The Common Bad Water Pump Symptoms: Some facts you should know!

Everybody expects their Vehicle to run smoothly. If your car water pump performs out of order, you’re going to notice some abnormal behavior of your vehicle’s engine. However, today’s topic is bad water pump symptoms. We’ll discuss the symptoms of a bad water pump as well as some important tips and tricks to prevent such a problem. From the beginning, you need to know what is the water pump and how important it is for your car.

Whenever you start the engine, it requires a specific amount of coolant supply to the engine, and the water pump does this job mainly. The water pump in the engine almost works like the oil pump. The task of an oil pump is to supply engine oil, and the task of a water pump is to supply engine coolant. In an automotive engine, the cooling system and the lubricating system works in a parallel way. But, some types of engines have an air-cooled system, and those engines don’t have a water pump. These types of engines are used in motorcycles.

If the water pump of your car is bad, the engine of your car will get overheated, and you’ll hear some abnormal noise from the engine of your car. There are many symptoms for the engine getting overheated quickly bad water pump is one of them. Let’s discuss bad water pump symptoms step by step.

Bad Water Pump Symptoms

Bad water pump symptoms:

There are some common symptoms that will appear before your water pump dies or goes bad. Let’s take a look at those.

#01. Coolant leak from water pump:

The water pump is comprised of multiply seals and gaskets, and it keeps the coolant contained. It also maintains the coolant flow from the radiator. If these Seals or gaskets become worn out or if they perform out of order, the coolant will be leaked. Sometimes, bad coolant damages the water pump earlier.

When you see the coolant is minimizing while you’re checking the coolant level, you must have to take the necessary steps. Sometimes you will see the leaking coolant too! A leaky water pump is dangerous for your car’s Engine. If you notice such types of symptoms, you should fix the problem immediately. Or else, your car will be overheated, Head gasket will be blown, and the engine will be seized.

#02. Noisy water pump:

A noisy water pump is very risky for your car’s engine. Many reasons can make your car’s engine water pump noisy. Let’s take a look at those.

  • Loose Drive Belt: If your car Engine Drive belt is loose, the water pump pulley can’t move or operate perfectly. For this reason, abnormal noises can be created. For the pump pulley not operating properly, the required coolant can’t move forward to the engine. This causes the engine to overheat and make the temperature abnormal.

So, we suggest you if you feel any kind of abnormal noise from your car, it should be fixed as early as possible. Also, try to understand which item makes the noise. We hope you will understand it clearly.

  • Lower Coolant: Sometimes, we forget to check the coolant level before starting our day. We always suggest every car user check the coolant level every day when you’re beginning your day early in the morning. If the water pump inside the blade does not get sufficient coolant, it makes abnormal noise. If you drive a long time with less coolant, your car can be overheated, and the water pump can be seized.
  • Bearing worn-out: If your water pump’s bearing is worn out, then it can make abnormal noise. When you see the bearings of the water pump worn out badly, you need to change it as soon as possible.
  • Loose Mounting Bolt of Water pump: The mounting place of the water pump is different from vehicle to vehicle and model to model. Loose mounted bolt is one of the major problems. When the mounting is not perfect, the water pump can’t perform well. So, you need to check and fix the loose mounting bolt problem as soon as possible.

So You Have to Check those items if you’re hearing Whining Sounds. Don’t avoid these. If you do, your car will be overheated, and the head gasket can be blown too.

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#03. Smoke or steam coming through the engine:

A bad water pump can make the engine damage. The damage engine can create smoke or steam, and you can see those coming out of the hood or radiator. Your car should be stopped immediately if you see such type of things. The smoke or steam is a symptom of water pump failure. The most suitable task for you in this situation is to call a mechanic and do some maintenance, you know.

But, don’t try to restart your car engine. There will be a problem if you do and it will cost your time and money.

#04. Error Temperature Gauge:

When you’re not sure about the water pump damage, you can check the temperature of the cooling system with the temperature gauge. In the temperature gauge, if you notice the needle is running back and forth, be sure there’s something wrong in the water pump. Have it checked by a good and experienced mechanic

#05. Engine Overheating:

Engine overheating is the most common symptom for a bad or failing water pump. With this symptom, you can easily determine your water pump is bad or not. If you feel your engine is overheated, maybe you have a bad water pump. There are other reasons, too, for engine overheating.

In this situation, the best solution is to call your trusted mechanic and have the water pump checked and fixed as soon as possible. It’s prohibited driving with a fallen water pump.

How to Replace the Water Pump?

Everything has a lifespan. In most of the vehicle, the lifespan of the water pump is 100, 000 mile. There are some cheap water pumps in the market, too, and those are made with low-quality materials. That water pumps last till 30, 000 mile.

We always recommend using the water pump as per manufacturer guidelines and buying them from a reliable source. Here’s a YouTube video on how to replace the water pump.

Final Words:

So, these are the bad water pump symptoms. If you notice any of these, you must go to your mechanic. Or else, you’ll get into trouble. A fallen water pump is harmful. It can make your engine damaged. Besides, with a bad water pump, your engine will be overheated too quickly, and you won’t get the smooth drive you want.

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