Annette Carrion Death in Ortega Motorcycle Accident- What Exactly Happened?

Annette Carrion, an Irvine motorcyclist, and an Instagram celebrity died Saturday, March 31st from a bike accident at Ortega Highway in Lake Elsinore. She was traveling alone when her bike went off the roadside, and the terrible Annette Carrion death took place.

Annette Carrion Died motorcycle crash

When and Why the Annette Carrion Accident Took Place?

As per we’ve heard from the report of California Highway Patrol, the accident took place at around 10.30am. Carrion was traveling the East Morrel Canyon and all of a sudden, she may have lost the control of the bike as she failed to make a curve due to very high speed. To be exact, the CPH noted down that the lady biker was at a speed of 70 to 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. Eventually, she veered off the highway and got thrown from the bike.

Ortega Highway had always been dangerous for speed driving because of its curvy layout. Unfortunately, this place had been the place of many fatal crashes that involved motorcycle riders. Because of this track’s twists, the motorcycle riders have to make critical turns at various corners. The danger also includes cliffs and embankments. Here is a video from moto vlogger Moto Pilot about how dangerous the Ortega Highway is for speed bikers-

Summary line? Both speed and the risky track was the reason for this unexpected and shocking departure. And of course, there was a handful of misfortune.

About Annette Carrion: Family and Personal Life

We got to know from a recent social media post that, she had lost her mother Sofia very recently (November), while her father Fernando followed the way two weeks before her own accident took place. This triple tragedy shocked us all, and it’s not going to be wiped out from our minds for years.

Here is a bit of her personal and family life-

Personal Insight

  • 24, 1984
  • Birth Place: United States
  • Death Date: Mar 31, 2018
  • Birth Sign: Virgo
  • Annette Carrion Age: 33 years, by Mar 31, 2018.
  • Height: 5’5”
  • Annette Carrion Parents: Fernando and Sofia.
  • Nationality: United States.
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube:

Her Family Life

We’ve already mentioned that her mother was named Sofia, and the father was Fernando. She had been raised in California with the family. From her frequent discussion about her father and mother made us realize that she had a very beautiful family life.

Carrion before Fame

Carrion started to earn the kind of fame she had after 2012. At the end of the year 2012, she started to upload her motorcycle and modeling photos on Instagram. Eventually, she started to draw the attention of fellow bikers, and she got to launch her YouTube channel and started moto vlogging. The videos were all related to her experience as a motorcycle rider. The other people that she had been associated with on different occasions are Alex Cole, Alex DeLena, and Amber Grace.

Her Life As A Biker

Apart from being a role model, she along with her two friends created a community called Redline Ravens. You can have an idea of her passion for bikes and speed racing just from a glimpse at her site.

On the death note of Annette, the Redline Raven’s website says that-

‘The Redline Ravens’ website says the trio’s goal was to “encourage others to lead an active lifestyle, with an emphasis towards inspiring women, from all walks of life, to gain confidence in male-dominant industries and to promote a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect between all riders.

 From her vlogging and social media activities on bikes and motorcycling, she had been a proud co-founder of this community. The goal of Redline Raven is to encourage females to live an active life and be confident in a male-dominated industry.

 Her Instagram Life

The late biker Annette Carrion was a popular model biker and model at Instagram. Her Insta profile had acquired 146,000 followers and she was the promoter of a popular motorcycle group. She was most popular because of her enthusiasm as a motorcyclist. She also had put a good effort into bringing females into motorcycling. An example of her tremendous effort is the community of Redline Ravens.

We, who used to follow Carrion at Instagram, had seen her give a tribute to her father, who died just four days before her accident. His age was 81 years. An online obituary stated- “Annette was greeted at heaven’s gate by her parents Fernando and Sofia (Anguiano) Carrion who preceded her in death.”

Her Fan’s Says on This Tremendous Death

We can’t imagine how much shocked and thundered her family and loved ones would be on this terrific death. Only they themselves can understand the tragedy. And this left a lot of her fan speechless as well.

Here is what one of her friend and fan says on the departure-

‘Annette, As we hear the tragic news of your passing, we are filled with sadness, although we were just getting to know you, we know you were a beautiful, brave woman, inside and out. We will truly miss you and your monthly visits but will forever have a place in our hearts. You are now in a better place, Rest In Peace.’

CN Braces

Here is what another member of the biker community says-

Sister, Words can’t express how deeply you being gone has affected me. Many great memories keep replaying in my mind about how much fun we had together and how we would stay up late talking laughing just about anything. Your laugh was contagious once we got going we couldn’t stop! Although I never got a chance to tell you how proud I am of all your life accomplishments, I want you to know that I admire and respect you for being so dedicated and passionate to what you loved to do in life. You really had a great sense of adventure and you lived life with purpose. I love you, sis. You will never be forgotten sweet angel ride in paradise beautiful sis.’

-Sulem Riddle

Annette Carrion Accident Memorial Ride

On this tragic incident of Annette Carrion death, her fellow bikers arranged a tribute ride to her, which took place on 5th May 2018. About 40 riders joined the event and paid a deep tribute to the lady.

Here is what they have to say about this Annette Carrion accident

For those of you who don’t know Annette, she is a fallen Rider who is a big influence the motorcycle community, she is a part of women’s riding group called Redline Ravens, she would encourage other women to ride, and influencing others about motorcycle safety. Unfortunately, on March 31st, 2018 she had lost her life doing something she loved. News about an Annette impacted the Motorcycle Community all over the world, the amount of love and support for her and her family was tremendous.’

Her Social Media Activities, Videos, and photographs !!

Annette Carrion’s Last Post on Instagram 

See Her Friends Message 

I wish this was all a dream. I know that if I were to live another ten years, I would lose someone I know or know of along the way from motorcycle accident only because it happens too often. But never in a million years would I have thought it would be @annettecarrion. Let me tell you why. Out of all the riders I know, Annette was the safest and most cautious. She would not do anything crazy to put her or anyone else at risk. Despite the pictures everyone sees on IG, I can assure you that Annette always wears her gear from head to toes (I can’t say the same for me). The pants she wears when she rides are always either leather or Kevlar materials. Safety is number 1 for her. The only few times she doesn’t wear full gear is when she takes pictures or do short videos in the parking lot. Annette also rides daily and has received professional training a few times because she always wanted to improve herself. If Instagram wasn’t here for everyone to see, she would still be riding, doing what she loves. Last year was extremely tough for Annette because she lost her job and her mother. Then just a week or two ago, her father also passed away. now she too is gone. Those of you who know Annette knows she is a good person at heart. She loves to laugh and have fun. She used to be really shy and some people took that as her being conceited. That’s not my Annette. My Annette is a sweetheart who wants to love, be loved, and wants to ride. She is just like you all. And it does hurt her to see that people (sometimes people we call friends) would say mean things like she only rides to show off her body or she doesn’t deserve what she has because she uses her looks to get what she wants.I know it hurts her because it hurts me the same way when I hear or see the mean things people say. I’m here to tell you that she’s just a normal girl who works extremely hard to have what she has.She is so intelligent and is an excellent writer and has earned her title as a Media Manager. She never brags about her accomplishments and never once thinks she is above anyone.She loves riding tracks and any chance she would get,

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Annette Carrion Died motorcycle crash in Ortega Highway

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Bottom Line

We mourn at the very unexpected and unfortunate departure of the lady biker at such an early age. And eventually, the Annette Carrion death leads us to serious advice of wearing quality gears, and stay within speed limit while riding a bike. Instead of being reckless, we should work out on skill development.

Let’s take a moment to say goodbye to the beautiful person. RIP Annette Carrion.

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