Best Drive Shaft For Your Car, Truck and SUVs 2019

Best Drive Shaft

A drive shaft is a vital component of a vehicle and it can significantly affect your driving comfort, quality, and safety. The only catch is, you need the best drive shaft. We know that this part of a vehicle is probably unknown to you and as such, we will help you as much as we can.

We have been working as a auto mechanic for decades so we are ready to share all that experience with you and to make this repair as easy and as affordable as possible. Let’s begin with the best models.

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01. CRS N93032 New Prop shaft/Drive Shaft Assembly, Front, for 2000-2003 Ford Trucks Excursion

The first unit on our list is the best drive shaft period. Now we will tell you why. This isn’t drive shaft for ford f150 but rather for F250 and F350. The first thing we should mention is that it fits perfectly. There is no need for any modifications, changes or anything like that. All a mechanic needs to do is to replace the damaged unit with this one and job done. Keep in mind that some models may vary and this translates to ford f150 driveshaft lengths. Luckily the tested unit is a perfect match.

The next biggest advantage is the ISO/TS16949 certifications. It means that the drive shaft meets the OE rules and regulations, it is safe to be used and it can withstand the same amount of stress as the original model. As you may know, this is mandatory when looking for a replacement unit. It is something all mechanics will tell you and we are some of them.

The model comes pre-assembled and as such replacement is easier than ever before. There is no need to add additional parts or to check the overall functionality. In addition, this type of drive shaft is more affordable to replace.

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  • ISO/TS16949 certified
  • Pre-assembled
  • Overall quality
  • Fits perfectly


  • Expensive

02. Front Drive Shaft Prop Shaft Assembly for 2003-2013 Dodge Ram 2500 3500

Do you remember Jeep liberty drive shaft recall? If you owned this car you do. This was a common issue that forced manufacturers made better and more durable drive shafts. The tested model is one of them. It is an aftermarket unit that comes with superior quality. It is available for several types of cards including Toyota RAV 4, BMW X3 and etc. The same quality and the same characteristics are available regardless of which version you order.

The drive shaft comes pre-assembled and with greasable CV joints. They share the same advantage as the rest of the drive shaft. They are made to last and to withstand the massive torque Dodge diesel trucks have. Being an upgraded model, the drive shaft will last longer than the official, standard model you already have on your truck.

There is no need to tell you that the unit in question meets the latest regulations and it has been properly tested. Replacement is easy and isn’t time-consuming as in some cases. We liked this model and we recommend it for all our customers in real life.

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  • Improved version
  • Available for different cars
  • CV joints
  • Great fit


  • Attention to details

03. Cardone Select 66-5169 New CV Axle (Drive Axle)

Cardone Select 66-5169 New CV Axle (Drive Axle) may be the best driveshaft on amazon due to several obvious reasons. Let’s start with small things. The neoprene boots are mandatory part and they are included in the package. Being made specifically from this material, they can last for a long period of time and they can withstand literally anything. When looking for a new drive shaft, always consider the boots, because they are the weakest point!

Next, are the threads and splines. They are carefully engineered and they are an exact match to the original. More precisely, they are 99.9% identical to the original. As we have mentioned already, this element makes the replacement easier and simpler. Basically, there is no need to make tiny adjustments.

Moly grease is present in the package as well. It is 3% and it was chosen thanks to the ability to prolong the lifespan of the entire component. The grease will keep the temperature as low as possible and it will provide essential lubrication during heavy-duty usages. Wear is decreased due to just mentioned reasons.

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  • Value for money
  • 3% grease
  • Neoprene boots
  • Threads and splines


  • Customer support

04. Cardone Select 66-1325 New CV Axle (Drive Axle)

It is one of the best driver shafts 2019 and one of the best we were able to find. The unit is similar to the previous model and there are no a lot of details we can include. The main things to remember are the overall engineering of the drive shaft. It is spotless. This refers to the boots, made from neoprene, the transmission seal and the clamps. The boots are neoprene units, currently known for the best performance and the longest lifespan.

Transmission seal is different than with the previous model. It is heat treated and machined according to the official specifications of the manufacturer. This ensures that the fit will be 100% and the drive shaft can last for years. There is high-quality moly grease of 3%. It is the smallest, yet the biggest advantage here.

Boot clamps are pneumatically pressured in place and they can withstand higher pressure and temperature than standard variations. In a nutshell, the drive shaft here is ready to meet all your expectations and even to put a smile on your face.

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  • Boot clamps
  • Transmissions cover
  • Neoprene boots
  • Moly grease


  • Finish

05. Jeep Wrangler CV 1310 Rear Drive Shaft

For those of you who seek the best drive shaft for their Jeep Wrangler, here is an obvious choice. If your car has Symptoms of bad ball joint or bad drive shaft, this replacement will fix it perfectly. The drive shaft is designed for all models between 1997 and 2006 and it is an official replacement. What this means is that the dimensions are an exact match to the factory drive shaft. It is 15 inches long and 18 inches long when expanded.

The drive shaft is made from a special type of steel that can withstand the factory power of Wrangler but can also meet the requirements of tuned vehicles. However, don’t forget that it doesn’t fit Rubicon and it won’t fit raised Wranglers. It will fit, but there will be vibrations.

All we can say is that we had a positive experience with the model in question and we loved using it for all Wranglers. Drivers are perfectly satisfied as well and there are no issues with this version. An interesting fact is that owners who want to tune and improve their Jeep choose this particular drive shaft. It is known as the best 4×4 custom driveshaft.

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  • Strength
  • Versatility
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer support


  • Price

06. Cardone Select 66-8173 New CV Drive Axle

From the most expensive models, we move to one that is extremely affordable. The tested unit is great for owners who want to save money and still get a great product. These products may be rare in today’s world, but this drive shaft is one of them. It is a great unit that offers great quality, fits even better and even includes neoprene boots.

Besides the neoprene booths, the unit comes with high-quality grease that should make the drive shaft easier to install and more durable. You can be positive that the unit will last for a long period of time and it won’t need replacement or anything similar. All you have to do is to drive.

A bad drive shaft is one of the reasons for your car not running smoothly (during the drive) and a replacement is mandatory in most scenarios. Now you know an affordable model that comes with excellent quality, even better attention to detail and will make sure your car is in factory condition. Let’s also add that the threads are super strong and they match the original to the smallest point.

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  • Value for money
  • Neoprene boots
  • Booth clamps
  • Easy to install


  • Nuts are not available for all variations

07. Jeep Wrangler JK JKU Unlimted 4 Door Rear Drive Shaft For 2007-11 Models

One of the most appealing and the most desirable drive shafts for the Wrangler model is the one we have here. It is highly recommended for all vehicles that are slightly lifted, up to 2.5 inches. If your car is lifted, even more, you will need a double version. The model we tested is aftermarket replacement that even fits Rubicon models and at the moment it is the most popular change you can make to your Jeep Wrangler.

U joints are 1310 and they are fully serviceable. This is a small addition that needs to be taken into consideration so in the future your repair costs less than ever before. According to us and our mechanics, this type of U joints is the best and the most cost-effective alternative.

Other facts we can reveal regarding this model include the overall quality which is above average and the match level, also above average. The drive shaft will last longer than your factory unit and will make the next replacement (in 10 years) far more affordable. Don’t forget that this is also a great value for money.

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  • Affordable
  • Serviceable U joints
  • For most models
  • Exact fit


  • Coating

08. CRS N92936 New Prop shaft/Drive Shaft Assembly, Front, for 1998-2009 Ford Ranger, 1999-2001 Ford Explorer, 1999-2001 Mercury Mountaineer, 1998-2005 Mazda B3000/ B4000, about 24″ Length

The model in question shares a lot of in common with some of the most expensive drive shafts in the world. It is ready to be used as soon as you get it and it is designed to meet the latest ISO/TS16949 standards. Once again, this is important when looking for a new drive shaft and it is something that can make a massive difference. We always prefer certified parts.

The model came pre-assembled and replacing the old drive shaft was easy. There are no vibrations or any unwanted sounds and the vehicle performed well even in heavy-duty situations. All that you need for your car. We can add that the replacement is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.

The drive shaft comes with a good warranty. This tells us that the model is properly engineered and tested before delivery to the manufacturer is confident in their product. At any given moment you can contact the customer support and get additional help as needed.

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  • Warranty
  • Customer support
  • Meets ISO/TS16949 standards
  • Well-built


  • Seals on the joint

09. Front Complete CV Joint Axle Drive Shaft for Honda FourTrax 300 TRX300FW 4×4 1988-2000 42200-HC5-003

You can see your wheel rims and you can spend a lot of attention to them, but a drive shaft is far more important. The model we review here has been made using the latest technology and there is one major advantage of that. The tunnels inside the shaft are specifically made to lead the grease to all components and as such, make lubrication much better. Believe or not this is a massive improvement compared to the ordinary drive shafts, even factors ones.

Housing is forged and designed to meet the toughest challenges. This particular model is compatible with the left or right side, but this advantage may be or may not be available for your particular vehicle. In both cases, we discovered that the installation is simple and even easier than we thought initially.

CV joints that are present offer top-notch quality. They are available separately, but you don’t have a need to make this, additional purchase because they come with your new drive shaft. All we wanted to say is that they share the same advantages as the entire component. They are durable, strong and reliable.

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  • CV joints
  • Left or right compatibility
  • Grease channels
  • Forged to perfection


  • 2 unit package is expensive

10. Front Drive Shaft Prop Shaft Assembly for 2003-2013 Dodge Ram 2500 3500 Diesel Replaces

It has been known as best driver shafts for the distance it is reliable and it is upgrade compared to the official model. What this means is that your truck will last longer and be able to complete more demanding operations. The drive shaft we tested met all our requirements and we were unable to find any issues with it.

Installation is easy so we were able to complete a big part using Work Light. This is only possible because the drive shaft is made to meet the exact specifications provided by the manufacturer and it fits nicely without any tweaks or adjustments. We were able to achieve the same result all the time and with each repair.

To summarize all that we have said until now. The drive shaft is a perfect replacement for your standard unit, it can last longer, be used for more demanding operations and it can transform your vehicle into a heavy-duty monster. The craftsmanship is impressive and we would honestly recommend this model for all of you.

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  • Value for money
  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy to replace
  • Components


  • Possible shipping issues

Buyers guide for the best drive shaft: What to look for

Later we will be more focused on drive shaft problems but at the moment, we will focus our attention on factors you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best driveshafts for your car. There are a lot of parameters to consider and each one is more important than you may believe. Let’s start.

Choose the right balance of strength and price:

Support and resistance are the first factors we will discuss. What this means is that your driveshaft must meet the horsepower of a vehicle. It must be able to transport all that power to the wheels for a long period of time. If you get a weak model, soon you will notice drive shaft vibration and loud noise. What this should tell you is that your new drive shaft is done and you need to replace it.

So, the bottom line is that a drive shaft must be strong enough to be paired with the power of a vehicle. This means that if your car is tuned and it produces more power, you need aftermarket drive shaft.

OEM or OE-rated construction:

Genuine OEM parts are made from steel and they are probably the best option for most of you. These drive shafts can withstand up to 400HP of power and they can last for years. This makes them a great investment and a safe choice for most of us.

There are aluminum and carbon fiber alternatives on the market as well. They are lightweight and can boost the performance of your vehicle, but they are more expensive. Unless you are a race driver and you need the ultimate performance, go for steel units.

OEM parts meaning is something we have to reveal. It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and it means that a spare part is made by the actual vehicle manufacturer and not a third party. This ensures that the quality is top-notch and makes sure that part will last as long as the one you are replacing. One, interesting and important advantage of these spare parts is that each one is tested before delivery. Another advantage is that it will fit perfectly into a vehicle. After all, it is made by the same people who made your car so the specifications are precisely the same.

Matching CV joints:

A CV joint must be the same as the one you are replacing. The CV joint driveshaft should be paired with a neoprene boot which will make sure there is no water and dirt reaching the joint itself. If they reach it, it will fail and you will need to replace it separately. Neoprene boots are the most durable of them all and they can withstand all kinds of stress and usages.

The CV joint failure isn’t in common when the boot is damaged. It is always a better choice to replace the boot itself rather than to wait and then replace the CV joint and the booth.

All you have to remember here is that your car uses a particular type of CV joint and it must be matched. There might be aftermarket models or better-said versions available for your car, but it is always the safest option to choose the same unit.

A CV joint should be replaced alongside the drive shaft so you decrease the risk or having to take your vehicle to a mechanic again. They are reasonably affordable and a new one can last for 80.000 miles. Don’t mix up damaged CV joint with Brake Noise. These are two different parts of a vehicle. In addition, the CV joint will first show symptoms while turning and performing U-turns.

Symptoms of a bad drive shaft

Symptoms of bad shocks are known to most of you, but symptoms of a bad drive shaft probably aren’t. Now we will discuss them. It is important to mention that even unbalanced drive shaft symptoms are annoying and they can have a huge side effect on your driving. In more severe cases a drive shaft will fail completely and you won’t be able to move your vehicle. Luckily before this happens, you will notice several symptoms which all suggest the drive shaft is failing.

Abnormal Vibrations:

Vibrations are the first thing you will notice. What this means is that you will feel some vibrations in the lower part of the car floor or while running on the idle. Yes, these vibrations are almost the same as a flat tire but there is one major difference. A failing drive shaft will make vibrations while standing steel, while a flat tire will make them while driving, especially while accelerating. This can be also one of bad drive shaft u joint symptoms but the vibrations are less intense.

As soon as you notice this kind of vibrations, go to your mechanic or try to replace a drive shaft all by yourself. They won’t go away and they will only become worse and stronger. Eventually, you will have drive shaft broke while driving problem. Vibrations can be caused by the imbalanced drive shaft. In rare situations, the weight is missing and replacing it will solve the issue. In most cases, you will have to replace the drive shaft.

Abnormal Noise:

Driveshaft noise when accelerating is the next symptom. It happens most of the time and it starts while accelerating. The vibrations are more common when slowing down. This noise can be extremely annoying and it means that the drive shaft is seriously damaged. Yes, CV joints can make similar noise but it will be less pronounced and usually present when steering.

Noise may come from the rear of the vehicle, from the front or in the middle, which makes diagnosing a bit difficult. However, the abnormal noise will be present while standing still and your vehicle is running. Then you know that you have a failing drive shaft. The noise will increase with time and eventually you will hear extremely loud noises that make driving impossible. This is the last moment when you should take your vehicle to a mechanic or you will have to call a tow truck.

Shuddering when accelerating:

This is a combination of symptoms always linked to a bad drive shaft. It is almost always specifically linked to bad central bearing or unbalanced drive shaft. There is no need to tell you that you should fix the problem as soon as possible. Drive shaft bearing noise will be present from low RPMs to mid-range and high RPMs.

Turning Problems:

Turning issues may be presented by Power steering noise bad CV joints or a bad drive shaft. The first thing you will notice is the inability to turn properly. The wheels will be under resistance and you may hear abnormal noise.

To inspect the issue, park into neutral and activate the parking brake. Move the CV joint in both directions and if there is ‘’loose’’ feeling and the joint is free to move, you have a failing CV joint. The process is the same for U-Joint.

Drive shaft repair

Once you have diagnosed that your drive shaft is failing, you can try and repair it. The first thing to do is to perform drive shaft balancing which should, theoretically decrease and eliminate the vibrations. This is affordable repair which can prolong the lifespan of your drive shaft. If it is too damaged, you will need to replace the entire unit. Balancing is especially effective if the factory weight from the drive shaft is missing and all you have to do is to replace them. Also, you can check for damages or excess dirt to one side of the drive shaft. Remove it to try to improve the balance.

We always advise you to replace the drive shaft rather than to try and mend it. The drive shaft repair cost won’t be significantly lower than the replacement but your vehicle will be safe, reliable and you won’t have any issues with this part for thousands of miles in the future. In some cases, actually in most of them balancing a drive shaft is more time-consuming and more complicated than replacing the entire unit. Replacing can be done within 30 minutes, depending on a vehicle.


What causes drive shaft failure?

Even best driver shafts 2018 will fail eventually. The causes of that are dents of the tube, broken or damaged U joint and broken stud. Improper maintenance can speed up the damage and force drivers to replace a drive shaft sooner than needed.

How much does it cost to have a drive shaft made?

A custom—made drive shaft will vary in price. It will range between $150 and $500 depending on the length, materials and the U joints. Generally speaking, longer models made from aluminum and high-end bearings inside are the most expensive.

How fast does a drive shaft spin?

There is no simple answer here. Let’s take a case scenario where you are driving at 60 mph. At that moment, your tires are rotating 683 MPH. A standard ratio is 4:3 which translates that 2936.9 RPM is the amount of rotation of your drive shaft. It increases or decreases accordingly to your speed.

How do you balance a driveshaft?

Balancing the drive shafts is a complicated process. In some cases, you can simply add weights if the factory ones are missing. But, in most cases, you will have to use clamps and additional weight. Add 1 using clamps and start your car. If the vibrations are the same, rotate the weight for 2 inches. Repeat the step until you find the outcome with least vibrations.

How much does it cost to replace a drive shaft?

It will significantly vary but most cars can be fixed for $400 (labor and a new drive shaft). Some cars may require 2 times much due to complicated replacement and a heavy-duty drive shaft.

How Long Does a Driveshaft Last?

In essence, a new, well-made drive shaft should last 75.000 miles. Proper maintenance, careful driving can prolong the lifespan. Heavy-duty usages, racing, and burning wheels can significantly decrease the lifespan. This also refers to the custom length drive shaft.

How to Fix a Drive Shaft (U-Joint Replacement)


The best drive shaft is right here on our list and it is ready for your car. By choosing the best unit you will make sure your car stays at factory condition and 100% functional. You won’t have to replace it in the near future and you will be able to focus your full attention on other things and perhaps regular maintenance only. A drive shaft is vital components of all vehicles and it should be treated as such.

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