Bellhops Moving Company CEO gives an employee a car after his long 20 miles walk and huge dedication

Breakdown of the car couldn’t stop Walter Carr to fulfill his duties, he headed off to his work by foot and it was nearly 20 miles Walk.

The story is about an ordinary 20 years old college student named Walter Carr. He got a happy ending of his first day on the job. Carr’s Nissan Altima 2003 broke down the night before his first day at the job.

Calling his friends as well as girlfriend gave no result. So he took the last way. He checked his GPS tracked his office and noticed that by foot it’ll take around 7 hours to get there at Bellhops moving company, Pelham from his house in Alabama.

A proverb goes “where there is a will there is a way”.

As he had the will the way gradually came out from the dark. He started walking sometime around midnight. His words were “I wanted to be there before 8, I wanted to beat the crew members there to let the company know how dedicated I am.” After passing around 14 miles a police officer stopped him and asked where he was going. Carr told his story and the officer took him to have a little breakfast. Being sure that Carr has lunch with him the police officer left him.

Taking rest for a while carr started walking again. Passing a few ways another police officer checked him up told him to stop and asked him if he is that crazy Walter Carr. Then the police officer dropped him at Jenny Hayden Lamley’s house a customer of Bellhops.

Listening to his story Lamley and her husband were just out of mind. Lamley shared Carr’s story on Facebook. She said Carr was arguing with him and did not want to take rest.

The post went viral and the CEO of Bellhops Luke Marklin paid a massive amount of attention. He said that people were texting him about this issue and his wonderful employer.

Marklin said that he was blown away when he read the story of Walter Carr. So to thank him he and his team started to figure out how to thank Carr.

Marklin met him on Monday to thank him for his impressive dedication and to gift him his own Ford Escape. Having a swift chat with just a cup of coffee Marklin handed over the key. On a query, Luke Marklin said that “It was wonderful to get to know to him.” About Walter, he said that Walter Carr is someone who has had adversity throughout his life.

 Marklin’s post at twitter:

Getting the gift and a lot of love from the Bellhops family Carr said that it was a great experience of his life and he never thought his walking would take such an effect to the world holding outside there. The dedication Walter Carr has for his job is just wow! It can be an inspiration to the young generation who wastes their time by doing nothing. About the CEO Luke Marklin, it’s a bit hard to describe his greatness in such a few words.

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