6 Best Exhaust System For Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi – 2021

What is great with the best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 hemi is that you can upgrade the mechanism if and when you deem it fit to. Therefore, you should opt for reputed brands like Flowmaster and Magnaflow that come with the best exhaust system. All their models feature easy installation design with minimal tools support.

We, a fine team of veteran mechanics and automobile engineers, have left no stone unturned to come out with the best products for you. And the final list is constituted of the six industry-grade exhaust systems and ram 1500 direct-fit mufflers, They answer to any issue put up by the customers.

Our buying guide will educate you to single out the right system matching your requirements.

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Product Review of Exhaust System For Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

 01.Flowmaster 817568 Exhaust System

Best Exhaust System For Dodge Ram 1500 Hem

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This Flowmaster exhaust system comes equipped with every single part, designed to replace the default, and above all featured with easy fit hardware. The manufacturer has been able to come out with an end result that will provide you with all the benefits and answer all issues.

With Flowmaster put in place of your original exhaust system, you can rest assured of the max performance, superior throttle response, sufficient power, and mileage, and extended life. And all these will come in exchange for an affordable price without breaking your bank.

Several features deserve a brief covering if not in-depth detail.

The premium quality construction is just in line with the stainless steel materials that contribute to extending the exhaust system life and improved service so long it is active. To ably complement these, comes the 3-inch diameter exhaust tube to go superb with heavy-duty use and bear with unwanted abuse.  And the exclusive Dyno tuning has made the placement superbly functional with the dodge ram 1500 engine.

Excellent Features:

  • Stainless steel materials for extended exhaust life
  • Replacement made barely noticeable for Factory Hangers & Connections
  • Max Performance ensured by Dyno Tuning and Mandrel-tubing
  • Improved interior function and exterior output
  • Easy and cost-free installation backed by everything at your disposal


  • Inlet Diameter: 3″
  • Outlet Diameter: 2-1/4″
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Dual Exhaust

Our Take: The exhaust system boasts of its USA manufacturing that comes designed and made for performance, sonorous and loud sound, durability, and mileage. Default hangers and links have rendered the installation just to be a breeze. Undoubtedly, you have come across the best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 hemi in our maiden product description.

02. Flowmaster 817633 Outlaw Muffler

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Flowmaster Outlaw ranks among the best exhaust system merely by dint of its unbeatable sound and heavy-duty construction. To be specific of the sound, with this Flowmaster model your truck would run equipped with a very deep and roaring sound that will make you clearly heard but not hurt your hearing thanks to the 3″-inch diameter exhaust tubing.

Backed by the sturdy build-up, the superior quality stainless steel material is responsible for the above-the-average performance. In line with the construction and components, the Dyno tuning takes the performance level to the max height and adds to the durability.

The sleek look of the stainless steel with fine black finish goes superb with the oval shape of the Muffler. This will ably bear with the tough conditions and off-track use and always give the drive you need by releasing the emissions – milder and less harmful. 

And the lifetime warranty is not at all a commercial gimmick as this comes designed with dual tailpipes featuring wide inlet pipe and pre-weld hangers. Accompanied by these, they will not cost you more than two hours to install this exhaust system. The direct-fit installation will require just the basic hand equipment to secure and set up the muffler for any dodge ram 1500 hemi.

Excellent Features:

  • Superior performance with a deeper and aggressive sound
  • High-end direct-fit installation requires barely the hand tools
  • Great interior and exterior sound
  • Fits all Dodge Ram 1500 hemi with default dual exhaust
  • USA craftsmanship, stainless steel material, and black sleek finish for a great look


  • Inlet and Tubing Diameter: 3″
  • Outlet Diameter: 2.25″
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Exhaust Type: Dual

Our Take: With Masterflow Outlaw model replacing your original exhaust, you can rest assured of roaring sound, high performance, and power ensured by the top-notch material as well as proud USA craftsmanship.

03. Flowmaster 943052 Super 44-Muffler – Aggressive Sound

Best Exhaust System For Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Check Price

We must start with the sound when briefing on this model of Flowmaster. It welcomes with an awesome sound and starts roaring to make you well-heard when you get on. The end sound is up to your satisfaction when you leave the line off.

The powerful and rich tone is the result of the 2-chamber muffler produced from superior quality 409S stainless steel or 16-gauge aluminized one. Featured with sophisticated Delta Flow-Tech design along with the MIG-welded support has contributed to the life extension of the muffler. Therefore, you may run assured of your exhaust sound to the required level and performance to the extreme.

Like all other Masterflow products, the fatter inlet diameter enables it milder scavenging whereas the 2.25 inches outlet diameter creates no issue thought the size is a bit lower than the bare minimum. And the bigger pipes are a superb match with a bit of adjustment and come compatible with factory welds and the fine finish.

Therefore, you can install it on your own with the help of just the hand tools. Moreover, it can give you added torque and power along with the interior resonance.

Aren’t these enough?

Excellent Features:

  • The deeper and aggressive exhaust tone
  • Recognizable and sonorous internal resonance
  • Upgraded with two-chamber muffler
  • Delta Flow-Tech for race-ready response and enhanced torque
  • Zero interior packings to cause an unwanted blow-out


  • Inlet Diameter: 3″
  • Outlet Diameter: 2.25″
  • Material: 409S Stainless Steel
  • Exhaust Type: Dual

Our Take: Compatible with any RAM to provide a deeper tone even when idling and off the driving seat. Superbly accessorized for increased torque and accentuated for the sleek look.

04. Flowmaster (817568) Exhaust Muffler

Best Exhaust System For Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

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If your Dodge Ram 1500 hemi is loud enough to hurt your ear and sounds harsh for the passenger chamber, this Flowmaster Muffler model will rescue you in this regard. This ram 1500 direct-fit muffler will get your exhaust ride of the obnoxiously loud sound. Therefore, if you want your high-performance growl back in a place that you are accustomed to and in love with, go for this industry-grade exhaust muffler.

It comes backed by the resonating chamber and designed with baffles to eliminate the harsh sound. The resonating chamber in this muffler amplifies sounds to the required level and tunes the endnote to a deeper and more pleasant exhaust sound.

The inlet and outlet tube configurations feature wide range responsible for aggressive sound and refined emissions.  

What makes your installation breeze are its factory hangers and links by dint of which you can directly and easily replace the default mufflers. As common with all Flowmaster exhaust products, it comes designed with mandrel bent-tubing to ensure the max performance on the run with this exclusive muffler.

Excellent Features:

  • Factory hangers and links for a direct and hassle-free replacement
  • Moderate internal sound with exterior loud exhaust tone
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Quality design and enhanced performance
  • Custom-fit with nominal adjustments
  • Fit for all Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi trucks


  • Inlet Diameter: 3″
  • Outlet Diameter: 2.25″
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Exhaust Position: Dual

Our Take: With this best exhaust system muffler, you can reap all the Flowmaster benefits – upgraded throttle response, power, and mileage- at an affordable price without siphoning off your wallet.

05. Muffler DOD14M Dual Exhaust System Dodge Ram (1500) Hemi

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You should not hesitate to the least when it comes to replacing your default dual tailpipe system with DOD14M mufflers as they come constructed of 409S stainless steel. To add, the extension tubes to are made of the same premium material. On its top, the mandrel-bent tubing multiplies the exhaust flow to the limit.

To talk of the hassle-free installation, it is just breeze to set this up with all the hardware and system clamps at your disposal. Not to mention the quality of the parts, credit goes to the proud American manufacturing. To your utter amazement, this would be a happy DIY installment without needing the help of a pro mechanic and thus saving time and money. 

You don’t need welding and so you can accomplish the set up with the basic hand tool as. The factory aligned tailpipes will remain so to the last thanks to the time-consuming design it comes with.

With the complete Muffler 409-SSS tube kit engineered to match any and every dodge ram 1500 engine, it makes muffler shop irrelevant by defying the universal muffler and substandard tubing.

Excellent Features:

  • Easy, DIY and fast installation
  • Great sound featured with quality muffler
  • High-quality material – 409 Stainless steel
  • MagnaFlow muffler to filter the harsh sound
  • Available at a low price


  • Material: 409 Stainless steel
  • Bend: mandrel-bent tubing

Our Take: Great sound is the result of premium material and construction. The muffler is above the average to emit quality sound and refined smoke.

06. B2 Fabrication Exhaust System – 18″-Magnaflow Muffler

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B2 Fabrication Exhaust sits at the top of the quality exhaust system for your truck thanks to the USA made, super easy installation, and tailpipe-fit design. If exhaust sound is your concern, you can relax as this will give you filtered sound loud enough to make you heard without hurting the passenger compartment. This is because the genuine Magnaflow muffler fits all engines.

You can replace the default exhaust with this Boesch made exhaust without requiring any cut and weld. So, having installed B2 Fabrication amounts to ensure a lasting impression with a simple modification. You are having a loving exhaust sound from this 409 stainless steel product.

B2 Fabrication comes equipped with the excellent design allowing you to abolish the default bulk restriction to gift your truck a superior throttle response.

 Backed by 409 stainless steel tubing, it is featured with mandrel bent design for added performance. In conjunction with that, TIG welding Magnaflow muffler ensures the top quality retro-fit truck exhaust system.

Like all other exhaust systems reviewed in this article, this exhaust replacement is a fit-all model to work compatible with all 2009-2019 Dodge 1500 Hemi engine.

Excellent Features:

  • Premium quality USA craftsmanship and prompt shipping
  • Installation is a breeze without cutting and welding
  • Make your tailpipes straight at installation
  • Fits all wheelbases
  • Genuine Magnaflow muffler is a great convenience
  • Includes all urgent hardware and clamps
  • The fast and DIY installation


  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Exterior: metal finish

Our Take: B2 fabrication sounds just amazing and installation is made fast and easier with all the equipment provided at purchase.

Best Sounding RAM 1500 Muffler 5.7 Hemi 2017 YouTube Video

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The advantage and disadvantage of a new exhaust system

The rule of thumb is that you will want a fresh exhaust system to be bolted in your car or truck for certain advantages your factory exhaust is missing now. Therefore, the upgrading the exhaust system is all about benefits but still there comes several flip sides that you can count as disadvantages.

When you opt for a new exhaust system, there are two options to go for – performance exhaust and straight pipe exhaust. Both the types have their up and downsides that we will explore.


Performance Exhaust System

Performance exhaust system refers to the full replacement of the existing exhaust where all the components of the exhaust mechanism will remain to add to the overall outflow of the engine.

  • The newer exhaust will come instrumental to improve the sound decibel of your exhaust. When the worn-out factory exhaust emits a too faint sound to reach your ear, you need a performance replacement for the exhaust sound to be heard. To have louder exhaust sound, you need to replace the default exhaust with exhaust pipe with a wider diameter. The newer exhaust will come with the improved rumbling of your car you are after.
  • Like all living beings, the vehicle also requires to breathe in and out. If the airflow driven from the cylinders is restricted, the performance of the car will be limited. Therefore, fresh exhaust replacement will provide a cleaner passage for the airflow to pass fast letting the car engine exhale poisonous gases and inhaling fresher oxygen.
  • Moreover, the fresh muffler with improved baffle and chamber will contribute to refining the poisonous gases to the limit. Thus a replaced exhaust can contribute to earth-friendly gas-flow.
  • Modern performance exhaust systems are sleek and refined to look at that may increase the overall beauty of the car. Now a day, exhaust manufacturers tend to introduce dual and quad exhaust pipes adding to the charm of the car along with improved scavenging.
  • Last but not least, the new exhaust system will save money in the long run. When you are encountering reduced exhaust sound and disgruntled engine, it’s time to change your exhaust system. Otherwise and further delay will invite major risk causing larger damage in the engine and elsewhere. And disturb or restriction in the exhaust outflow drastically reduces the horsepower and torque as the combustion is disturbed.

Straight Pipe Exhaust Replacement

  • Straight pipe exhaust replacement refers to the removing of the catalytic converter and the muffler and put a straight pipe in their place to make the outpour more direct and louder. Thus how you can reduce the cost by not buying costly components like Catcon and Muffler.


The mechanism of an exhaust system in your car shouldn’t have any disadvantage because it is an integral part of your car or truck. But problems occur when you make delay to address the issues encountered in a worn-out exhaust system or to replace the system when it has gone fully dysfunctional. If you run short of money presently, you should make partial replacement of the crucial parts.

  • Having said that, you have to suffer from several disadvantages if and when gone for a straight pipe exhaust replacement. Being an exhaust system without the muffler and Catcon, it will produce deafening sound to bear with. To add, the poisonous particles will remain in the airflow to pollute the environment.
  • To put you in trouble, you cannot run a vehicle with an exhaust system without the backing of crucial parts in the roads. You have to choose the off-road options – race tracks or practice grounds.
  • And performance exhaust too puts you in a temporary halt and cost you a considerable amount of money.

How to install an exhaust for ram 1500?

Are you facing boisterous and ready-to-rumble sound coming out your Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi engine? If yes, then it is time to find a moderate and quieter aftermarket exhaust system for your car. It may seem pretty tricky for you but the models out there will efficiently answer your need.

But the question lurking in your mind is how to install an exhaust system and how different it is for dodge ram 1500 than other options such as Borla and more. Modern exhaust system manufacturers come with models –Flowmaster and Magnaflow – that easily replace your default factory system. Flowmaster American thunder ram 1500 is one of the top-rated options to go for.

To cut it short, installing a fresh exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 hemi requires careful removing of the factory exhaust first. But you should not disturb the original exhaust tips in the removal process and now you are ready to set up the new one. Below you go with the installing process that deems fit for any exhaust system in seven precise steps.

  • At the outset, make sufficient room for your task. A lift will be advisable to lift the vehicle up to accommodate you properly. But a jack stands too can serve the purpose of pulling the vehicle upward in absence of a lift. Be careful enough that your vehicle is backed from underneath by heavy-duty support.
  • Once the truck is lifted enough for you to lay flat relax and move the exhaust system freely, it’s time to start your work. Start from the catalytic converter and find the clamp that keeps the cat-con secured. Undo the clamp otherwise cut through the pipe past the cat-con if the clamp is rust-stubborn.
  • Disassemble the full system working the way up to the end. Get the exhaust released from the hanging brackets to pull the exhaust clear out.
  • Now, it’s time to reach your chosen and the best exhaust system. Start locating the preferred exhaust mechanism without tightening the clamps too tight as you require further adjustment to accomplish the course successfully.
  • Connect your new or performance exhaust mechanism with the original stock brackets compatible with all system. Reputed brands like Flowmaster and Magnaflow design their exhaust models fit for the stock brackets. They are compatible with most models which are evident in their identical name.
  • Now with the best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 hemi properly set up, you can tighten the clamp to the limit. To check whether the replacement is error-free, better to lower the car and start the engine to trace any leak – if any. Provided no leak is found, you have done away with the installation successfully and you are good to go.
  • To sum up, the car exhaust mechanism tends to produce high temperature and rattles very often leading to loosening of the joints and clamps. Retightening the clamps and connections with regular interval of two weeks or so will keep the system full-proof.

Buying Guide: Things to consider before buying the best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 hemi

The products we have short-listed are the top-quality exhaust systems manufactured by reputed brands in the industry. We have applied our acumen, exposure, and experience as a group made up of veteran mechanics and automobile engineers. Now to be further specified as to answer to which is the best exhaust system for your vehicle would be a no-brainer as the best one is relative and depend on your personal requirements and preferences.

Having said that, we can present you with the main criteria that can best serve your purpose to single out the product you need and you are after. We deem the following points to be pretty crucial to bring under intense consideration when you are after the best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 hemi.

Understanding the Exhaust Mechanism

To have a basic exposure to the exhaust mechanism is inevitable and this is not rocket science to get overtly overwhelmed with. Not only to select a quality exhaust system, should you have considerable knowledge on how the exhaust system works as well.

To be precise and brief, car exhaust mechanism is an integrated process completed by several components in steps to allow the unrestricted airflow to blow out fast and refined. The components that constitute the exhaust mechanism are: 

The exhaust manifolds: The group of pipes connected to the cylinders through which the fume/gases produced from the combustion in the cylinders passes through and accumulate in the single pipe at the end. 

Catalytic converter: The gases coming out of the cylinders are mixed with poisonous particles needing a catalyst to deride from the toxic particles. Therefore, the airflow is made to pass through a ceramic converter to get free from the harmful particles.

Muffler: The converter is joined by a muffler having chamber and baffles inside to reduce the sound of the exhaust from a deafening level to an audible decibel. Muffler acts as the further scavenger of the toxic gas.

Tail Pipe and Exhaust Tips: This is the final part of the exhaust to blow the gas out in the air. And exhaust tips are fitted with the pipe sticking out at the rear or side of the car.

Now with sound knowledge on the exhaust mechanism, we can better judge an exhaust system quality given the following points are made clear.


The first and foremost consideration to select a performance exhaust system is the materials it is made of and the coating it comes jacketed with. The common exhaust material is the stainless steel thanks to their various types. And the types results from various finishes from nickel, chrome, silver ceramic, titanium, and 409 stainless steel – the last being the most preferred and ideal.

You should be very choosy when it comes to the material consideration because the exhaust system means to generate extreme heat, face salty road particles, rust, and gas build-up inside the piping. Therefore, if you go for the high-end material despite being costlier, it would prove to be profitable in the long run.

Pipe Diameter

Besides the gas scavenging, there is another concern involving an exhaust system it is to ensure a loud enough audible sound. Therefore, the pipe should be wider in diameter for both unrestricted airflow and louder sound. The suggested pipe diameter in this connection ranges 2.5-3″. Anything shorter than that would create issues and so warrant reconsideration.

Tip Diameter

Next, to the pipe width, the tip diameter warrants serious consideration. The tip being the ultimate outflow tube should be wider if you want the loudest exhaust for dodge ram hemi sound and spontaneous air outpour. Here the prescribed diameter is 4-5″. Tip diameter is particularly crucial for the louder exhaust sound.

Sound & Installation

So far the installation concern, you should be careful that you prefer a fit-all model like the exhaust systems reviewed here.

As you cannot pre-determine the sound output prior to installing it, you have to consider the pipe and tip diameter along with a muffler that comes featured with baffles and chamber that will filter the sound not suppress it.


Brand too is a crucial consideration when it comes to buying a car exhaust system where a wrong preference will surely invite serious damage to the vehicle. Exhaust mechanism coming from reputed brands will come to the prime factors – the performance, power, and throttle response – ably addressed. 

This is the concern remains active while narrowing down the products while finalizing our list. Brands like Flowmaster, Magnaflow, and B2 are the ones enjoying whole-hearted reception since inception.

Given the trend is for introducing charming and innovative features especially in the field of technology, you will come across upgraded designs and features off and on. But you should stick to the fundamental designs and the advanced features may come under considerations only when they can answer your needs and requirements. 


Q: Do Flowmaster mufflers increase horsepower?

Ans: So far horsepower increase is concerned; you will require a muffler that efficiently eliminates backpressure and resistance. And the muffler built with lesser obstacles inside will let the airflow move out unrestricted leading to horsepower growth.

Flowmaster mufflers come equipped with chamber and baffle that put lesser obstacles to cause reduced backpressure and resistance. Moreover, they feature mandrel-bent tubing for added outflow.

Q: What type of exhaust is louder?

Ans: Exhaust designed with wider pipe, tip, and muffler having lesser obstacles inside is louder. And if you delete the larger part of exhaust from cat-con to the muffler and replace that part with a straight pipe, you are sure to have the loudest exhaust. Sports cars tend to have those exhausts.

Q: Do Magnaflow mufflers increase horsepower?

Like the mufflers manufactured by Flowmaster, Magnaflow mufflers eliminate backpressure and obstacles that rob the engine of its power. Thus Magnaflow mufflers increase horsepower. So, ditch the stock mufflers to replace them with the ones like Magnaflow.

Q: What exhaust should I get?

Ans: You should get exhaust that ensures audible sound reducing the deafening rumble. But to get a louder sound, you should not compromise with the quality of the muffler. Because an exhaust with ideal muffler does the scavenging in full measure.


By the time, you will reach the concluding part of the article, you would have made up your mind which best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 hemi you will go for. Anyone of the exhaust mechanism reviewed here will prove to be the best but the right product for you will be the one that comes with the latest features designs to address your specific needs and issues.

Go happy on the go with the performance you need and the sound you love.

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