Bugatti Latest 3D-Printed brake Caliper Walk You through a Feature Film Feel

Bugatti has come up with a mind-blowing video featuring the latest and awesome titanium 3D-printed caliper.

Bugatti, the famous automaker from French, dazzled us 1 year ago with the lighter version of this 3d printed brake caliper and has been showcasing its ability and efficiency through numerous tests. Back then at the end of December, the manufacturer treated us with a skill show of the prototype caliper by putting it in testing. But this latest video takes us far deeper and convinces us of the specialty of the new arrival.

3d printed brake caliperFor beginners, this module is the biggest 3D-printed auto part made from titanium so far. This component wins over the current Chiron caliper by virtue of its 40% lighter weight of 6.4 lbs and as many as eight pistons.

To test the handling power of the brake caliper, Bugatti tested it on a brake disk of a certain machine where Chiron comes down from the speed of 375 km/h to a stop. But the latest 3D-printed titanium caliper performs undeterred up to more than 1000ᵒ Celsius making the brake disks glow and spark.

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What a robust caliber to deal with extreme temperatures!

The interesting and intelligent side of the caliper under review is that it is featured with piles of holes but still weighs 40% lighter than the Chiron. This is because of all the patterned cut-outs to shave weight while retaining the rigidity intact.

But suspense is that Bugatti hasn’t declared when it will hit the market to back Chiron or other products. Also, no slightest clue whether it would be a costly or standard alternative to opt for.

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