Basic Engine Parts Name and Short Descriptions

Without an engine, you can’t think of a Vehicle! The engine is considered as the Mother of all Automobile Spare. Also, you can compare it with the Heart of your car. In the heart of a vehicle, you can find out lots of spare parts.

In this article, we will discuss some major components of an engine.

The main parts of an engine are Cylinder Head, Engine Block, Crank Shaft, and Cam Shaft.

Engine parts Name

Here is the list of all Engine Parts Name:

  1. Engine Cylinder Block
  2. Cylinder Head
  3. Crank Shaft
  4. Cam Shaft
  5. Piston and Piston Rings
  6.  Connecting rod
  7. Engine Valve
  8. Timing chain
  9. Oil Pump
  10. Oil Sump
  11. Engine Oil Filter
  12. Engine Head Cover
  13. Turbo Charger
  14. Exhaust Manifold
  15. Inlet Manifold
  16. Carburetor
  17. Throttle Body
  18. Radiator Fan
  19. Radiator
  20. Thermostat
  21. Fuel Injectors
  22. Different Types of Sensors
  23. Spark Plugs
  24. Flywheel
  25. Turbo Inter-cooler
  26. Fuel Injections Pumps (C.I. Engine)

Let’s discuss some important engine parts Name with a short description:

Engine Cylinder Block:

engine cylinder block

Cylinder Block is one of the most important parts of the Engine. It Stands in the center of the engine and plays an important role in lubricating and cooling systems.

Cylinder Head:

engine cylinder head

If you think of anything, the Head is always the central processing unit and plays the main roles often. As the name, cylinder Head in the engine is also the same thing and does the same task. The cylinder head is placed in the top of the engine and connected to Engine Block using a head gasket. In the cylinder head, there are a lot of parts like Engine Valve, Camshaft, Rocker arm, Valve Bucket, Valve seals, etc. Spark Plugs and injectors placed through the cylinder head also.

Crank Shaft:

engine crankshaft

Crank Shaft is located inside the Cylinder Block. It helps to move the pistons into the cylinder liners.

Cam Shaft:

Without Engine Cam Shaft, the Engine Can’t Run. Cam Shaft Operate the Engine Valve in Cylinder Head.

Piston, Piston Rings, and connecting rod:

piston with connecting rod

Piston also Play some of the Important Roles. It is a Cylindrical Part of Engine. It moves into the cylinder block connected by a connecting rod with the crankshaft. Also, piston rings stand on the piston. There are two types of piston rings we find often. Such as Compression Ring or Pressure Ring, Oil Scrapper Ring.

Oil Pump:

There is no Engine you can find which doesn’t use Motor oil. We have discussed how does motor oil works before. Oil Pump plays the most important role in any Engine. Without lubrication, an engine cannot run and the Oil Pump supplies such things in the engine!


The thermostat makes the engine warm-up when you start the engine.


Another important part of the Engine is Flywheel, mounted with the crankshaft. Its smooth functioning helps to run the vehicle smoothly.

Turbo Charger:

Turbo Charger Helps the Engine to get more power. It also helps to release the exhaust gas. To learn more Click here.

Different Types of Sensors:

There are so many sensors we observe in a modern car. Like Oxygen sensor, MAF Sensor, Crank Position Sensor. You can Find Details about Sensors by clicking here.

Engine parts | Basic Components of an Engine ( Learn More by Watching This Video)

Last words

Well, already we have discussed some important parts of an engine. We hope these will help you a little. Besides, you can learn more details by reading our articles like how does spark plug work, O2 sensor, Car maintenance tips, Why do you need to have the best oil filter wrench? etc.

You can give your feedback to help us improve. At the very end, thanks for reading our article.

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