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best coolant for BMW

A lot like engine oils, the main differences between various coolant types are deemed a mystery for most drivers. It is essential to get the recommended coolant, which is vital for keeping engine temperatures in check and also lubricating the water pump.

If your BMW coolant light turns on, then your car is most likely screaming for you to add on a coolant. Typically, BMWs have unique coolant requirements (phosphate and nitrite-free), which prevent the build-up or corrosion of aluminum components. it is crucial to use coolants recommended by experts to avoid damaging your engine.

In today’s guide, we will look at the best coolant for BMW recommended by specialists, as well as some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to changing the coolant for your Bimmer. Thus it’s a good read if you have no idea what coolant to buy for your car.

Comparison Table of BMW Recommended Coolant

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Product Reviews of the top 4 best coolants for BMW

01. BMW 82141467704 Coolant

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The BMW 82141467704 coolant often gets mentioned when talking about the best coolants for BMWs. It is formulated and produced exclusively for a BMW engine. The antifreeze product fulfills the set standards and requirements to protect the engine parts against boil over, freezing, corrosion, or excessive silicate gel precipitation.

This product does not contain any nitrites or phosphates, which, by large, reduces the chances of harmful deposits. It protects metals such as steel, aluminum, cast iron, and it is mixed with one-part water and another part BMW antifreeze. They are combined in a 1:1 ratio, and this ensures protection against corrosion or freezing up to -34F (-37C).

If you have a BMW, you know it requires special treatment hence this blue coolant. Your BMW radiator is designed to work with this type of coolant. During winter or in icy areas, this mixture is increased to 3:2 ratios, which provides antifreeze protection even at -62F (-52C). Also, this coolant has a bitter agent; thus, its antifreeze to water ratio must not be higher than 3:2.

This coolant is way more superior to anything else offered in the market and expert advice on its use as it’s the best coolant for BMW 328i.

  • Great price
  • Protects engine up to -37C and -52C in winter
  • Has no nitrites or phosphates
  • Tailor-made for BMWs
  • Lasts long
  • It is harmful if inhaled or swallowed

02. BMW 82142209769

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Another peak coolant for BMW is the genuine BMW 82 14 2209 769 blue concentrate. It is a glycol ethylene-based all-season coolant that provides rust and frost protection. Designed to suit your BMW’s specifications, this coolant is also equally beneficial for Ford, Jaguar, Honda, Land Rover, Porsche, and general motors.

Also, the quality of this antifreeze is determined by its rust protection. That is why most automakers subject antifreeze products to cavitation’s tests as well as lengthy corrosion. The coolant features a hybrid technology that protects the cooling system from rust and freezing in all seasons, and in summer, it protects the engine from overheating.

The coolant is also made with a water to antifreeze ratio of 1:1, which helps protect against freezing or corrosion up to -37C. It protects metals such as aluminum, steel, and cast iron. The product simply does not disappoint as it delivers on its promised one-year round protection to your engine.

In case you are wondering what kind of coolant for BMW 328i would be the most suitable? Well, in this concern, you would be delighted to know that the BMW 82 14 2209 769 is perfect for any model manufactured between 1980 to 2016. Due to its exceptional performance, drives for other vehicles also opt for the product for their engines.

  • Great for use in aluminum or cast iron engines
  • Prevents formation of residues or sediments in the engine
  • Durable
  • Nitrite and phosphate-free
  • Formulated exclusively for BMW engines
  • It may not be eligible for shipping in all countries
  • Harmful if inhaled or swallowed

03. Terex G05 Phosphate Free Coolant

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The Zerex G-05 is a BMW coolant alternative used for both gasoline and diesel engines. The coolant has a low pH, silicate, and an anti-phosphate technology that helps protect metals such as aluminum against any corrosion.

To protect components of the modern BMW engine against freezing during winter or boil over during summer, it is diluted in a 1:1 ratio. Also, for ultimate protection, this mixture is made in 5:7 proportions. This BMW coolant color is green. It has a high-quality defoamer system that contains less than 250 parts/million of silicon as needed by the vehicle.

Gaining the crucial information on BMW coolant Oreilly’s can make you understand how best you can maintain your Bimmer. Zerex is one of the most trusted products when it comes to the aftermarket coolants.

Zerex G-05 antifreeze is suitable for all-terrain vehicles, street sport motorcycles, street motor scooters, snowmobiles, off-road motorcycles, and utility vehicles. Zerex is an automaker approved original chemistry that is used in newer Chrysler, Ford and Mercedes Benz diesel and automotive engines. It combines the best organic acid-based and conventional chemistry to avail ultimate protection against corrosion or rust. “The product uses high-quality ethylene glycol for boil over, freezing protection as well as a hybrid organic acid corrosion inhibitor package that protects your engine from corrosion and liner pitting”.

  • Designed for both gasoline and diesel engine
  • Contains nitrites to protect liners against cavitation
  • Has a high-quality defoamer system
  • Has a lower-silicate, reduced pH
  • None

04. OEM 86-324BOEME Antifreeze

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Here comes the last pick. OEM is the last product of the best coolants for BMW for the corrosion and freeze protection list. If you have just scrolled down the entire article and did not seem to find any of the coolants interesting, here’s one that may meet your expectations. It fits in a cheaper price range.

The OEM coolant meets the performance requirements of ASTM D3306, BS6580, and is also recommended for use with the VW TL774+. The coolant is also excellent when used for BMWs, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, and any other newer gasoline or diesel engine models. The coolant is also nitrite, phosphate, and amine-free, making it a perfect coolant for your Bimmerworld engine.

This ethylene glycol-based coolant uses the hybrid organic acid tech to ensure maximum protection against corrosion, rust or pitting brought about by cavitation for all coolant systems. If added as an original fill and maintained properly according to the engine manufacturer’s recommendation, the coolant can provide up to 5 years or 250000km of service. For the best results, you should not mix with the conventional phosphate, pH, or borate-based coolants/antifreeze. Nonetheless, the product works exceptionally beyond expectation, and you can always be at peace, knowing that your engine is safe.

  • Low silicate OA
  • Provides rea coolant to coolant compatibility
  • Meets performance requirements for ASM D3306, D7583, D621010
  • Recommended for BMW
  • May have shipping restrictions

replacing coolant


Q: What happens if you put the wrong coolant in your car?

Mixing various engine antifreeze/coolants or using the inappropriate coolant could impair the performance of the unique additive packages. This may, in turn, result in increased corrosion to your BMW’s radiator. Also, the protective layers in your vehicle’s cooling system slowly start becoming thinner and more porous, and the coolant necessitates change now and then.

It is always essential to ensure that you use the recommended coolant by checking your vehicle’s manual to prevent corrosion or damage to the radiator, radiator hoses, cylinder gasket, and water pump. In the worst-case scenario, it could lead to engine failure and more expensive costs of repair.

Q: What coolant is best for BMW?

A BMW has its specific coolant requirements. It often demands phosphate and nitrite-free coolants to prevent any build-up or corrosion of its aluminum components. Green is the standard BMW coolant color, which is usually compatible with the blue BMW coolant.

The next time the BMW coolant light turns on, then your car is most likely screaming for you to add on a coolant. Always ensure you add the recommended coolant to be on the safer side and to protect your engine. It is always better to be safe than sorry. The appropriate coolant is always written on your owner’s manual, or you could check the coolant color your BMW uses.

Q: What color is the BMW coolant?

The appropriate BMW color is usually dark green/blue. Changing your car’s coolant is one of the most straightforward tasks, but you ought to know the right color first to avoid any contamination of your engine system. With a rainbow array of different colors, it may be tough to difficult to know the best to buy. However, for a genuine BMW coolant, you ought to know that it is either blue or green.

You can mix two different colors for your BMW, but it is advised that you should avoid it for the best possible results. Also, check to ensure that the coolant is phosphate and nitrite-free, which would cause damage to the internal parts of your car’s engine.

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Q: Is the Prestone coolant OK for BMW?

Prestone is not an approved coolant for BMW. Prestone is often recommended for European vehicles such as Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz. You might consider mixing it with our regular BMW coolant, but the results may not be as excellent as when you use an expert-recommended coolant.

If you own a BMW, then you must know that it requires special treatment. It is essential to do some background research on your vehicle’s coolant to ensure you find one that guarantees long service as well as the durability of the engine. You can try Zerex G-05, which is one of the best coolants for BMW.

Q: Does BMW use special coolant?

BMWs have their specific coolant requirements. It always asks for phosphate and nitrite-free coolants to prevent any build-up or corrosion of its aluminum components. Green is the standard BMW coolant color, which is usually compatible with the blue BMW coolant.

Any other coolant than the recommended one could be dangerous to your Bimmer’s engine and may cost you a buck to repair damaged aluminum parts. If you treat your car well, then it is sure to serve you well too.

Q: Can you add water to the BMW coolant?

Although water may be added to a radiator, it is better to add a water coolant mixture as plain water boils faster than a coolant resulting in an overheated engine. Your BMW’s coolant/antifreeze helps keep your engine working optimally.

The coolant is mixed with distilled water for advanced protection against freezing, boiling, and corrosion. For steel cars, a 1:1 ratio is often preferred, and in some instances, such as during winter, the ratio may be increased. Water is used as the last resort when the engine overheats, and there is no nearby coolant or refill station.

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Q: How do you use the BMW coolant?

Using or changing your BMW’s coolant is easy. It is just like changing the coolant on any other vehicle. If the BMW coolant light turns on, then you know that it is time to add some new coolant. However, it is also advisable to check the coolant levels regularly and not just waiting for the low light to turn on.

Check the recommended coolant for your engine and buy a similar product. If you are not sure, contact a specialist who would advise you well. For a clear demonstration of this process, watch.

In Conclusion

You can take it to the bank that the quality of your BMW coolant is crucial for protection against corrosion, freezing and overheating. It is, therefore, vital that you get the coolant needed right to ensure your car’s engine is well protected. With the right knowledge, you can maintain your BMW without any worries. The next time you want to refill your vehicle’s coolant, make use of this comprehensive guide, and select the best option for your car.

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