10 Best car Air Filter: Top Rated Truck and SUV Engine Air Filters

best car air filterYou definitely want the best out of your car that you drive every day. For that, your car must have a good engine that is well-maintained. But the million dollar question is how to keep the engine well-maintained. One of the many things that can help you to bring the best out of your engine is a car air filter. So what is the best air filter for your car? Well, we will talk about that. So if you are looking for the best car air filter, this article will help you to find it.

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The importance of car air filters

Why is it so important for your engine to have a good car air filter? They play an important role when it comes to maintaining the engine. The engine must have air in order to operate. The engine is not capable of combusting fuel without air. Air filters will make sure that the air is clean. So basically the filters will protect the engine from dirt, dust and all the things that can harm the engine.

Best car Air Filters Brands

It’s not a bad idea to know about some of the companies or brands that produce great car air filters.  That way it will a bit easier for you to find the best car air filter. So here is our list of the best car air filter brands-


This brand has a lifetime legacy of producing great air filters. The company started its journey back in 1932 when two chemists, T. Edward Aldham, and  Frederick Franklin invented an easily replaceable oil filtering element. The name FRAM consists of four letters. The first two letters are taken from FRanklin but, the last two letters come from AldhAM. Although the name may not sound that attractive, the company has been producing great filters with the help of the latest technology.


The second brand that we will talk about is EP Auto. Not only it’s a great brand that produces great air filters but it also manufactures other automotive accessories that you may need for your car.


Motorcraft is another brand that you can rely on. It’s another dependable company that produces various automotive accessories including car air filters. More often than not the company produces warranty for their products and it’s a big plus.


FRAM is not just an average brand that produces good automotive products. It also produces innovative technologies that make their products dynamic and efficient. That’s why it is easy to trust this brand. Their innovation takes them to another level and makes them unique.

Best rated car air filters

So how can you find the best car air filter? What features do you need in an air filter? For your convenience, we have made a list of the best car air filter-

01. EPAuto GP171 (CA10171)

The first product of our list is EpAuto GP171 and, it is one of the best products out there. The first thing, you should know about this product, is that it’s a Toyota specific filter and, it is as good as any other air filter that you will find in the market. Why is it so good?

The EpAuto GP171 will offer you a couple of features that will make sure that your engine runs smoothly. First of all, check the thickness of the filter. The thickness is really nice as it comes with a massive level of filtration material. So rest assured that it will seriously extend the performance of your engine. 

All in all, when you see and experience the performance for yourself, you will understand why it has made its way to our list.

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Key Points

  • Protects your engine from dirt.
  • Really Affordable.
  • Great for Toyota.
  • Extends the performance of the engine of your car.

02. Genuine Toyota (17801-37021) Air Filter Element

This car air filter is the second product of our list of the best car air filter. It’s an awesome item that will make sure you get what you need from a car air filter. There is a similarity between this air filter and the previous air filter. Both of them are fit for Toyota cars. So if you are not interested in buying or driving a Toyota car, then this product may not be useful to you. So feel free to skip this.

On the other hand, if you have a Toyota car and you are driving it regularly, then you may take an interest in this air filter. It’s a Toyota OEM product. So basically, it is the exact replacement for the Toyota car filter that you have have been using.

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Key Points

  • Affordable and provides great quality.
  • Toyota OEM product.
  • Flawless filtration system.

03. Toyota Genuine Parts17801-YZZ02 Air Filter Element

This is the third product and this one is also a Toyota specific air filter. There are truck-load of reasons why we have decided to put it right here on our list of the best car air filter.

The filter is an expert at removing contaminants that can harm your engine. Thus, it makes sure that the car of the engine is safe. So you can rest assured that the engine will perform for a long time and you will be able to bring the absolute best out of your engine.

 In the end, You can surely depend on the quality of the product. You will see how effective it is when it works its magic on your car’s engine. When you see its performance, you will not hesitate to suggest it to your friends. So all in all, it’s a top rated car air filter that will help your engine.

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 Key Point

  • Genuine OEM part.
  • Expert at removing contaminants.
  • Can also be used with some the other automotive brands.

04. FRAM CA9997 Extra Guard Rigid Rectangular Panel Air Filter

The next product, that we will talk about, is from Fram. A product from Fram had to be high on the list and, it is not surprising by any means. More often than not Farm ensures that their customers get the best car air filter that protects the engine.

You will face no hassle while installing this filter as on-pack directions and illustrations will give you straightforward instructions. Furthermore, the filter improves air flow and prevents the dust that can harm the engine if it gets access to your engine. The protection it gives to your engine is better than most other filters out there.

 Finally, there is a piece of advice for you. Fram recommends you to change the filter at a 12000-mile interval. That will help you maximize the engine’s performance.

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 Key Points

  • Installing it is easy as you will get clear instructions.
  • Durability is great. It lasts longer.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Seriously good at protecting the engine.

05. EPAuto GP075 (CA10755)

We have another product from EPAuto and this one is as good as the first one. Needless to say that EPAUto GP075 offers some interesting features that can compel you to buy it. The application of this product is wider if you compare it to the previous  EPAuto product. Not only you can use it in Toyota cars but you can also use it in other vehicles like Jeep, Lexus or Dodge. Apart from that, there are other benefits of this air filter. From durability to easy installation, it has all the features to enhance the performance of your engine.

The things that stand out about this product are those deep pleats. They provide the surface area in order to entrap dust and contaminants. For your engine, it a positive thing.

All in all, it’s an air filter that does its primary duty perfectly which is protecting the engine from dirt and dust. Thus, you will find it easy to maintain the engine of your car properly. That’s why it is such a high-quality car air filter.

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Key Points

  • Can be installed in many models of vehicles.
  • Installing it is easy.
  • Extended protection against dust.
  • Improve fuel mileage

06. ECOGARD XA10467 Premium Engine Air Filter Fits 2015-2016 Honda CR-V

There is a reason why ECOGARD XA10467 has made its way to our best car air filter list. These filters are made of top-notch materials to give a boost in the performance of your engine. These filters are basically designed for Honda vehicles.

It’s a sort of product that gives you a long term service. Maintain it carefully and you will get the desired performance from the engine. That’s another reason why this product is so good.

With all said and done, we all know that the main function of an air filter is to entrap harmful particles that can harm your engine. It is completely useless if it is unable to do that. But with ECOGARD XA10467, you won’t have to worry about anything like that. It is designed in a way that it can even trap the smallest particles. So your engine will remain safe and sound.

So to summarize, it is another air filter that can protect your engine and boost its efficiency massively.

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Key Points

  • Mainly designed for Honda models.
  • Top quality filtration system.
  • No problem with the installation process.
  • Durable in every sense of the word.

07. EPAuto GP013 (CA10013)

Another product from EPAuto and this one is a beauty. It’s a filter that is mainly compatible with a couple of models of cars. To be exact, it is mainly engineered for Hondas.

EPAUTO is a well-known brand that brings the best materials to produce quality car air filters. So far they have been successful when it comes to producing good car air filters. One of the reasons why they are so good is because of their professionalism. EpPAuto gives their absolute best to give you the best car air filter.

Durability and efficiency are the key features of this particular air filter. It protects the engine from dirt and thus, it extends the life span of the engine.

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Key Points

  • Affordable and easy to install.
  • Backed up by quality customer service.

08. ECOGARD XA4878 Premium Engine Air Filter

The shape of this particular product is a little different if you compare it to the other car air filters that we have mentioned earlier. But that does not change the fact that it’s a great car air filter. It is mainly compatible with Ford and Lincoln cars. So if you drive these vehicles, then we do recommend that you use this car air filter.

The filtration process is decent and the installation process is pretty easy. But the durability of the product is outstanding.  It will last longer than most car air filters that you will find out there. That’s the main reason why we are recommending this equipment for your car. Rest assured that you will not be disappointed when you buy it.

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 Key Points

  • Although it’s a cone style filter, the installation process is no hard at all.
  • compatible with Ford and Lincoln cars.
  • Protection from dust and dirt that can cause trouble for your engine.

09. Motorcraft FA1884 Element Assy – Air Cleaner

We are almost at the end. This air filter is from Motorcraft(a well-known brand that produces good car air filters). Like all the products we have mentioned, this one also offers you some interesting features that will make you interested in buying it. The best thing about the filter is that it has a 98.5% efficiency standard which is absolutely remarkable. That’s the standout feature of this air filter. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your engine being damaged because of oil and moisture. In that case, the filter will show resistance to oil and moisture.

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 Key Points

  • Ford Specific.
  • 5% efficiency standard.
  • Easy to install.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature.
  • Leak-proof.

10. FRAM CA10755 Extra Guard Flexible Rectangular Panel Air Filter

We are finally at the end. We will finish our list with a product from Fram. Like all the filters, Farm CA10755 has every right to be on our list. The filter media is so advanced that it works smoothly and effortlessly.  It has been proven time and time again that Farm filters tend to give extra protection to the engine compared to other filters in the market. It does everything to protect the engine. It is expert at preventing dirt from entering into your engine. So your engine will not be harmed by anything.

If you want to summarize it shortly, it’s a product that will serve your engine pretty well.

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 Key Points

  • Advanced filter media.
  • Deep pleating.
  • Outstanding engine protection.

So that’s the end of our list of the best car air filter. Every product we mentioned has some unique qualities that forced us to recommend it to you guys. You can rely on all the products that we have mentioned. Remember, a car air filter will make sure to extract the best out of your beautiful engine. It’s a fact and at the end of the day, it is better to buy the best engine air filter.

Car air filter buying guide: Things to consider before buying an air Filter for your carbest engine air filters

Air filters are not the most complicated devices in the world. Also,  more often than not your vehicle needs specific filters. So you don’t have too many options when you buy a car air filter. Despite that, there are some things you can consider when you buy a car air filter.

So here are things to consider before buying an air filter for your car-


This is the first thing you must check when you are looking to buy a car air filter. The device has to be compatible with your engine. Buying a filter, which is not compatible with your engine, means that your money will be completely wasted. So before buying the filter, make sure that it fits in.

Surface Area

The main task of a car air filter is to entrap the harmful particles(mainly dirt and dust) that can damage the engine. The filtration paper has several designs. But which one should you choose? You should choose the filter that has the highest surface area. When it comes to capturing the impurities, it’s better to buy the filter that has the highest surface area.

Temperature Resistance

There are filters that have a higher temperature resistance if you compare it to the other car air filters. If you are from a place where the temperature is seriously high, then you can choose a filter that has a high-temperature resistance.


Buy a filter which is produced by a company that has a long history of producing good products. More often than not you will get warranties if you buy a product from a reputed brand. As we know, good companies manufacture great products. That’s why it is better to buy a filter that is produced by good brands.

So these are some of the things to consider before buying an air filter for your car. Make sure to take a note of them because these facts can be helpful while shopping for a filter.

Importance of changing the car air filter

Changing the car air filter on a regular basis is very important. Using the same air filter for a long time is definitely not a good idea. The filter will have some serious problems and it will show the symptoms of a bad air filter. Here are some of the benefits of changing the car air filter-

Increase fuel efficiency

If you change your old and clogged air filter, it may improve acceleration by increasing fuel efficiency. If you understand that, it makes perfect sense when someone tells you to change the air filter regularly.

Expands the life of your engine

If the air filter is old, then the particles can easily go through it and attack the engine part. Then your engine will be damaged. Thus, the performance of your car will not be up to the mark. That’s the reason why changing the filter is necessary.

Reduced emissions

Dirty air filters have a tendency to change your car’s air-fuel balance by reducing air flow to the engine The imbalance will harm spark plugs and increase engine depositions. Moreover, the imbalance will make an impact on the car’s exhaust emissions.


best engine air filters

Question: What is the best air filter brand?

Answer:  There are so many good brands out there that recommending one is anything but easy. But if you point a gun at us, we will recommend you to air filters from Fram. There are other brands that are as good as this brand. But most of the customers, who buy air filters for their car, have recommended products fro this company.

Question: How often should you change the air filter in your car?

Answer: It’s probably the most common question and the answer is not difficult at all. You should change the filter at a 12,000-mile interval. It’s the standard. However, keep in mind that it depends on the roads where you are driving. If the road is unpaved, then the filter should be changed often.

Question: Do air filters increase performance?

Answer: Absolutely yes. Air filters do tend to boost the performance of your engine. They protect your engine from particles that can mess up your engine. As a result, the engine lasts longer and the performance increases.

Question: What happens if you don’t change your car air filter?

Answer:  If the air filter is too dirty, the engine can’t suck adequate air in the combustion chambers. As a result, your engine is going to run rich. If that happens, then the car will run roughly and lose its power.

How to Change The Car Engine Filter

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