Top 10 Best Lug Nuts in the Market – 2023 [Reviews]

Lug nuts are used as fasteners of the wheel. They are used for securing the tires and wheels of a vehicle and also keeping them intact to ensure safe traveling. Lug nuts are used on trucks, automobiles, and other vehicles that use rubber tires. The nuts are small in size but they play a big role in a vehicle. Their purpose is to keep the wheels of the car cantered and attached to the hub. It is, therefore, crucial to get the best lug nuts made from robust materials and which properly fits on the studs of the wheels.

Low-quality lug nuts may not tighten and thus they may loosen during the drive, thus endangering people in the vehicle. To avoid lug nuts from breaking and vehicle wheels from wobbling, there are important things you should have in mind when buying a lug nut. You need to understand the purpose of wheels nuts, how to fix them, and how to check them so that you can be able to maintain the safety of your vehicle. Below is a guide on how to buy the best lug nut in the market. We shall also make your search simpler by giving you a list of the best lug nuts you can use and their highlighted features.

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The Best Lug Nuts Reviews

01. DPAccessories D3116-HT-2305/20 Lug Nuts

The best thing about DPAccessories is that they can combine cost-effectiveness, convenience, and security in their products. This is not any different from their D3116-HT-2305/20 Lug Nuts. These lug nuts are closed end bulge acorn style lug nuts with a conical seat of 60°. Each of them measures 1.4 inch long.

They use a 19mm standard socket to loosen or fasten; thus, you do not need any key. The lugs are reliably strong, resistant from corrosion, and outstanding beauty due to the triple planting layers of copper, nickel, and chrome. They are also made with heat-treated and cold-forged steel which gives them solid durability.

You can buy lug nuts from DPAccessories as a single unit or as a set of 100, 24, 20, or 6. This company crafts all their nuts with precision machined threads to make sure that they fit perfectly in the wheel studs of the vehicle. Their lug nuts provide an aesthetically attractive design and are available in chrome and black finish. If your car wheels and alloys are dark, you can use the chrome finish which will make them stand out, and the vice versa is true. Ensure that you know the thread size of your car so that you can purchase the correct lug nut.

Highlighted Features

  • 4’’ long
  • 19mm hex
  • Closed edge acorn style lug nuts
  • 60° conical seat
  • Made with steel which is cold-forged and heat-treated
  • Triple chrome plating with nickel, copper, and chrome

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02. Gorilla Automotive 21133BC Acorn Lug Kit

Gorilla is highly popular due to its high quality and affordable price. Gorilla lug nuts are a good fit for all types of cars even if you do not have an aftermarket wheel. They keep the wheels in place and secure. Unlike other lug nuts that only require a standard socket size to loosen, you need another key to loosen the lug nuts by Gorilla Company.

These nuts are unique, and they have an external security pattern making it impossible to remove unless you have a matching key. The lug nuts offer maximum security, and you get excellent value for your money.

Gorilla lug nuts are made with hardened steel. They also have chrome plating, which makes them last longer. The lug nuts are available in different thread sizes, and you can, therefore, get a nut for any car. They are also easy to install, and they perform their tasks well. The lug nuts are of high quality, but you need to be careful during the installation process. Make sure that you use the specified torque when installing the nuts in the wheels.

Highlighted Features

  • It is 1.36’’ long
  • You can get it in 12 x 1.5 and 12 x 1.25 thread sizes
  • Includes a 13/16 and ¾ hex key
  • Have a 60° conical seat
  • Constructed with hardened steel
  • Three chrome-plated finish
  • Precision tooled
  • It has a stylish blackish finish

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03. TOYOTA Genuine Accessories Wheel Lock

TOYOTA Genuine Accessories makes amazing wheel locks ideal for people driving Lexus and Toyota cars. Their high-quality wheel nuts are equipped with several features that we find in premium products in the market. The nuts provide dependable protection against tire and wheel theft on top of keeping them in place. TOYOTA Wheel Locks have triple-nickel plating with an overlay of chrome, thus providing exceptional protection against corrosion. The wheel lock is crafted with a high end hardened steel which has been precision machined.

These wheel nuts have been made designed to replace other Toyota parts. They have been balanced to the similar weight of stock lug nuts. Therefore, when you use them on Lexus or Toyota car, you do not have to worry about rebalancing the wheel. If your car is not from Toyota, it is advisable to buy from the other options. These wheel nuts are well built and designed for the Toyota brand. The package comes along with a collar guide and a special key tool enabling the simple installation of the tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Precision Engineered
  • They are weight balanced
  • Comes in a pack of 4
  • Toyota branded

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04. Orion Motor Tech Lug Nuts

These are other great nuts from Orion Motor Tech Company. These awesome nuts are compatible with wheel studs of vehicles that need 14 x1.5 threads and cars whose wheels take a cone or conical seat. The lug nuts are closed-ended, and they have a cone seat style of 60 degrees. They are forged with three black platings with important layers of chrome, nickel, and copper. These features make the nuts resistant from rust and corrosion.

The layers of chrome, nickel, and copper also provide them with exceptional beauty and strength to hold the car into place. The steel which makes the Orion Motor Tech Lug Nuts is cold-forged and heat-treated for durability and ultra-strength. It also helps to keep the look of the lug nut for a long time since the paints do not fall off easily. The best part is that Orion Motor Tech Lug Nuts are sold with a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Highlighted Features

  • Triple plating with layers of nickel, chrome, and copper
  • Made with cold-forged and heat-treated steel
  • Durable and dependably strong
  • Guarantee of full money refund
  • Ideal for wheels which use a cone or conical seat lug nuts
  • Compatible with cars whose wheel studs require 14 x 1.5

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05. YITAMOTOR Lug Nuts

There are a variety of YITAMOTOR lug nuts obtainable from the online platform at a reasonable price. The lug nuts are designed with a closed-end bulge style. YITAMOTOR lug nuts are found in red, chrome, and black. You can find them in 1.38 length and 1.46 inch for those who need longer nuts. The longer lug nuts are only available in a chrome finish.

YITAMOTOR lug nuts have a conical seat of 60°. To loosen or fasten the nuts, you will need to use a socket of 19mm. The nuts have been made with triple black plating and coated with chrome, nickel, and copper for remarkable strength and durability. This also provides an extraordinary beauty and prevents the paint from falling off easily.  This also makes the nuts resistant from corrosion. The company manufactures them with heat-treated and cold-forged steel for firm durability.

The best thing about YITAMOTOR lug nuts is that they come with a 24-month warranty and money-back guarantee of 45 days. This assures you of their outstanding quality. Ensure that you know the thread size needed in your car wheels so that you can choose the perfect lug nuts. It is crucial to note that you should tighten the lug nuts manually and avoid using electrical tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Three black platings with chrome, nickel, and copper
  • Made with a closed-end bulge acorn style
  • Resistant from corrosion
  • 19mm hex
  • 60°conical seat
  • 46 or 1.38 long
  • Available in red, black and chrome
  • It has a 24-month warranty and 45-day money guarantee
  • Manufactured with heat-treated and cold-forged steel

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06. Dynofit Wheel Lug Nuts

Dynofit wheel lug nuts are mainly used for car wheels with a thread pitch of 14 x 1.5. The nuts also have a tapered or conical seat of 60 degrees. The lug nuts cannot fit and should not be used on vehicle manufactured wheels or OEM wheels which have a round seat or ball seat. They are manufactured with heat-treated and cold-forged SCM 435 steel which ensures that they are durable and perfectly strong. The main advantage of using these closed-ended lug nuts is because they are anti-stripped and anti-rusting.

These lug nuts from Dynofit Wheel go through a high-quality process to produce a durable surface and clean and clear pitches thread. The lug nuts come along with a 7/8 Hex and one 13/16 socket keys. The nuts also come with a two-year warranty. You are assured of the quality, and you can return it if you encounter any problem within two years.

Highlighted Features

  • It is anti-stripped and anti-rusting
  • It has a closed-end
  • Ideal for wheels with 14 x 1.5 thread pitch
  • Comes with a 22mm hex and one 21mm socket key
  • Have a clean and clear pitched thread
  • Have a conical or cone seat of 60 degrees

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07. Circuit Performance Spline Drive Tuner Acorn Lug Nuts

The Circuit Performance lug nuts are the ideal way to finish the installation of your new wheel. You can get then in either a set of 24 or 20. Each of these sets comes along with a spine tool that you will need when installing or removing the lug nuts. Each of the lug nuts has a tuner style seating of 60°. The lug nuts are made of steel which gives them great durability. They are also made with an ultra-thin design which makes them perfect for aftermarket steel or aluminum wheels. The wheel nuts have a length measurement of 1.38.

Circuit Performance Spline Drive Tuner Acorn Lug Nuts provide an extra layer of protection to the wheels and tires since one has to have a spine tool when removing the lug nuts. The spine tool is made with heat-treated steel for additional strength. It has a thin-walled key adapter tool that protects the surface of the wheels from scratches during installation.

Highlighted Features

  • Lug nuts are constructed with steel for maximum durability
  • Ultra thing design perfect for aftermarket wheels
  • Lightweight design
  • Provides extra security for a key is required for removal
  • 38” long
  • Tuner seating style of 60°
  • Spline lugs made with a closed-end design
  • Comes along with a spine tool
  • The spine tool is heat-treated for additional strength

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08. Upgr8 S-Series Lug Nuts

Upgr8 S-Series lug nuts are well known for their high quality. These nuts weigh 36 grams and measures 35mm per nut. The lug nuts are made with heat-treated steel which increases their durability, quality, and strength. They are also powder-coated, thus protecting them from damages that may be caused by the external environment such as corrosion and rusting. 

Upgr8 S-Series manufacture their lug nuts with the latest technology, and they are among the best in the market when it comes to performance. They are easy to fix since they fit perfectly into the seat when installing. They are also made in a unique way which prevents causing scratches on the wheels during the installation process.

Upgr8 S-Series lug nuts are made in a close-ended design and are available in many colors. You can get them in gunmetal, chrome, and gold, blue, black, and neo-chrome. The kit comes along with its own socket which helps you to fix the lug nuts. They come with a warranty of one year. The best way to install a lug nut is to start tightening with your hands to avoid scratches.

Highlighted Features

  • Precise fitment for perfect installation result
  • Made with heat-treated steel for durability and strength
  • 35mm length and 36g weight
  • Made in a unique design which prevents wheels from scratches
  • Available in several colors
  • Simple to install
  • The kit comes with a socket

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09. Muteki 32906B SR Series

Muteki SR Series lug nuts are well known for their robustness and versatility. They have a length of 12mm and a weight of fewer than 2 pounds. It is, therefore, ideal for anyone looking for a lightweight lug nut for their vehicle. These lug nuts from Muteki are constructed with black vanadium chrome which gives it a great finish.

On top of that, the finish prevents the nut from any deterioration which arises as a result of cruel weather conditions. They are designed in an innovative manner so as to make it easy to fix them and also prevent them from scratching the wheel during the installation process.

Muteki SR48 lug nut comes in a package of one tool adapter and 20 nuts. Muteki SR Series Company makes their lug nuts with 50v30 steel which makes it tough body. The steel is also environmental friendly since it is free from chemicals. It has a precisely 60 degrees seat which has less contact with the car wheel.

They have a 48mm prolonged open-end length. These lug nuts can easily be removed with a socket of seventeen millimeters. The black varnish is known to last for long without falling off and also gives your car a beautiful look.  The high-quality lug nuts come with a guarantee of one year.

Highlighted Features

  • Have a weight of below 2 ounces
  • Can be removed with a socket of 17mm
  • The extended open-ended design of 48mm
  • Have a 60 degrees seat
  • Made with environmental friendly 50Bv30 steel
  • The package comes with a tool adaptor
  • One year guarantee
  • Robust and versatile

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10. White Knight 1707SBK-20AM Lug Nut

White Knight has been in the market for a while now, and it has established a solid reputation for offering high-quality automotive aftermarket products at a competitive price. When looking for an aftermarket chrome lug nut, White Knight Accessories gives you the best solution. They have been made to increase the luster of your wheels and offer maximum strength and durability.

The outer surface is made with black chrome instead of painting, thus making it resistant from chipping and scratching. The chrome finish also makes the lug nuts more durable.  It is cold-forged and heat-treated steel construction makes White Knight lug nuts reliably strong. All lug nuts from White Knight are taken through a 72-hour in-house salt spray trial, thus stimulating its rusting and corrosion resistance in a period of three years.

Highlighted Features

  • Have a thread size of 12mm x1.50
  • Lug Nuts are only for aftermarket wheels
  • Have a Hex size of ¾
  • Has a height of 1.40 inch
  • They have a 20 bulge acorn conical seat

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What Are Lug Nuts?

Lug nuts are fasteners where one end called the seat is tapered or rounded. The shapes may vary from one lug nut to another. So, what do lug nuts do? A lug nut is used to fasten the hub of a vehicle to threaded wheel studs on the axle of the vehicle. Its purpose is to center the wheel properly on the axle and hold it in place. The lug is placed onto the stud of the wheel with the seat of the lug touching the hub. A conical lug nut mainly has a seat of 60 degrees. However, some have a 45 degrees seat designed for wheels in racing cars.

Most lug nuts are designed with chrome-plated steel which prevents them from corrosion. There are also anodized aluminum and titanium lug nuts for people who want parts with lightweight, especially for fast racing cars. The model and the size of the lug nut you will use depend on the model of your car and the axle it uses. The right seat of the lug nut depends on the wheel.

Wheel lug nuts are of different shapes. Forged rims and aftermarket alloys mainly require a specific type of lug nuts that match their mounting holes. You might be required to change the lug nuts after changing the rims of your car. Some of the most common types of lug nuts include spline drive, under hub cap, bulge cone seat, and cone seat nuts.

Best Lug Nuts

How to Loosen Lug Nuts

Since lug nuts are used to hold and secure wheels the vehicle, they will be removed at one time or another when you want to access the brakes, change the wheels or tires, or do other repairs to the vehicle. Below are the steps to follow when removing a lug nut:

Park the Vehicle on a Flat Surface

The first thing to do when removing lug nuts is to ensure that you have set the parking brake and it is parked on a level surface. Always start loosening the lug nuts when the car is on the ground. The resistance created by your wheels on the ground will help you greatly to loosen the lug nuts. The tires will not spin when on the ground, and thus it will be easy for you. Do not lift the car with a car jack before you loosen the lug nuts.

Remove the Hubcap

Some vehicles will require you to remove the hubcap for you to locate the lug nuts. Hubcaps are either attached using plastic lugs, metal clips, or held by one of the lug nuts. If the handicaps are attached with metal clips, remove them with a flathead screwdriver or a flat end of the tire iron. If they are held with plastic lugs, remove the lugs with a lug wrench. In case the hubcap is held using the lug nuts, then you need to remove the lug nuts first.

Examine the Lug Nuts

Check the status of the lug nuts before you remove them. This point is very important when it comes to how to remove rusted nuts. If you notice that the lug nuts have rust, start by removing as much rust as you can since it can make the process difficult. Remove the rust starting from the root to the end. This will prevent the lug nut from galling and seizing as it turns.

Remove the Lug Nut with a Wrench

Use a lug wrench that fits the lug nuts perfectly. The lug wrenches can either be crossed bars or a single bar. A crossed bar wrench gives the user an extra strength. If the lug nut does not have lust and it was fitted perfectly, it should not take you long to remove them. Once you have secured the nut, rotate the wrench in a counterclockwise direction till you feel it is loose enough to remove with your fingers.

Continue to Loosen the Bolts

Loosen one lug nut after another in a star pattern. This pattern will help you to keep the wheel centered, especially when installing the wheel. It is, however, important to train yourself to use the pattern every time you are dealing with lug nuts. Once the lug nuts are all loose, jack up the car with a jack or jack stands and remove the lug nuts with your hands.

Now that is a simple way of removing lug nuts. But how do you remove overtightened lug nuts? If the lug nuts are over tightened, it means that you need to use extra strength. You can place the lug wrench in a parallel position from the ground and press them down using your foot. You can also use a hammer or a mallet and pound on the handle of the lug wrench. If things become impossible, consider using penetrating oil such as WD40. This will make it easier for one to loosen the lug nuts. You can also use an impact wrench to loosen tight lug nuts. However, you can damage the nuts when you use the wrong type or size of an impact wrench.

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How to Tighten Lug Nuts

It is crucial to have your lug nuts checked every time you take your car for maintenance. Having worn out or loose lug nuts on your car may be risky. Auto mechanics are trained and able to replace damaged and worn out lug nuts. If the lug nut is loose, it means that the wheel is not held properly and it needs to be tightened. It is therefore important to have the right information on how to tighten them, the tools to use, and how tight the lug nuts should be. Avoid over-tightening the lug nuts to a point where they cannot be removed again.

The materials you need when installing tug nuts are a torque wrench, socket wrench set, lug wrench, jack and jack stands, and a workshop manual. Some of the mechanics opt to use an impact wrench which is a power tool almost similar to a wrench. The impact wrench enables you to install the lug nuts faster and with minimal effort. However, if you are not experienced to use this type of wrench, you might overdo it thus causing damage to the wheel studs or lug nuts. Before you start putting the wheel, the vehicle should be raised with a jack or jack stands.

Place the lug nut with the hands and later tighten it with a socket wrench. Just make it tight enough to fit the wheel snugly. It is advisable to work in a crisscross pattern whereby you tighten nuts that are directly opposite from the lug nut you just tightened. A crisscross or star pattern is ideal for making sure that the stress is distributed evenly. When you set the wrench properly, you do not need to use a lubricant to tighten the lug nuts. Once you are done installing the lug nuts lower the vehicle off the jack stands.

The next thing is to torque the lug nuts as per the specifications of the wheels. Applying the right torque is crucial to install the lug nuts without causing any damages properly. A well-calibrated wrench will enable you to tighten every nut until it clicks. Torque wrenches can be adjusted to a fixed tightness which is measured by a foot per pound. Read the manual and the instructions which come with the wheel to know the correct torque to use. Most of the modern cars give a toque of around 60 to 120 ft. /lbs. most impact wrenches give a torque beyond the specifications of the vehicle.

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Things to Consider Before You Buying Lug Nuts

There are lots of lug nuts in the market, and they may confuse you in the buying process. Remember that the lug nuts hold the wheel of your car and thus having a poor quality may bring risk to the people riding in the vehicle. These are the things you need to consider to make sure that you get the best lug nuts:

High-Quality Finish

Lug nuts will have a tough old life, and thus their finish needs to be high quality. When in the wheel it will get into contact with wait water and even snow. The best lug nut should be coated with chrome or powder finish to prevent them from corrosion.


It is crucial to ensure that the lug nuts are constructed of sturdy and ultra-strong materials. This will help them to hold the wheels well into place and also prevent thieves from stealing the wheels. Consider lug nuts that are made from high-quality steel.


It is also very important to get a lug nut whose size will fit the wheels well. For them to hold the wheels, they should be able to fit the studs properly. The size is not only the width but also the length. Proper dimensions of a lug nut ensure both safety and good appearance. If it is a mag style, lug nut also remembers to determine its shank depth and shank diameter. Consult the wheel manual to know the size of the lug nuts your vehicle requires. If you do not have a wheel manual, you can get a size that is exactly the same with the wheel nut on your vehicle.


There are people who are concerned with the aesthetics of their vehicles. Therefore, lug nuts are made with different colors to fit the requirements of these individuals. Having a bright colored lug nut on your dark-colored wheel gives it an outstanding look. Most of the lug nuts manufacturers have their lug nuts in red, blue, silver, yellow, chrome, and black. If your tires and wheels are chrome in color, then a black lug nut will complement the look. However, with black wheels, you can either use red or chrome to give it a conspicuous look.

Seat type

The seat type is the area that has contact with the wheel surface when you install a lug nut. The most popular seat types are mag seat, tapered/acorn seat or ball seat. In a mag seat, its seating surface is flat, and the seating washer is separate. A ball seat is mainly used for Acura and Honda models. Check the type of seat that will fit well to your vehicle before the purchase.


Price is always a factor to consider when buying a lug nut. It is always crucial to look for a lug nut that fits your budget. There are some lug nuts with attractive prices and still, are of high quality. However, you need to be careful so that you cannot buy cheap lug nuts at the expense of quality.

How to Replace Lug Nut (YouTube)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Best Locking Lug Nuts?

The best locking lug nuts are made with an ultra-strong and robust construction. The work of a lockable lug nut is to keep the wheel into place and also to protect it against theft. The best lug nuts are made from professional grade steel which would withstand any abuse posed by an aspiring thief. Since lug nuts are subjected to harsh conditions every day, they should have a high quality finish to withstand all that. The best lug nuts have been coated with a powder or chrome finish for extreme rust resistance. 

Is It Okay to Put WD40 On Lug Nuts?

It is advisable not to lubricate lug nuts, but if you have to, then WD40 is the ideal mediocre lube. It contains properties that prevent the lug nuts from getting rusty. You can also use WD40 when loosening the lug nuts. At times, you will find that the lugs are too tight to remove, especially immediately after exposing them. Spraying WD40 will make it simpler for you to remove the lug nuts. Spray the WD40 properly on each lug nut and wait for a few minutes. After some time, take a lug wrench and loosen the nuts.

Do Lug Nuts Go Bad?

Wheels and tires are attached to the vehicle using lug nuts. At times the wheels nuts mar become damages, and this may cause inconvenience and create danger. Various things may cause a lug nut to get damaged. One is the improper installation of the lug nut to the stud.

The lug nut should be hand threaded to at lead four rotations for it to attach properly on the thread. The other thing that would make the lug nut to become band is cross-threading it onto the stud. It can also get damaged when the wheel stud hits against potholes, curbs, and other objects.

When lug nuts are exposed to sodium chloride to saltwater, it may cause them to rust. Over tightening the lug nuts can also make them break. Immediately you discover some signs of damage on your lug nuts make sure you replace it immediately. 

What Metal Are Lug Nuts Made Off?

Lug nuts are either made of aluminum, titanium, or steel.  All the OEM automotive lugs are made of rust-resistant stainless steel. They are made of chrome-plated steel. This is chromium grafting resistant from corrosion. This lug nut needs to be replaced after every ten tire changes. There are also lug nuts made from anodized aluminum and titanium. These lug nuts are ideal for those people who want lighter- weight parts mainly used for racing cars.

What Are The Best Wheel Locks On The Market?

Wheel lock’s purpose is to protect the wheels and tires of a vehicle from been stolen. Therefore the best wheel lock is one that will not only be able to withstand the weather conditions but also one that can secure the wheels. The bet wheel lock you will get in the market is McGard Chrome Cone Seat wheel cocks. They have been forged with a combination of ultra-strong steel, key pattern, and computer-generated lock. The other well-known great wheel lock for its high-quality security is Gorilla automotive wheel locks. This wheel lock is constructed with high-quality steel and high-end plating with a triple nickel and a chrome finish.


Most of the trucks, vans, and cars made these days are fitted with expensive alloy wheels. To hold the wheels in place, you will need to have the best lug nut. Unlike wheel clamps, lug nuts will not need you to install and remove them every time you drive your car. The best lug nuts will help you to keep your wheels secure and in place when riding. You, of course, know the danger which can be posed by having the wheel of your car come out during the drive. The lug nuts discussed above are among the best you will get in the market. They all have their unique features. Go through the features and the guide of buying the best lug nut before you decide the lug nut to purchase.


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