage

Brake Caliper Paint Colors

Different brands offer different colors of brake caliper paints. However, the most common colors for brake calipers are yellow and red. Some car owners love the bright color, and for sure, they are available in different brands. G2 brake caliper paint is available in more than nine colors. This gives the buyer a wide variety to choose their desired color. The manufacturers ensure that they label the color of the paint on its box.

Some have color boxes, and they make sure to tick the color of the caliper paint in the box. Some brands, however, do not offer a lot of options. Appearance is quite an essential thing for brake calipers. Some car enthusiasts may find going for the color they desire without looking at the quality.

As much as you want a particular color for your brake calipers, ensure that you buy quality from a reputable manufacturer. The caliper paints we have discussed above will offer you good quality and a variety of colors.

Irrespective of the color you choose for your brake calipers, you can add some popular logos such as AMG, Brembo, or the logo of your car’s manufacturer. This helps the brake calipers to replicate or retain a legitimate manufacturer’s look. If you have put in effort and creativity to customize your vehicle, do not overlook the final detail, which will make your wheels stand out. Ensure that you have done the painting professionally to complement and flaunt your style.

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Benefits of Painting Brake Calipers

#Enhances the Look of Your Wheels

The size of the custom wheels is growing very fast. Everyone wants to have their wheels to have a stylish, modern, and sleek look. You may think that rotors and brake calipers were made for functions and not to be seen, but you are wrong. How would you feel if the ugly brake parts of your car start showing? Every part of your car should be outstanding. Painting your rotors and brake calipers will accentuate your style.

The brake caliper paints are available in different colors, and you will most probably find your preference. Some brands offer up to 11 colors, including the most common colors like orange, red, green, blue, yellow, and red. Most people, however, prefer to use the black or red brake caliper paint colors.

#It Removes Any Corrosion from Your Calipers

On top of upgrading the style of your ride, painting your brake calipers has more benefits. As the calipers age, they accumulate road dirt and brake dust, which is difficult to clean. Before you start the painting process, you will be required to clean off uneven surfaces, rust deposits, and any existing grime on the brake calipers. This ensures that the brake parts are clean and in good condition before painting.

#Brake Calipers Becomes Easy To Clean

When the brake calipers grow old, they become quite difficult to clean. It will take you a lot of time to wash them, and due to rust, they will not have a good look even after putting so much effort into it. Painting your brake calipers makes the cleaning process easy for you. They have a glossy and smooth finish, and thus you will not spend much time cleaning.

#Prevents Brake Calipers from Rust

The best thing about painting your brake system is that it will prevent it from rust and dirt. Brake caliper paints act as a protective coating for the brake calipers. It prevents them from future rusting, dirt, and dust, which can cause damage to the brake system. Painting the brake calipers will, therefore, make them last longer. Ensure that you use high-quality brake paints that are heat resistant and they do not crack or fade

#Gives the ‘Look’ Of a Brake Upgrade

If your brake calipers look old and ugly, then there is no need to replace them with new ones. Brake caliper paints will give you a fresh look just like you have upgraded the calipers. Get paint from a reputable manufacturer for some alluring and classy touch of color. The best paints for brake calipers will give you a glossy finish giving you calipers a robust and more refined look.

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Buying Guide for Brake Caliper Paint

When you go to the market to buy caliper paint, you must choose the right product to meet your needs. The best caliper paint should be durable, heat resistant, and also give you the exact color you are looking for. On top of this, there are other things to put into consideration. The following guide will explain some of the things you need to know about brake caliper paints. This information will help you to make the right decision during the buying process.

##Type of Caliper

Different cars are made with different caliper types. Brake calipers can either be floating or fixed. Fixed brake calipers do not move. They are designed with four or two pistons placed in opposite directions. The pistons use their pads and apply force on each other against the rotor when you apply hydraulic pressure. Floating calipers, on the other hand, are mounted on slides and bushing, which allows the calipers to move on the side when you press and release the brakes.

Knowing the type of your caliper will help you to select a caliper paint kit that will be easy to use. It is much easier to remove the floating brake calipers compared to the fixed ones — the decision on whether to remove the brake calipers or not will depend on its type.

You can still paint when the calipers are in position, but you have to mask the surrounding area.  This method is easy, but there is still a probability that paint will still spread. Removing the calipers will need some effort and time, but it will prevent you from painting other components in the surrounding. It will also allow you to clean all the grime and dirt thoroughly before painting. 

##Heat Resistant

It is usual for brakes to become hot during their daily operations. The brake calipers will most likely experience temperatures that go beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures on the brake system even behold that which is in the car’s engine. For this reason, any old paint will burn off quickly, and you will be left with a metallic color on the caliper.

It is vital for you to get a caliper paint that will withstand the high temperatures in the brake system. Brake caliper paints that will withstand high temperatures offer you more benefits. They will also last longer, and you will not have to keep on painting your brake calipers.

There are different types of heat resistant paints. Some of the paints are fire retarders, while others are heat resistant. The fire retarders tend to expand when high temperature is allied on them, thus providing an insulating barrier. It is important to get an attractive brake paint color, but it should not be at the expense of durability.

##Application Method

There are two commonly used methods to paint brake calipers. You may decide to paint by either spraying or brushing.  Brushing gives the user more control when applying the coats. This method makes the application of additional layers simple. The coats are also thicker than those applying with the spraying method.  The downside of brushing is that it can leave streaks or bristles when you use a low-quality brush.

Spraying makes your painting job much easier. You can use the painter’s tape to mask the surrounding area when spraying. The spray also makes a smoother and more even top paint layer. It is, however, not ideal to use on a windy day. Another con of spray paint is that they can get to other areas when spraying.

##Caliper Cover vs. Paint

There are two options you can consider when planning to customize your rear and front brake calipers. You can either paint the calipers or use brake caliper covers. The caliper cover slips right to the top of your brake caliper. Caliper covers are of different colors and designs, and you can customize them easily.

Brake covers are cheap, but unlike paint, they will not give you a factory look. Brake caliper paint is what we have been discussing in this review. Brake paints provide you a protective coat work well against rust and chemicals. Best brake caliper paints are durable and are resistant against cracking and chipping.

##Safety Standards

Brake is a vital part of your vehicle, and thus you should never compromise it in any way. That is why you need to check the safety standard of caliper paint before purchase.  Some paints might be made with harmful ingredients, which may damage your brake pads. Other paints can peel when exposed to the high temperature on the braking system, making them muddle with the braking system. Make sure that you buy brake caliper paints that meet all safety standards.

##Chemical Resistance

Another thing that can cause problems to your brake system is grease, oil, moisture, dirt, and road salt. These factors can cause brake calipers to rust and slowly deteriorate the paint. It is recommended that you choose a brake caliper paint that is resistant to chemicals, oil, and water.

Consider the density of the brake caliper paint before you buy it. This will highly determine its ability to protect the brake calipers from chemicals. Paints based on polymers are known not to crack and peel easily. Paints with high chemical resistance are also quite durable.

Best Paint for Brake Calipers 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Is The Best Paint For Calipers?

Ans: The best paint for brake calipers is the one that offers you high chemical and temperature resistance and one that will last for a long time. From our review, we can confidently say that G2 brake caliper paint is the best paint you can use on your calipers.

Question: Should You Paint Brake Calipers?

Ans: Painting brake calipers is a trend that has been embraced by many individuals in the automotive industry. Caliper paints are beneficial to your brake system. They are not only for aesthetic purposes but also prevent the brake calipers from rusting.  It is, therefore, recommendable for you to paint your brake calipers.

Question: How Much Does Paint Calipers Cost?

Ans: Painting the calipers by yourself may cost you less than $100. Outsourcing a professional to do the brake caliper paint for you will cost you between $200 and $400. DIY is a much cheaper option for people on a tight budget. Some of the easiest to use and high-quality caliper paints cost as low as $60.

Question: How Long Does It Take To Paint Calipers?

Ans: The amount of time you use to paint your brake calipers will be determined by the type of paint you use. Some paints require more time to cure than others. You can take 30 to one hour to paint the calipers depending on their size. Some paints will take as little as 30 minutes to cure, while others will take up to 4 hours. You can reinstall the wheels after 5 to six hours after painting. For long-lasting effects, wait for around 24 hours before you resume using the car.

Question: Can You Paint Your Rotors?

Ans: Yes. You can use the brake caliper paint on rotors. It will prevent the rotors from chemicals and rusting. However, you are advised not to paint on friction areas since you will be wasting your paints. You can also use engine paints to paint rotors.

How to Paint Brake Calipers Fast and Easy YouTube Video


Customizing your vehicle is a great way to make it stand out from the many similar models on the road. One of the ways to customize your car is by painting the brake calipers. The two main reasons you should consider painting your brake calipers are for rust prevention and cosmetics. Irrespective of the reason of your painting, it is crucial to select the best caliper paint 2019.

The calipers we have discussed above are of high quality, and they will not deteriorate the performance of your brake system. Their features differ slightly. Some are used by spraying while others paint by brushing. The price difference is also not huge. Consider durability, heat and chemical resistance, price, color, as well as the type of you calipers before settling to a decision of the paint to buy.

Painting your brake calipers is easy as long as you follow the required process. Make sure that you prep the caliper surface before you apply the paint. This improves the bond between the surface and the paint. Also, take time to prepare the paint for it will affect the result significantly.

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