Benevolent Harlem High School Welding Students offer a custom-built grill to VFW

A group of welding students from Harlem High School donated their custom-made and self-financed grill to the VFW members in the 7th Street on Saturday.

It took them three long arduous months to accomplish the project at Harlem High School. They say with a juvenile exuberance that a grill of that standard would cost pretty high to buy from the market. To the utter joy of the users, the grill is featured with the American flag added by a trailer.

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John Hawkins, a senior at the high school and a member of the welding group, said, “This is the kind of job I enjoy doing and this is the second how to be a welder project I am a party to. When we do something for other, the joy of innovation multiplies. And I am pretty sure we will go on doing things like that as this will be a great aid to the VFW and veterans. Certainly, it will offer them a great time.”

The students managed the money through fund-raising initiative last year by selling flowers.

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