The 5 Best Cam for Chevy 305 and 350 Reviews 2023

The camshaft is one of the most critical components in your engine. It is the main thing that maintains the timing of your valves. Cam lobes that are worn can lead to misfires, and other engine problems cause by incorrect engine timing.

The best heads and cam for a Chevy 305 help make the most of the power it can produce. The small-block 305 engine isn’t known for being a high-performance model. If you want to modify a 305 engine to increase its torque and horsepower, upgrading the cam should be one of your first steps.

So what is the best cam for Chevy 305 engines? Check out reviews of the top 5 options below. There are options here suitable for both stock and modified engines, and in a wide range of price points to suit every driver and budget.

Comparison Table of Top 3 best Cam for Chevy

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Best Cam for Chevy 305: Full Reviews

01. COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr Hydraulic Flat Cam and Lifter Kit

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Thumpr camshafts use a design made for sports cars, specifically endurance racing. It’s the best cam for Chevy 350 for big horsepower gains, with a broad torque curve. It’s also a great cam if you want a big rumble from your idle.

Powerful Performance

The lifters on the COMP Thumper Hydraulic Flat Cam are ground with an emphasis on lengthening the exhaust duration. This Chevy 305 Thumpr Cam features early-opening intake valves that boost your engine power in a big way. The throttle is more responsive, as well, especially compared to stock cams.

Aggressive Sound

Drivers looking for a bigger sound when idling should definitely consider the COMP Cams Thumpr. Combined with the right carburettor and muffler, this cam will give your exhaust a bigger, deeper sound that you can feel.

Precise Machining

COMP Cams custom machines the all components of their cams to exacting specifications. The consistency of the build quality gives you a camshaft you can rely on to deliver lasting power.


  • RPM Range: 2,000-5,800
  • Duration at .050”: 227/241
  • Valve Lift:465”
  • Lobe Separation Angle: 107

02. Engine Pro Stage 2 Camshaft

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The Engine Pro Stage 2 Camshaft is an affordable option if you need to replace the cam in a Chevy with a 305 small-block engine. While it won’t boost your engine performance, it’s the best cam for stock 305 Chevy trucks.

Smooth Idle

You won’t get an aggressive idle sound with the Engine Pro Stage 2 Camshaft—and for some drivers, that’s a good thing. Quietly consistent is a good way to describe how this cam drives. In terms of engine power and throttle response, you’ll get about what you’d expect from stock cams. The Engine Pro Stage 2 Camshaft isn’t flashy, but it gets the job done at a great value.

Towing Power

Engine Pro’s Stage 2 Camshaft is ideal for Chevy truck owners who pull light trailers. The low to moderate torque range of this camshaft gives your engine the right kind of power for hauling loads. A heavy-duty cast iron sprocket and .200 double roller timing chain are built to hold up under heavy use.


  • RPM Range: 1,500-4,000
  • Duration: 204
  • Duration at .050”: 214
  • Valve Lift:443”
  • Lobe Separation Angle: 107/117

03. Engine Pro Stage 2 Torque Camshaft and Lifters Kit

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Another great value from Engine Pro are their Stage 2 Torque Camshaft and Lifters kit, which is the best cam for 305 Chevy truck owners on a budget. It fits easily with stock torque converters and other engine components, so the installation is straight-forward, getting you back on the road fast.

Improved Fuel Economy

The efficiency of the Engine Pro Stage 2 Torque Camshaft improves engine performance. You’ll have less fuel waste and will likely notice an improvement in your gas mileage after installation. Since the Engine Pro Stage 2 cam is so affordable already, this only makes it a better value in the long run.

Versatile Power

The Engine Pro Stage 2 Camshaft can stand up to light loads and give you good towing power. It’s also compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions and has a smooth idle perfect for city driving.


  • RPM Range: 1,500-4,000
  • Duration at .050”: 204/214
  • Valve Lift: .420/.433
  • Lobe Separation Angle: 107/117

04. COMP Cams K12-238-2 Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Flat Cam K-Kit

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COMP Cams Xtreme Energy is 305 performance cam. While it delivers its best power and efficiency paired with other aftermarket components, it’s built to fit easily into any 305 Chevy generation 1 small block engine.

 Improved Throttle Response
The COMP Cams Xtreme Energy cam is popular in hot rods because of its responsiveness. The lobes open quicker than most cams. Paired with a longer duration, you’ll get a cam that gives you more power right when you need it.

Rich Sound

With the COMP Cams Xtreme Energy, you’ll get idle other drivers will notice. It’s not just about the volume—you can literally hear the power. You won’t get the best sound from this cam using stock exhaust components, but it will improve the sound of your engine in any application.

Versatile Performance

Some cams are specialized in their functionality, designed specifically for towing or racing. COMP Cams Xtreme Energy cam is suitable for any use, from towing loads to off-roading and even high-speed driving.


  • RPM Range: 1,300-5,600
  • Duration at .050”: 218/224
  • Valve Lift: .462/.469
  • Lobe Separation Angle: 110

 05. COMP Cams K12-601-4 Mutha’ Thumpr Hydraulic Flat Cam K-Kit

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Finally, we have the COMP Cams Mutha’ Thumpr, a variant on the company’s Thumpr cam reviewed above. The combination of long duration and early intake valve opening provides the ideal overlap for big horsepower gains. Like other COMP Cams products, it works best in 305 engines already equipped with after-market improvements to the converter.

Street-Worthy Performance

The broad torque curve of the COMP Cams Mutha’ Thumpr provides sustained engine performance. You might find camshafts with a higher peak horsepower, but few will give you the overall power of the COMP Cams Mutha’ Thumpr.

Aggressive Idle

The throaty, deep idling sound of the COMP Cams Mutha’ Thumpr might just be the best on the list. This is not a camshaft for a subtle driver—more for people who want other drivers to know how powerful their engine is.

Quality Machining

The custom grind on the lobes of the COMP Cams Mutha’ Thumpr is consistently precise across every cam. They install tightly and break in well. Every component in the kit is built to last, down to the seals and springs.


  • RPM Range: 2,200-6,100
  • Duration at .050”: 235/249
  • Valve Lift: .489/.476
  • Lobe Separation Angle: 107

best cam for chevy 350


Can you make a 305 fast?

You can, with some modifications. The 305 wasn’t originally designed to be a high-performance engine. Looking at stock 305 cam specs, you wouldn’t expect high speeds. With some upgrades to the valve heads, manifolds, cam, and exhaust system, however, you can increase its speed.

What is the horsepower of a 305 Chevy engine?

A stock Chevy 305 engine has a horsepower of around 220-230.

What is a 305 HO engine?

“HO” stands for “high output.” Compared to a standard 305 engine, a 305 HO has higher horsepower and can run at higher speeds. To achieve this high performance, the 305 HO engine has larger exhaust passages, and improved fuel pump and catalytic converter, and a dual inlet air cleaner.

Can you stroke a Chevy 305?

Yes. The Chevy 305 is a popular engine to stroke because it’s very accessible. You can easily put up to a 3.75-inch stroke crank into a 305 engine. Having said that, many car experts advise against stroking 305 engines as a way of boosting performance. The small bore of the 305 limits airflow, so you won’t get big boosts just from a longer stroke crank.

Are 305 and 350 blocks the same?

The external casting of the 305 and the 350 are the same. Inside, though, there are a few differences. Most importantly, the bore of the 305 is smaller. You can put 350 heads on a 305 engine, but not the other way around. The heads on a 305 have a cc of around 57-59, which would raise the compression too high on pistons from a 350.

Is a 305 engine a V6 or V8?

Both V6 and V8 versions of the 305 engine have been produced, so it really depends on the engine’s manufacturer and model year. When people talk about a Chevy 305 engine, they’re usually referring to the V8 engine used in the manufacturer’s vehicles made from 1976 to 1992.

What is the biggest cam for a stock 305?

You can use a cam with a duration as long as 288/298 with a stock 305 engine. However, this isn’t necessarily the best choice for ideal power. The best cam for Chevy 305 engines with all stock components will be a mid-sized cam or even a smaller cam in the 204/214 duration range.

Final Words

Choosing the right camshaft means first knowing what you want from your engine. All five of these camshafts will fit nicely into a Chevy 305 and are built to be road-worthy and durable. While there are a lot of factors to consider, don’t forget about the sound. If you’re looking for a quiet ride, you won’t be especially satisfied with the COMP Cams Mutha’ Thumpr cam, despite its boosts to horsepower and torque.

Even an engine like the Chevy 305 that wasn’t designed for performance can be upgraded into something special with the right parts. Hopefully, the reviews above have answered all your questions about the best cam for your Chevy 305 engine.

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